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    any one a fan? i think its amazing i cant wait to see what happens! and im english to you Americans are ahead of me

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    Re: FlashForward

    Yeah I enjoy this show. Unfortunately, it has been cancelled so there won't be a season 2.

    The Yanks are only a few days ahead of us, so you should only have 2 episodes left to watch.

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    Re: FlashForward

    I enjoy it, too bad it got canceled.

    Janice Hawk already has a new gig lined up and John Cho is doing another Harold & Kumar movie.
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    Re: FlashForward

    if we get enough ppl to watch the last 2 episodes then they might save it!!!! tell everyone in wow to watch it!

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    Re: FlashForward

    I actually really enjoy the show, I feel like a lot of the time shows that require some sort of intellect get canceled : /
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    Re: FlashForward

    Im also pritty annoyed by this.. flashforward was the only US show i really enjoyed this year everything else is getting old after so many seasons.. :-\

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    Re: FlashForward

    I'm a pretty big fan of Flashforward... sucks it's being cancelled though. If you're looking for something like it, Journeyman (which was also canceled *sigh*) is pretty good, only 13ish episodes in it though... was also canceled a while back.

    Most of the television shows this year have been on their 3rd or 4th seasons, and those that weren't, The only new shows I can remember that aren't getting the axe is Vampire Diaries (only reason i watch it is because they follow the correct vampire rules, sun, stake-to-the-heart, must be invited in...) and V. V is a horrid show... tvtrope central, if you ask me, and cliche as all-get-out

    They're pretty killing anything remotely science fiction... Bye bye dollhouse, heroes, flashforward, (thank god for the scifi channel... not syfy... grr...)

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    Re: FlashForward

    just starting watching it yesterday, saw 2 episodes, was instantly hooked, and then today i heard it is cancelled, rly sucks!

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    Re: FlashForward

    As a Physicist, I knew about FlashForward well before it hit TV Screens, having read the book. It's a great concept and I thought the TV Show managed to adapt the general premise and plot in to a watchable Series. Unfortunately the network screwed around with it's schedule and killed the ratings. It's a shame because with a series finale like THAT it really had potential. I thought that the final montage scene (shan't reveal spoilers for the sake of fellow Brits who are less impatient and didn't download it) was an excellent piece of television.

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