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    Shadow PvP - Gemming/Talents, ect


    So that's my PvP set. Just wondering: Am I doin' dis rite, guise?

    All of those SP/Stam gems were from when I played Disc, I found having higher HP to lead to me not dying as often. Should I switch those to 12SP/10Haste or 23SP or...?

    Also: Should I be using more PvE gear? I've got 4pc sanctified T10 to use.
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    Re: Shadow PvP - Gemming/Talents, ect

    Use Pve Helm for crit meta, spec is meh, u need 5/5 shadow crit whateva.
    MS aint important.
    Veiled Shadows is good, not NEEDED tho.
    You'll Want around 1000 Resil at 1500-2k 1200+ 2k and Above.
    Innerfire Glyph is needed.

    Just noticed your choice in mooncloth, more of wear and tear team where your job is to keep dots rolling while dispelling. That being case, drop Shadow crit whatevas for more utility talents.
    Endgame Shadow looks a little like this;

    Ofc Pvpers probably wont have trinkets and some wont be human, Purified lunar dust is a good substitute for Satin gear and any dps trinket if you are wearing Mooncloth.

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    Re: Shadow PvP - Gemming/Talents, ect

    Poster above me is pretty much spot on. You'll want to replace those stam gems though because haste is so awesome for shadow. Oh you'll probably want to switch your cloak enchant to spell piercing and your wrist enchant to spellpower.

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