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    Gnoll Chieftain Hogger

    Name: Hogger
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Will kill those who are weak or alone
    Likes - Bones to gnaw on, Killing weak innocent people.
    Dislikes - Most humans.

    The Riverpaw Chieftain, Hogger, kills the many innocent humans of Elwynn Forest. He resides at Forest's Edge. He is usually underestimated by less experienced fighters, and are killed swiftly. Hogger has ties with the Defias Brotherhood. He wishes to destroy the humans of Elwynn and Westfall, and take it for himself and his tribe.

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    Re: Gnoll Chieftain Hogger

    Biggest lore character ever!

    ur chances are low now
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    Re: Gnoll Chieftain Hogger

    You god'a remember only to play dose' parts when they seem fit.
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