View Poll Results: Witch tiers do you think looks the best of all the paladin tiers over time.

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  • Tier 1, Lawbringer

    2 0.63%
  • Tier 2, Judgement

    145 45.60%
  • Tier 3, Redemtion

    7 2.20%
  • Tier 4, Justicar

    6 1.89%
  • Tier 5, Crystalforge

    6 1.89%
  • Tier 6, Lightbringer

    88 27.67%
  • Tier 7, Heroes Redemtion

    1 0.31%
  • Tier 7.5, Valorous Redemtion

    2 0.63%
  • Tier 8, Valorous Aegis

    5 1.57%
  • Tier 8.5, Conqueror's Aegis

    5 1.57%
  • Tier 9, Turalyon's

    2 0.63%
  • Tier 9, Liadrin's

    5 1.57%
  • Tier 10, Lightsworn (Includes Heroic and 25 man)

    44 13.84%
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    The Paladin Tiers

    Hello everyone. I have made this thread because i wanted to know, witch item set that looks the best. For myself i think its tier two. I love the shoulders and the helmet, and you don't need a tabard to cover your ugly chest. It just looks amazing!
    Now vote (Pretty please), and if you want to, write exactly why you voted on what you did.

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    you know this comes around once every month or so. and every single time there is a poll which not every1 takes seriously.

    so dont expect too much out of it.

    for me, the BT Tier set was awesome. only downside was the floating crown we had.

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    Imo t6 was the epitome of the class.
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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    Tier 6 was awesome. Tier 2 and 10 close seconds.

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    Nothing beats t2
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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    T6, best tier I've ever had on any character.
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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    Tier 6 is the best looking, with Tier 10 second

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    In my opinion...
    1) Tier 6
    2) Tier 9 Alliance - (As long as I pretend Death Knights and Warriors didn't have the same physical appearance with a different color scheme)
    3) Tier 2

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    Judgement has been, always will be....

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    Quote Originally Posted by iktankniet
    you know this comes around once every month or so. and every single time there is a poll which not every1 takes seriously.
    I won't okay I just haven't seen this poll, only other kind of polls. But not this. Well, You've lived longer than me here

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    I voted for T6

    but t2, t8, and t10 are also awesome

    the rest are pretty meh

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers


    arguably the most awesome set in the whole game, for all classes =)

    and no, I'm not a paladin
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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    t2 beasts everything!

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    I'd say the best pally set is it's Arena Season 8 gear, it's amazing, but talking about raid tiers, tier 2.

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    t6 shoulders are the best looking shoulders in-game! 8)
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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    I voted the lightbringer set. Though, i still love the judgement(tier2) set alot as well. I actually liked quite a few tiers but those are the 2 that shined and are the most memorable for me. The aegis(ulduar?) tier was my favorite wotlk tier by far.
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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    The best paladin tiers on my list (with stars from 1 to 5 to show how much I like them) are:

    1. T2. The helm, the skirt, the colors!!!! 5/5*****
    2. T6. This set is the best sets from TBC and is a perfect paladin set. 5/5 *****
    3. T4. It was a great set that was very fitting to the paladin class. Though it does look more like a vindicator set (drae'nei paladins) it is still awesome. 4/5 ****
    4. T10. A very different take on paladins with the whole undead scheme but awesome nonetheless and still has hints of paladins in the shoulders and helm. 4/5****
    5. T9 (horde). Being a blood elf paladin, this set fits perfectly with the blood knight theme and though it is pretty much a recolor of DK/warr set, it has more subtle changes than the other 2 sets to make it a bit more elegant. 4/5****
    6. T9 (alliance). I don't like it as much as the horde version but it still really cool and the color schemes are great for alliance paladins. 4/5****
    7. T8. The return of the skirt! A paladin set that looks really awesome and is the second tier set that had a skirt. The helm looks kind of odd and the 10 man set looked better than 25 but other than that it is a great set. 4/5****
    8. T3/T7. A decent set through and through. The set is pretty cool and has decent shoulders but the helm is just terrible. 3/5***
    9. T5. It has a cool design and I like the arena orange version.... but the color.... so purple and pink.... /shudders. 2/5**
    10. T1. BANANA SET!!!! Seriously, this set is so ugly. The design is not the greatest out there and the color is absolutely terrible! I do kinda like the ret set in outland that is a recolor of it but I hate this one. 1/5 *

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    Definetly Tier 6. Personally, I cannot stand that overrated Tier 2.

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    10 man tier 8 set

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    Re: The Paladin Tiers

    T10 then T9 (BLOOD ELF, ally is fuck ugly) then T6

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