Name: Keleseth
Race: San'Layn, Undead Elves.
Allegiance: Scourge
CRP/SRP: Probably CRP. Though I can get into SRP if the situation calls for it.
Background: As one of the Darkfallen, he was recruited by the Lich King, together with his queen Lana'Thel, and brother Valanar. He was named Overlord of the Howling Fjord, and was later brought into undeath in Icecrown Citadel.
Age: Unknown.

((Okay, he's supposed to be dead in the lore. But so is Malygos.
Other subject, languagewise: He knows Common, Thalassian and Scourge I'd say. Any additions, comments?))

((Edit: I was the first Nozdormu, but chose to change to something easier.))