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    Need networking help

    Hi all -

    I had bought a new computer with the help of you all here and it works amazingly well, but thats not the issue. After putting my PC together and installing Windows and Drivers and what not I tried to connect to the internet but my toolbar showed no networks found.
    I restarted my modem and reset my wireless router back to factory defaults. The router I use is the Linksys Wireless G 2.4ghz. I plug an ethernet cable from my modem into the internet slot and plug my PC into an open jack. So I know the setup is right, I just cant seem to connect to anything. Theres another weird problem I have when i mess with this router, the Power LED will flash as often as my connection LED on my modem it just seems odd.

    Another thing, I use an older linksys router I have and use the same ethernet cables/jacks and it works fine, the other one just doesnt wanna do anything
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    Re: Need networking help

    I used to have some problems with my linksys has well, was a well documented problem and several persons had exactly the same problem and we never even get a decent answer from theyr customer service, its a huge problem but its anoying some times it would stop working most of the time unplugging it from the wall and plugging it back in would suffice, but sometimes very rarely a total reset would be necessary, and thats what i advise you to do a hard reset.

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