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    Kron Skychaser

    Name: Kron Skychaser
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Class: Spirit Champion, Shaman
    Professions: Mining
    History: Born in Mulgore, Kron was raised and trained by the Skychaser tribe in the ways of the shaman. He was adequate in the shamanistic ways, yet his real strength was contacting the spirits. His teachers saw this, and gave him the opportunity to become a Spirit Champion. He took to the new path quickly, spending most of his time training, improving his shamanistic skills and his spirit champion skills. When he was not training he would work as a miner in order to pay his bills (His shamanistic roots meant he could sense the ore,).Around the end of his training, He found one of his main weaknesses. He had gone to celebrate his achievements in Orgrimar when he had his first drink of ale. That night, while a blur to him, ended up giving him a scar on his back, a bad reputation in Silvermoon, and a fear of alcohol for the rest of his life.

    (Edit: because I am not sure what a spirit champion does exacly in terms of fighting other than contacting spirits (cant find that much info online) he is now a relativley good shaman that branched of into a spirit champion, as opposed to strictly a spirit champion)

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    Re: Kron Skychaser

    That's a really cool bio! I like your class choice - I haven't seen many Spirit Champions in RP. One thing I am curious about is how drinking in Orgrimmar got him a rep in Silvermoon ( ??? ), but other than that it is well-built without being obsessive Looking forward to RPing with you.
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    Re: Kron Skychaser

    It was one crazy night... from what people have put together, he may have moved the party to Silvermoon and attemped to break one of thoes Arcane Guardians to see whats inside.
    The rest of the story of this drunken rampage is quite a mystery for now...

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