Cailean, once a noble shaman student of the Wildhammer clan in Twin Peaks, was called away to bolster the army of Muradin Bronzebeard and sent to Northrend. It were hard times on him, but the hardest moment of all was the moment that Muradin met Arthas. Cailean felt some sort of bad aura comming to their camp, and he decided he should escape while still possible. He packed his bag, with a short food supply and left the camp, never to be seen again.

While assumed dead, Cailean fought the Scourge while seeking out a new heaven of safety. this he did for over 5 whole months, getting stronger and more powerfull with the day; Untill he strumbled on Wyrmrest Temple, he begged for 3 whole days for shelter, which was finely given. He was given a small room, one to be shared with a young red dragon whelp, called Gallistasz, who was training for the mastery of fire magic.

Cailean started training in Wyrmrest, bolstering his powers with the knowledge the drake had, untill a given day when he was spotted by Krasus, the Consort off the red dragonflight. Cailean was recruited as an agent of the red dragonflight, and he was allowed to team up with one of the drakes in Wyrmrest. Despite the other, more powerfull and mature dragons he could have chosen, he chose Gallistrasz, the young whelp he had grown so fond off.

the first misson given to Cailean and his good friend Gallistrasz was to help the alliance and the horde assault Naxxramas, which was done succesfully. It was done so succesfull that Krasus gave them a new, much harder task, with was to bolster the forces of the red drakes in the kingdom of Lordaeron, Ironforge to be precise. After years of hard work, this shaman and his good drake companion has risen up to a higher rank. they are now to represent the whole red dragon flight in Lordaeron, and to build an second Dragonflight outpost in the western part of Hillsbrand.


Name: Cailean
Gender: Male
Age: comparable with the human age of 24
Class: an enhancement shaman
Notable specifications:
- has slightly improved magic skill, as he trained magic with the drakes in Wyrmrest.
- always travels with his good compagnion Gallistrasz, a red dragon whelp who studys fire magic.