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    Re: Complete WoW-on-Linux Guide (with screenshots)

    Quote Originally Posted by JRainey
    I was also wondering, I know you can get word like software and powerpoint software in Linux, but do the files save to a format that is recognizable in Microsoft Office?

    The reason I ask is simply because my tutors in college look at students work in Microsoft office normally, although when we do our final hand-ins it's normally in PDF format.
    There are plenty of detailed reviews available online on the topic of what's working and what's not when you edit MS Office documents on OpenOffice. Short form is that complex excel formulas as well as Word style definitions are the first thing to break. If you're doing something that requires exact layout (like school papers), do not switch between programs in the middle.

    Also every single objective comparison between MS Office and the alternatives you can run on Windows/Linux/Mac says MS Office is best overall right now (load speed, memory use and features) but, it's also the most expensive office suite. The cheaper/completely free alternatives do basic stuff for you, but fall short when you need something special done. There's no free lunch.

    Another interesting bit about office suites is the MS Office 2010 online edition which is supposed to be direct competition for Google Docs and coming out very soon now. Definitely worth checking out how it turns out before committing to OO or Google Docs with your school papers.

    Quote Originally Posted by JRainey
    Also I would assume Linux would be less processor heavy compared to windows, as my processor is not the greatest, this is another reason for me to change to linux!
    Yes and no. Current mainstream desktop distributions, like the standard Ubuntu are almost as hard on CPU and RAM as Windows7, and require lot more computing power than Windows XP. Sure you can get a version of linux that runs on limited resources easier than customized windows, but you will not see any real performance benefit in everyday desktop use if you want all the bells and whistles and eyecandy.
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
    Trolling should be.

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    Re: Complete WoW-on-Linux Guide (with screenshots)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cilraaz
    Now on Windows 7 Ultimate. I have my standard set of programs running, as to not give it any non-real world advantage. I loaded the same character into Dalaran with an identical UI. I get 56fps. Not quite sure what the issue is in linux, but it's definitely suffering.
    do you get 56 anywhere in dalaran?

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    well i just tried ubuntu on my amd 64 5200 2.7gz with 6 gigs of ram dualbooting win 7.

    The few problems i encuntered.

    While i did get ubuntu installed it replaced the windows bootloader with grub *windows updater doesn't like that in windows 7*. so i pressed on to see how wow would run. After runing the updater and downloading the latest drivers for my nvidia gforce 9800 gtx+ i was sitting in dalran with 29 fps (in windows 7 i have arround 35 fps)

    well i tried the in windows install also *only option to keep windows bootloader* but the default install size of the disk image in the /ubuntu directory is too small to copy over wow .. you have to keep remounding that drive to acess it. i had same fps with either.

    Granted i've spend alot of time trimming down win 7 for best perfomace i can get out of my current cpu i just don't think it's going to be up to speed without some seriously deep knoledge of *nix for it to be competetive performance wise. And i still end up losing ability to play other games.

    any tips to get it working in this setup?

    C:\ windows 7 (250g drive with 175 free)
    d:\ 1 tb drive with over 600g free (i want to use 100g for ubuntu here and run wow here and any other games if i can get them to perform faster)
    e:\ 80 gig drive i have wow, starcraft 2 beta *will be replaced with sc2 when it comes out*, warcraft 3/ft

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    Quote Originally Posted by genacor View Post
    do you get 56 anywhere in dalaran?
    Pretty much. For test under both OS's, I was standing at the top of the Horde ramp, facing toward the center of the town.

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    Since you've installed Ubuntu on a separate hard drive (or at least it appears that way? can't really tell), I'm guessing GRUB did not replace the Windows boot loader. On your GRUB menu, does it say Windows 7 (Loader)? If so, grub installed itself on your MBR of your 1tb and when you select to boot Windows 7, it will simply just move over and boot from Windows MBR on its separate drive. If you've installed them both on the same physical drive however, that's a different story.

    Comparing 29-35? Really not that far off... I would recommend putting WINEDEBUG=-all in front of the wine command when starting WoW and seeing if that helps.

    WINEDEBUG=-all wine /home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcraft/WoW.exe

    This is located in the first post (it's in the script I have available for download)

    What do your framerates look like in other areas?

    EDIT: Come to think of it, I've never had any problems at all from Windows updater not liking GRUB. Have you? I'd like to know where you've heard this from.
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    seems the ubuntu setup autmoactially puts grub on the 1st hardrive reguardless of what drive you install ubuntu into. so only way i could get back into windows 7 was to use a my windows dvd and repair option command prompt followed up with:

    bootrec.exe /fixboot
    bootrec.exe /fixmbr

    this totaly removes grub and makes it so i can't boot into ubuntu.

    my plan was to put ubuntu into a fresh empty partition on my drive D *resizing it in windows to give up 100 gigs*.

    I tried to manually set the partitions but ended up totaly lost on this i just went to the slider option in ubuntu instead.

    What i need to know is if i re-install again and end up having to do that fix is there a way i can get windows 7 bootloader to come up firt instead of grub? or atleast have it no overwrite the windowsbootloader? As for the bootloader not allowing windos update to work i had found a few threads mentioning it. (has to do with microsoft's method of finding people who have bypassed the deactivation on non valid copies of windows.)

    i'll resintall tonight if i can get both windows 7 AND ubuntu not fighting each other heh.

    note: windows 7 actually sets up 2 partitions on drive c: 1st partition is a system partiion not acessible the 2nd partition isthe actuall operating system.

    as for your question about grub showing windows 7 yes it did .. but when i selected it booting would fail. again see above how i had to fix it so i could get back into windows 7.

    maybe i'm doing something wrong. ubuntu seems nice woudn't mind runing wubi but the space from wubi install is too small *fps difference in wubi and pure ubuntu were negligable like maybe 2 fps. However that had a completely different problem. when booting into ubuntu the error Try(h0,0) ntfs5: no wubildr after about 30-45 sec it would still boot into ubuntu.

    some installs mention that one should just unplug the windows 7 drive and install ubuntu on next drive as if it were master .. then plug the win 7 drive back in. *however these methods intend on using the ENTIRE drive not a portion of it. wich i only want to use 100g of the 1tb drive for ubuntu.
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    If windows bootloader loads first, it's not going to look for anything other than windows to boot and you wouldn't be able to boot Ubuntu.

    Typically, on a new install for instance, you would need to install Windows first, then Ubuntu in order to install GRUB.

    Try running: sudo update-grub from an Ubuntu terminal and then try rebooting into Windows again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik765 View Post
    If windows bootloader loads first, it's not going to look for anything other than windows to boot and you wouldn't be able to boot Ubuntu.

    Typically, on a new install for instance, you would need to install Windows first, then Ubuntu in order to install GRUB.

    Try running: sudo update-grub from an Ubuntu terminal and then try rebooting into Windows again.
    hrmm i was trying to use easybcd to set it in the list. guess that won't work then.

    well trying again .. resetting up made a 150 gig empty spot on my d drive going to install fresh again see if grub behaves with windows 7 this time.

    just re-installed ubuntu .. all is in and updating. now windows won't boot. when i try to boot it it gives an error about not finding something *will reboot and post the exact error in a few mins updating right now* however now ubuntu is on my d drive 150 gig free spot.

    the exact error:

    Error: No such device t37cdd077cdcdb3b
    Error: No such partition.
    Press any key to continue...

    pressing a key puts me back at the grub menu . even after updating grub. . i am guessing it's not pointed to the correct partition.

    well as i can't fix windows bootup atm i'm riading in wow using the WINEDEBUG=-all wine /home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcraft/WoW.exe

    9 fps dip in boss fights avg trash 12 fps : /

    well i again had to boot with the windows 7 dvd and wipe out the master bootrecord and replace grub with the windows 7 loader. maybe next time i wipe my c drive down i'll leave 1/2 of it open but at the moment grub 2 and windows 7 boot loader both are fighting to be on sda's master boot record making the other not able to be booted.
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    I have to join the consensus of other people. WoW through wine on my gt220m nvidia card performs worse under Linux Mint than it does under Windows 7, the difference is minor for me though(5-6 fps), the major annoyance for me is no hardware mouse cursor available in openGL..

    I like the guide, it summarizes the rough setup very good, a good addition though would be how to make a shortcut on the desktop(a launcher).

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