(( OT: Yeah, the recent surge in RP on the Cata boards hooked me up, and I'm reopening my old (2008) RP char again. Thanks for inspiring me, I hope my bio is good enough to get me on the main RP boards. ))

Long ago, Tharaldriel Shal'ariah Ebontreader was born a High Elf. He lived an uneventful life in the upper class of Silvermoon City's society, studying and eventually becoming a potent sorcerer in military ranks. When the Scourge assaulted Silvermoon, he valiantly defended it, but to no avail - the kingdom fell, the Sunwell was tainted, and Tharaldriel was forced into exile with the Blood Elves under Kael'thas Sunstrider.

During the latter's exodus through Lordaeron, Tharaldriel fell against the Scourge while travelling through Silverpine Forest. He remained a mindless slave for a medium amount of time, until he was liberated by the Forsaken led by Sylvanas Windrunner. He took part in the invasion of the Undercity, but was slain, and presumably interred among the dead in Deathknell.

Three years passed. The Forsaken began raising and liberating a new generation of undeath in Tirisfal, and Tharaldriel was amongst them. He learned to accept and respect the Forsaken as his new affiliation, which he served for roughly a year, fighting both the Scourge and the Alliance regularly. During this time, he fought as a simple footman (much of his knowledge had become buried in his consciousness during his dormant time), gaining some skill with the sword.

Then the Dark Portal was reopened, and the Blood Elves joined the Horde. With the reencounter with his kinsmen, much of Tharaldriel's knowledge began flushing back into his mind. Through extensive bureaucratic maneuvers, he was once again admitted to one of Silvermoon's universities, where he began to perfect his sorcery as well as studying the Ley Lines of Azeroth on the side. He learned of King Sunstrider's exploits in Outland... As well as his apparent insanity and schemery in the Netherstorm. Tharaldriel refused to give up faith in his former leader, though he was forced to keep this respect hidden in Silvermoon's enraged midst.

It was at this time that a new faction began to arise in Quel'Thalas. ((NOTE: everything past this point is NOT CANON, it was part of an RP arc on my old server. Past the invasion of Northrend, Tharaldriel's story jumps off and becomes independent.)) The Blades of the Sun were a battalion of assasins, bloodwarders and sunseekers who still lived, fought and died for their King. Tharaldriel joined this organization, where his schemery, bloodthirst and above all cold sadism earned him much respect. He arose to the rank of Sunseeker and took part in several attacks on the Lor'themar reign. When the Burning Legion signed its pact with the Sin'dorei under Kael'thas, the Blades took up the mantle of demon-fuelled slaughter as well. Many of them, including Tharaldriel, began using demonic blood as a power source (though not nearly enough to become felbloods). The Blades as a whole, however, began to lose both manpower and influence, and in a desperate gambit to retake Silvermoon they launched an invasion of the City - which failed and shattered the organization. Tharaldriel, as well as many others, were forced into exile. He wandered the world, finding solace and company in the Ley Lines that he had studied and become quite acknowledged with.

About half a year later, with the beginning of the Horde's campaign in Northrend, the Blades reformed as the Shattered Blades under its former captain. They failed to gain much foothold, however, and Tharaldriel left the organization, seeing no trace of its former purpose and determination. He did not join the Horde, however, but instead went on a lone spree of destruction into Northrend, slaying many of the Lich King's minions while avoiding civilization. For almost two years, no one heard of him or saw him. Then, one day, a lone mage approached the Sunreavers in Dalaran.

Convincing them of his defection, was put in contact with - and joined - the Horde just after Arthas' demise. As of now, he is carrying out missions mopping up the Horde in Northrend. But he has felt the stirrings of the ground. He has felt ley lines overload or fie out across the globe. He, like so many others, knows something is about to happen to Azeroth - but he has yet to realize how big it will be.

Age: Approximately 1,000 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Undead Blood Elf (Formerly High Elf)
Class: Bloodmage / Ley Walker
Alignment: Neutral Good officially, formerly Chaotic Evil. Who can tell?
Personality: Psychotic. Cold-blooded, but also sadistic. Has been known to harbor feelings, though.