Name: The FancyPants
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Ninja
Personality: Likes to show off with hes ninja skills. Other than that he is a pretty nice person.
Likes: To show off.
Dislikes: People who tells him he sucks at being a ninja.
Clothing: He wears orange pants.


Fancy Pants was once a proud member of the Alliance. He had a family, and all he wished for.
But one day, out in the Elwynn Forest where they lived, there came the Horde. They killed all of them. They thought.
FancyPants had learned to use the awesome ability Feign Death earlier in hes life. When the Horde dissapeared, FancyPants swore he would get revenge.
He went to the Old Town in Stormwind. Into the SI:7. And up to Master Mathias Shaw to learn about the fine class of the rogue.
He trained for years and years, and became one of the best rogues Mathias had ever seen. Mathias was impressed, and sent him to Ander Germaine <Warrior Trainer> for further info.
When FancyPants had come to him, he got told that only a very few gets to do this. Which is, learn the fine sport of a Ninja. He had been such a good rogue, rogue wasn't enough for him.
Now, he swore revenge to the people who killed hes family. The Horde.