Name: Genn Greymane

Age:58 i believe, ive been behind a great wall for a while now...

gender: Male

class: Warrior/hunter

personality: upper class; think british colonel, powerful, stubborn, hidden soft side, protective, intelligent

likes: warm fires, the moon, expencive items, aristocracy, recieving gifts,
dislikes: wet fur, riff-raff, mages,

Genn Greymane was one of the human leaders who met at the council to form the Alliance of Lordaeron. He was hesitant about joining, and was difficult about it, and less sincere when he agreed to it. However, he pulled Gilneas from the Alliance after the Second War. He was also deeply influenced by the House of Prestor, which was actually led by Deathwing in human form.

When Alterac's rulership was removed, he had his eye on that land there, even though he had no right to it. He supported Aiden Perenolde's nephew's claim to the throne. Lord Genn Greymane never supported the Lordaeron Alliance in the Second War. Thus, after the war, he constructed the Greymane Wall: a massive barrier spanning the entire northern border on the edge of Gilneas and Silverpine Forest. He joined the Alliance in the Second War, but offered only token support. Thus Gilneas had essentially remained separate from the Alliance of Lordaeron. As ruler of one of the strongest Human nations, Genn Greymane was convinced that his own armies could deal with any threat, and therefore remained unmoved by Lord Lothar’s pleas for unity. Despite his apparent disdain for the Alliance, the denizens of Gilneas harbored no fondness for the Orcs or their allies and were prepared to meet them blade for blade.