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    Dropbox (Free 2GB cloud storage - backupping files)

    Hi there,

    So incase you have never heard of Dropbox:
    It is a program, which creates the folder "My Dropbox". Whatever you put in that folder, will be sent to the Dropbox secure servers. When you have Dropbox on another computer, these files will be downloaded to that computer aswell. So if you make changes on 1 PC, they will be changed on your other aswell.

    If you delete a file, you can undelete them by going to the dropbox website. It's all for free =)

    Incase you sign up using my referral link, you get 250MB extra space, and so do I. So please use my link to sign up:
    <Link snipped>

    Thanks in advance,

    @mods: incase this is "spam" or "advertising" (it's in the off topic forum and it's software), but if you still think I am violating something, please edit or remove my post. Thanks.

    [edit: Removed referral link. Not permitted on MMO-Champion. Plus 7 day ban. - Cilraaz]

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    Re: Dropbox (Free 2GB cloud storage - backupping files)

    Head of it, tried it, attempted to use it, and uninstalled it because it's buggy as hell.
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