Yay RP stuffs, this is my in-game RP character Almega (Who I'm also named after on here)

Full Name:"Almega" Nara Kiru Draconus (He ommited Kiru when he took on the name Almega)
Nicknames:Elegant Demon, dark crusader lord
Date of Birth:152 years ago
Age:See above, 152 years old
Race:Blood elf
Hair:Red double bangs
Skin:Slightly pale
Eyes:Felfire green
Place of residence:The top floor of the fairbreeze village inn
Place of Birth:The isle of Quel'Danas
Known Relatives:Ma'drian Draconus(mother) Aldios Draconus(Father) Kaulka Draconus (Brother) all deceased, Adenzia Belore Draconus (Wife)
Religion/Philosophy:N/A, known to blasphemy the holy light to get a rise out of paladins and priests
Occupation: Warlock
Group/Guild affiliation:No guild, close friend of the mercanary group "Those who dare."
Guild Rank:N/A
Enemies:The night elven druid Veluren Moonstrider (He killed his mate), the scourge, certain mages of dalaran
Likes:Other warlocks, Watching the sun set over eversong's beach, heated wide-scale combat
Favorite Foods:Anything with honey on it
Favorite Drinks: Tea cooked with fel lotus leaves
Favorite Colors:Crimson, purple
Weapons of Choice:Spellblades
Dislikes:Zealots, watermelons, most death knights, many dalaran mages
Physical Features: His shadow is that of a demon, it tends to stand straight up with its owner and speak out of line
Special Abilities:Metamorphasis
Positive Personality Traits:Kind, fatherly, noble
Negative Personality Traits:Gets too drawn into battle, has little patience for the ignorant (even though he can be dense himself), his buttons are easily pushed if his family or his dignity is drawn into the center of a fight
Misc. Quirks:Tends to use his spellblade over magic when his opponent can't do much to him, he uses the blood that splatters to style his hair into his almost signature hairstyle
Played by What Famous Person:The guy who did Jecht's voice in FFX
Theme Songs:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z8xZ...eature=related Graceful assassin rock remix

Born amongst a family of promising mages who were tasked with the sunwell's upkeep, Almega, who was called by the name Nara, was raised the same as any other child, going into adulthood, however, he began to hear voices calling out to him, from the darkness, he would often see shadows dancing on the walls around him, this never bothered him though, he could never truly understand fear from the darkness, magic came natural to him.

His life went well until Arthas' attack on the sunwell, where after watching his entire family slain, Almega found himself floating back to the mainland on a piece of driftwood when he was caught in the sunwell's explosion, not far enough away to escape it affecting him, but far enough to not be killed by it, his body was sent flying back to silvermoon.

In a dream, he found himself surrounded by hundreds of thousands of demons, even then, he showed no fear, he felt he should be afraid, but there was nothing, as though this was expected. As one of the demons approached, a large one with multiple jewels, the demon bowed to him, the words escaping from his mouth: "My liege, we have been waiting."

As their conversation carried on, Almega learned a humiliating truth, he was nothing but a sacrifice in his father's eyes, in an attempt to grab power, his father made a contract that would bind a thousand demons into his newborn son, the demons, however, instead of killing his son and devouring his spirit, stayed inside of him, dormant, inside, they fused into a single, yet individual mass, each with personality, but only one with voice, the decorated demon standing before Almega

As the demons told Nara of this, his head began to reel, thoughts of betrayal, hatred, he was registering it all at once, finally he broke the silence "What is your name?" The decorated demon replied swiftly "I am zarkas, and these others are your tools, calling themselves the almagation, we sensed the power inside, and waited, we serve you loyally, master."

Almega smirked, he felt this was right, he wasn't all in on using the power of darkness, but, if it would help him get revenge, he would sell his soul, thankfully, however, it wasn't his soul that he lost, it was power he gained

As he awoke alone on the shore, he stood up weakly and began to limp towards silvermoon, as he reflected on the events of the dream, he decided to take on a new name, he cast off his middle name Kiru, and twisted the word the demon gave him to create a new one, his name for now and forever, "Almega"

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