I am aware that an imposter of me has been around, he may be an Alliance spy I am not sure, but anyways here is my info.

Name: The Basic Campfire AKA Abesik Kampfire

Race: A mixture of fire, flint, and timber.

Parents: Flint and Timber

Age: I assisted the night elves in the War of the Ancients so pretty old.

Position: Temporary Warchief of the Horde

Enemies: All who hate warmth and goodness.

What I've Done: I have made food for the children, melting the Frozen Throne (Some may say that global warming is going on but I say not!), Burnt down Stratholme, Gave dragons the ability to breathe fire, made ovens and all like it that assist cooking, and much much more!

My top advisor: Markluzz, for he was the one who started my great campaign in mmo-champion, or made me more popular over here.

My goal: To spread warmth and goodness to the world, and let nobody go hungry!

I.......Am.........ABESIK KAMPFIRE!