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    Anduin Wrynn

    I am Anduin Wrynn. Son of Varian Wrynn, and king of Stormwind.
    I am not a major lore character. So I took the chance here on MMO-Champion to join the roleplaying.
    Some may think i am very young. But look at the picture - I am a boy no more! I am.. lets say 18, and the king of Stormwind.
    I am named after two famous guys. Anduin Lothar and my grandfather King Llane.
    Earlier this morning I got taught by Uther the Lightbringer how to be a great Paladin on these forums. So I learned hard, and became - Anduin Wrynn the Paladin!
    No more is there to say. I'm not a major character in the universe. QQ.
    Oh, theres something more: I'm a human! :-X
    It does indeed seem like I have blue eyes. If you get thougths of me being a Death Knight, think again! I am no other than a Paladin taught by Uther!

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    Re: Anduin Wrynn

    Got a little problem and dunno where to ask at this sub-forum:

    So, I wanted to make a new account for another RP character, and I wrote in a wrong email.
    And when I try to make a new account now, I get that I can't make multiple accounts at the same computer.
    Anything to do with this? Just wait or something?

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