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    Daelight Brighton, Fire Mage

    Name: Daelight Brighton
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Region of Origin: Stormwind
    Class: Mage, specializes in Fire
    Appearance: Daelight is of average size for a woman her age. Nothing really sticks out about her aside from her Strawberry Blonde hair. Of her family she is the only one to have it, making her somewhat of a black sheep at times. Her hair goes a little below shoulder length. She usually wears a deep green cloak with the hood covering most of her face. Her clothes are an assortment of basic adventurers garments she's picked up throughout her time. Her weapon of choice is a staff that was supposedly passed down from generation from generation dating back to a powerful wizard of times long ago. It appears to be just a basic wooden staff aside from the ornament set atop it. It's in the shape of a phoenix in an almost spherical stance, hiding his head behind his wings.
    History: Daelight started childhood at her farm in Elywnn Forest until it was ransacked by Gnolls. Lead by there leader Hogger, her entire farm was destroyed, her entire family slaughtered in front of her. Before the gnolls had struck her down, an extremely powerful passing mage saved her with a flash of flames that devoured all of the gnolls nearby. Having witnessed such power Daelight promised herself that she too would be that strong one day, so that she can protect people who need her, and no one will ever again have to witness what she had to. She was taken in by the orphanage in Stormwind, and at the right age, she went into studies at the Mages Quarters to learn how to harness the power of magic.

    Under there care and lessons, she learned how to harness her powers and become a powerful mage, at the top of her class. Out of the elements Fire seemed to the be element that came most naturally for Daelight, and become her primary elements, getting the nick-name Firebug early on when she caught a teachers desk on fire on accident. After her lessons had ended and she had learned all they had to offer, she made her way back to the site of her families farm. Inside there now burned down house, she found a chest that seemed to have been neglected by the flames and the gnolls, almost as if it was even untouched by time itself. Inside the chest was a staff, with a basic wooden shaft, the only thing about it that made it stand out was the phoenix ornament atop the tip. The phoenix's wings were pointing inward with the head of the phoenix hiding behind them. Almost as if it called to her, she picked it up and held it above her head. She could feel a warmth coming from it, a happy warmth. She let it fall to her side as her head fell with it, 'Thank you mother and father,' she said under her breath, 'I will use it well.'

    For years now Daelight has been traveling all around Azeroth helping those she can find in need, haboring no hate towards Horde or Alliance alike. If there is someone in danger, she will do all in her ability to stop it.

    ((More or less I'm a wandering Mage who blows up bad people haha, I'll have a picture up eventually if this is sufficient enough information))

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    Re: Daelight Brighton, Fire Mage

    ((Looks very nice! I am new too, but I bet you can flesh out the background/character as you get more into RP-Ing))

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    Re: Daelight Brighton, Fire Mage

    ((That's what I'm hoping for, maybe some real character development would be nice haha.))

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    Re: Daelight Brighton, Fire Mage

    [[ Great Bio! It's lovely to see some original content amidst all the lore majors. Looking forward to see you in the RP threads, as I am sure you will be accepted (: ]]
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    Re: Daelight Brighton, Fire Mage

    Great bio! Overall, great theme, and I am glad to have you RP with us! I will be doing A LOT more Role Player promotions tomorrow.
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