Thread: wow gfx problem

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    wow gfx problem

    i got a problem with wow and graphics
    i just got a new gfx card , and the details on distance objects are flickering,
    so i tryed to change settings but it doesnt work
    even formatted the HDD and put on a new windows wow etc
    but still the problem is stil there
    its only when the object or pieces of landscape is far away when im close by its good and normal

    my spec of the pc
    windows 7 64 bit
    4gb ram
    duel screen
    have been following the temps of the gfx card and there stable and good

    if any1 knows a solution i would be very grateful
    i tryed to make a SS of the problem but when im standing or flying still its all good just when moving

    this problem only consist in w0w tryed other heavinly gfraphics games and no problems there

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    Re: wow gfx problem

    thanks that helped alot
    problem solved

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