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    Dragon Cave

    Hey, lately I've noticed those dragon eggs in everyone's sigs, and I decided to try it out for myself. It seems pretty cool, however I notice many of the hatchlings in your sigs are dieing

    Well, since I didnt want my eggs dieing too, I tried finding someway to get some unique views. I found this site and would like to direct you guys to:

    You can write your dragoncave user name in the "add entries" section, and then just check all the eggs you want to place on the site. Many people will click on your eggs, giving them tons of the unique views needed for them to hatch ^_^

    I also read that if they get too many views too quick, they might "get soft" and possibly die. If that happens, just hide them for a day or so and you should be fine.

    Well, for those of you who already knew this, I hope your hatchlings are doing fine; and to those who just found this out now, I hope I've helped <3! Have fun raising your dragons :P

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    Re: Dragon Cave

    What is this I don't even
    If I was a Blizz server technician, I'd hijack a server and use it to download porn 24/7. Guess why the instance servers always are full B]

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    Re: Dragon Cave

    Why does it seem like I was just advertised to? Oh wait... because the OP just did.

    Anyone else notice that some people make curious little threads like these?

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    Re: Dragon Cave

    Quote Originally Posted by Daginni
    Why does it seem like I was just advertised to? Oh wait... because the OP just did.
    Don't you think you're being a little condescending?
    Just because someone says a site is decent doesn't mean they're advertising it, in fact the Op doesn't even have an egg in their sig. (see mine for an example)

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    Re: Dragon Cave

    IMO, there should be a thread where everyone can come and stick their little signature creatures in here that require views or clicks, and we can all help each others creatures grow. :P I have fun playing with things like Dragon Cave, Dragon Adopters, and Magi Stream. So...

    But all in all, that's sound advice. Something I didn't learn until after three of my eggs/hatchlings died. ]:<

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