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    SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day
    A new screenshot has been added to the Screenshot of the Day Gallery on the official site. This one is from the Halls of Origination instance (Preview).

    What if murlocs were real?
    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
    Blue posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Earthfury Epaulets (T1 Shaman) in Molten Core
    Unfortunately you will have to wait for the fix to the Baron's loot table to get a pair of those Earthfury Epaulets. The good news is the Eye of Sulfuras is still on Ragnaros' loot table, so it is possible to receive this item.

    [...] It'll get fixed in a future patch. Unfortunately I can't really say when =(. The fix should be in the patch notes and if it isn't, I'll update this thread. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Source)

    Death Knight (Forums / Talent Calculator)
    Psychic Horror / Anti Magic Shield
    We looked into this is and it is intended. Psychic Horror was changed so that the disarm effect still occurs regardless of whether the target is immune to the fear portion. (Source)

    Paladin (Forums / Talent Calculator)
    Retribution in Cataclysm (Source)
    There are a few basic way classes choose what attack to use next. Some classes are limited by resources. If a rogue has 60 energy, she can choose to spend it on attack A or attack B. If attack A hits harder and attack B doesn't have situational utility, then she'll use A every time.

    A warlock generally isn't limited by mana within short time scales. A lock's decisions are more rotational. You want to cast A before you cast B. It's not that B is bad, just that it becomes more powerful if you do A first. For example, there is little point in casting your first Corruption seconds before the target is about to die.

    Paladins have a third model, one more based on prioritization. You aren't generally limited by mana, and you don't generally need to do things in a certain order for the mechanics to work, but you do have attacks that you'd rather use when they are available (generally because they hit harder). The decision point comes in because you have a lot of cooldowns, so you can't just spam your hardest hitting attack over and over again. When your Judgements and Hammer and Crusader Strike are on cooldown, then your choice is probably Divine Storm. (Depending on your gear, DS might even trump CS.) If Divine Storm's damage went down, then you might prioritize Consecration or Exorcism higher, but you can't spam those either, so then you're back to Divine Storm or autoattack. That was my point.

    There are things we can do as well to make Divine Storm better at single targets without making it overpowered against groups of targets. Off the top of my head, there are mechanics like the meteor where the damage is divided among the targets. What we are trying to chill out on the warrior, paladin and DK particularly is the "free AE" component. When your AE attacks are balanced against single targets (in the absence of some mechanic like I was suggesting above) then you just get free damage when you can AE as well. This means those classes leap dramatically ahead on meters whenever they are in a situation where they can "cleave." It also means they aren't doing anything very differently when faced with groups of mobs over single targets. By contrast the mage might switch to Blizzard or Living Bomb and the rogue has to start using Fan of Knives.

    One of the ways we can support more individual abilities on classes is by making them situational. If you use all of your attacks no matter what the situation, then your gameplay tends to get very formulaic and eventually boring. It is also likely to get really complicated if your whole action bar is part of your standard rotation. A better design, we think, is that some abilities get used in AE situations and some get used in single-target situations. There can be overlap, but we'd at least like players to assess the upcoming battle and make some decisions about how to approach it before just going into a tunnel vision button-hitting mode.

    Solution: Make CS baseline, put a 1 point 10% dmg to CS buff in its place in the talent tree to replace it.
    That is not an announced change. I can understand the frustration of being in a gray area at the moment where you know some information that we have released but much of the details are still under NDA. Unfortunately, if you focus on little tidbits that someone leaked or speculated, then you aren't going to get the full story. In cases like this we had to put something in the talent tree as temporary filler when we pulled CS. Many of the talent trees have talents that say NYI or just plain don't do anything. That's just where we are in the alpha process. If we push data at a stage when someone can't even talent down a tree then the spec becomes unplayable. As such, we have to make talent tree changes in large chunks at once.

    GC - "We are nerfing Divine Storm against single targets because we don't want AoE abilities to be used against single targets, but we fully expect Divine Storm to continue to be used against single targets."
    More accurate to say that we don't want single target abilities to get free bonus damage when in groups. That's not balance-able. For the warrior the solution is to make Whirlwind not cost-effective against single-targets. For the DK, it's about getting Pestilence back towards a utility role (getting diseases up on groups) and not a massive AE attack. For the paladin, we still want them to use Divine Storm (and you can't cost-effect a Ret paladin anyway) so the solution will have to be something different.

    How about something like having Crusader Strike apply some kind of debuff to the target . Then have Divine Storm hit anyone with that debuff harder. I think that would get its damage up on single targets but keep it lower on groups.
    Yep, both this and the tie-in to Judgements are good ideas. We also like the T102P bonus.
    Fan Arts
    4 new Fan Arts have been added to the Blizzard Fan Art Section

    Grand Crusader King Arthas Menethil
    Paulo Henrique S.B. (Pulyx)

    Forsaken Rogue
    Katie Lisk (PokketMowse)

    hujianing (朝圣者)

    Chinese new year's eve
    Qiu yuwei (Awei)

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    Haha, real life murlocs!

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    so thats where blizzard got their murloc inspiration from

    no I didnt read the date of pic to be 24th of may this year, Blizzard has time travel!

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    fish with hands? WE ARE SO SCREWED!!!

    NICE pic of HoO!
    There's A "Hardmode" In My Pants, And I Want You To "Beat" It.

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    The new screenshot looks amazing! ;D
    Finally something different then Blasted Lands or Grim Batol screenshots! :P

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    I cant get too much from the SS, but the murloc and fan art are cool.

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    That Arthas piece is really awesome.

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts


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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    zarhym just copied someone elses thread. ???
    Loving that screenshot tho

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    RL murlocs are so adorable.
    Fan art is great, always reminds me to get that damn tablet ><

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    Fish using their fins to walk along the bottom of the ocean is nothing totally new.
    Though, those particular species look more advanced than the ones I'm used to seeing. Huh.

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    Grand Crusader King Arthas Menethil

    An alternate universe is created by the infinite messing with things.
    this alternate universe spills over to our own, thanks to the bronze and infinite fighting.

    could make for some interesting stories.

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    That last fan art was no doubt inspired by the famous arnistotle piece from Deviant Art.

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    More handfish! They're so cute! <333

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    I just knew they were planning an invasion in the real world..

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    Holy shi! AUSTRALIA IS UNDER ATTA-*drowning noise* ghlrghlrgr

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    AWW, hand fish are adorable!

    Also, I smile at blue posts which address oldworld loot table problems. Makes me feel like running MC every week or so isn't such an unheard practice.

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    hahaha nice picture of that "murloc" !
    H E R O E S

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    That made my day "What if murlocs were real?"

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    Re: SSotD, Blue posts, Fan Arts

    Nice, so murlocs actually exist even though they look more like mudkips to me.

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