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    Starting new druid

    Is there a bigger need for tanks or healers leveling up?

    I'm probably going to make it a resto druid later so should I just buy the SP heirlooms?

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    Re: Starting new druid

    depends on your server, play what you think is fun

    tanks and healers tend to have shorter time to get in to a group, but that is because most ppl tend to gravitate forwards dps then support

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    Re: Starting new druid

    tank = instant groep

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    Re: Starting new druid

    On most battle groups theres usually a need for tanks, but you can get away with being a healer. The only problem is your going to be drinking alot till you get all the points in intesity around 23 and usually a 4 min waitgive or take a min in queue. So if you want to you can tank till your lvl23 and then swap over to heals.

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    Re: Starting new druid

    On a side note, lvling as a druid your going to be pretty much casting spells for your first ten lvl's till you get bear form at lvl 10. So getting the heirlooms will actually help you out now.

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    Re: Starting new druid

    Until you get to level 60 queuing as a healer still takes forever (at least on my battlegroup). I was getting queues of 15-18 minutes on my priest, sometimes longer if a group was formed and someone didn't accept. Once I got to Outlands the healer queue dropped to a more reasonable 2-3 minutes (often less). I would probably level as feral with enough tanking talents to survive up to level 40 and then dual spec (if you can afford it) with resto. Then you can quest as a bear/cat and heal instances to get some practice with how druid healing works before you hit 80.

    It's hard to level as straight resto (unless all you do is dungeon grinding) since you don't really get the damage talents of a boomkin and you don't have the survivability of a bear. But if you have the time on your hands then just go with whatever you enjoy the most. No sense leveling to 80 with a spec you really don't enjoy simply to get to level 80. You could also get the SP BoA gear and level as a boomie til level 40 and then dual spec tree (once again assuming you have the money). You can easily heal groups as a boomkin at lower levels.

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    Re: Starting new druid

    Personally, I think it's a lot more fun and even beneficial to level as the spec you're hoping to be when hit 80. It's true that the majority of the time tanks have a much faster que, I think part of it is that other possible tanking classes don't want to level in tank spec. Druids are unique in that feral offers you the possibility to do either tank or dps. So if you're looking to level as that you really don't have much to worry about.

    Leveling straight resto really isn't as difficult as people make it out to be. It obviously won't be as fast (questing wise) as boomkin or feral, but with all the buffs to leveling and nerfs to amount of xp it's a lot easier than you'd think. Dungeon wise the que will take a little bit longer as a lower level because more healing able classes are willing to heal even if not specced for it, but it does indeed get better as you level.

    In my opinion, if you're looking to make a resto druid then level as resto. You'll get good experience in dungeons and have a better grasp on your class by the time you hit 80. Not to mention it's a lot of fun.
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