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    Re: Alienware M15x -- Good for WoW??

    Skipping all this "RAM talk"...

    The graphics card you selected is very good for a laptop, however, the CPU is not going to be that great for gaming. If you want a gaming quad core, you need to get one that's at least 2.2GHz or faster. Otherwise, go with at least a 2.4GHz i5 dual core.

    Stick with 4GB of RAM for dual channel and 6GB for triple channel unless there is some sort of promotion or free upgrade in which case the marginal cost of the extra RAM is as negligible as the performance difference it will provide to everyday games/users.
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    Re: Alienware M15x -- Good for WoW??

    Quote Originally Posted by Warchief94
    8GB is hardly a must have, but its definately nice to have. As i said, if you are running eg fraps for your guild whilst raiding a 25man icc, with full graphics, ventrilo open and any other extra you might want, the extra ram will help with ur systems performance. Im neither a fool, or a troll im speaking from my experience over the last 4-5 years, although having 4gb and 8gb of ram will make NO different to u whilst playing wow alone, you can run up all the background programs, even add a few monitors to dual screen or playing on a high resolution monitor / tv. The way i see it compared to what ur spending, its not much extra, and just having the peace of mind to know if sometime soon, and yes its a possibility, that a game that requires more than 4gb might come up.
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    If you need 8GB for your computer, then you're running a purpose-driven system. Either you're doing CAD, video rendering (in-depth, not WoW videos), or something similar. If you can multi-task through 8GB RAM, you're opening shit just to have it open, and even then it's a stretch.

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