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    viability of my holy spec...

    Talent Tree - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-t...Erotix&group=2
    Character Sheet - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...hand&cn=Erotix

    So i was looking at the FAQ on this website and it has me wondering about the viability of the holy talents i have selected.
    My talents are quite varied from what i was presented with here, with A LOT of points moved around. If anyone could give me any feedback on which talents i should consider moving and why I would be very happy.

    I've also included my character sheet incase anyone had some imput on my gearing selections.

    Thank You!!
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    Re: viability of my holy spec...

    You talents are ok, but you're going to be lacking the HPS once you start doing endgame stuff.

    The 2/2 Healing Focus in the FAQ is for knockback protection when casting PoH and sometimes FH/GH, you should put at least 1 point into it.

    Desperate Prayer is debatable, but a BH can cover self damage.

    2/2 Holy Reach is to increase the radius your AoE heals can reach, which actually increases the area that they hit by a % greater than the 20% said in the tooltip, again, very useful.

    2/2 Healing Prayers is to reduce the mana cost of most of your AoE spells. It is extremely useful if you're going to use the spell more than once.

    Since SoL is actually a loss of HPS when using a FH oriented build, and that the only reason a renew centered build takes it is for the off chance that you need a 4k heal now, 1/2 SoL should be taken.

    2/2 B&S is awesome. Any time someone has to move, it is immensely helpful, although it is not needed. I recommend taking it.

    5/5 Empowered Healing is for spells that, ideally, you should not be using that often.

    3/3 Serendipity, although you do not want to purposely stack it to cast PoH, it is taken just in case you do have a stack or three on. Just remember, doing 3x FH > PoH is actually a HPS loss compared to PoH > PoH.

    Inner Focus is an ok to bad regen talent and a horrible HPS talent. I recommend not taking it.

    Glyph of FH should not be taken, mostly because you should not be using FH as often. I recommend taking Glyph of PoH.

    To sum it all up, you're talents are ok, but how you've taken 3/3 Emp Renew AND Emp Healing, you're trying to merge two builds together while missing out on more important talents. Respec to what is given in the FAQ, and swap out the Glyph of FH for something else.

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