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    Potential Upgrades for Cata. or recommendations?

    I recently purchased a Dell XPS 630i system, about a year or so ago. I use to build my own systems but got tired of having to deal with individual distributer to fix problems, i.e. NewEgg or TigerDirect, who are great companies. I wanted to buy a rig and turn it on when I received it and play. Looking at all of the new alpha content and understanding it is alpha meaning the released content could be a lot better, graphics wise, how many of you are actually looking at upgrading your PC to cope?

    Currently today in a 10man raid I am getting anywhere from 50-80 FPS, which is great. When I solo I am in the 100's. I have most of the graphics turned up with some of the shadows and distance parameters tweaked. I guess my main concern is I want to be able to maintain a appealing game play look and feel knowing everything is turned up.

    With what I have below I am torn between what to upgrade first second or third. I currently have the stock 4GB RAM, Quad core 2.4 GHZ and two Geforce 9800gt in SLI mode. The way I see it is I should either upgrade my CPU or my graphics cards first? But the catch to me is what makes the biggest difference first, and I would assume its the graphics cards. I can shop around for my specific chipset and put a new CPU in easy, however I have been out of the graphics card market for a while and would like some suggestions as to what to upgrade to. What are some good upgrade options moving from the 9800gt to the next gen? I'd like to run two more cards in SLI and looking to spend at least 200 per card. I understand the CPU will cost as much as both of the cards put together, almost and maybe more.

    Upgrading hardware, what to upgrade first, what should the replacement be and list its priority.

    Memory: 4gb
    CPU: Intel Quad 2.4gz
    Graphics: 9800gt x2 SLI

    Questions, comments, suggestions are very welcome. I'm looking at doing this upgrade in stages.

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    Re: Potential Upgrades for Cata. or recommendations?

    Graphics cards and RAM is totally fine for WoW. Depending on your motherboard CPU upgrade could be relatively easy way to increase FPS in 25-man raids significantly since WoW is all about CPU clock frequency at the moment. And CPU doesn't have to cost a fortune if you arent' overdoing it with the top of the line stuff.

    You could also try turning SLI off while playing WoW, some people have reported SLI actually lowers their FPS.
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    Re: Potential Upgrades for Cata. or recommendations?

    Thanks for the feedback vess. I was looking at a replacement this morning on NewEgg for the CPU upgrade.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16819115041 , it is a significant upgrade from what I have today but it is a budget piece. I couldn't find any EXTEME cores haha...

    So I'm good on graphics and RAM. This next question is based off of your statement, should I consolidate my two cards into one?

    When I got my system SLI was huge and everyone was pushing for it, not it seems they are going back to the beefy single card that does all. <confused> if I should continue using SLI setups or revert back to the beast.

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    Re: Potential Upgrades for Cata. or recommendations?

    As far as SLI, it's completely unsupported by WoW and can even cause framerate degredation in some cases. Outside of WoW, it's still a great option.

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    Re: Potential Upgrades for Cata. or recommendations?

    Thanks for the update Cil, I will try and disable SLI.

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