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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    The woman walked out of the chambers of Archbishop Benedictus relieved his inquires were over. She felt though that her response had relieved the archbishop of a great tension, built up by the thought of the plague of undead being so near. Outside the quarters, Duthorian had stayed waiting for the woman to emerge. It seemed he had waited too long as he fell asleep on the seat he had taken near the doors. Elizabeth thought about telling him she had been officially accepted as his page, but decided to allow him to sleep and tell him the next day. The woman, tired of everything that had happened in the day, directed herself back to her bed in the dormitories, neglecting to remove her armor as she fell asleep early before the sun had set out.

    Meanwhile, the Archbishop worked hard, preparing an order for priests and paladins to head out into Westfall and track down more information on the plague carrier, even making arrangement for all to travel on gryphon, as the task was an urgent one. Once Duthorian had awaken, and had noticed that the talk between the archbishop and Elizabeth had finished, cursed that he had fallen asleep and lumped back to his room with the aid of the crutch Michelle Belle had given him.

    For the next weeks to come, Elizabeth was under the tutelage of Duthorian Rall. Although the paladin was still unable to use his leg without the aid of a crutch, he still applied a rigorous training for Elizabeth, teaching her more of the way of the light as a faithful believer and messenger of it, but also training her for combat as a soldier of the light. As the time passed, Elizabeth grew in strength and knowledge, accepting the light as a part of herself. She had taken what the Archbishop had told her of her heritage into thought, and as time passed, her hair grew gray until the dye had worn out completely and her hair remained white, dazzling the other men in the Cathedral.

    The small group of paladins and priests that had been send to investigate the rumors of an undead traveling Westfall remained with little results for weeks, finding trails of it at times, but still unable to capture it. The Archbishop had taken it to himself to pull all his might into the problem. Soon though, after long weeks of pursuit of a resolution, information on the creature’s demise would soon reach his door.

    The group had almost given up on it’s pursuit of the creature a few days earlier, as the only trace of it they had found had been a ravaged boar carcass in the outskirts near the river. One night, the group still on hot pursuit of the creature, noticed from afar a group of lumbering creatures, slowly making their progress over a cliff. There were at least 4 moving slowly right behind a much bigger creature that lead them. As the members of the church approached closer, they confirmed it to be their target, a mob of decomposed walking ghouls festering around the plague. The group’s report came with words of victory over the abominable creatures, describing the presence of the plague on them to be mildly contagious. The news eased the tension the Archbishop had been having about the issue.

    A month soon had passed and Elizabeth had grown greatly under Duthorian, though her training would be put to an end one night. The Cathedral’s finest paladins and priestess had been put to work on the slightest hint of undead presence for the past few weeks, due to the Archbishop urging feeling that evil was being wrought from nearby, this caused the Cathedral to be unable to lend hands on anything due to being shorthanded except for the still partially invalid Duthorian and Elizabeth. Unknown to the Archbishop, and the majority of the citizens of Stormwind, SI: 7 had been working hard with information they had gathered months ago thanks to the exploits of Duthorian in the Fargodeep mines and would soon require aid from them.

    Although trivial at first, the pursuit of the missing ore taken by the Kobolds had lead SI: 7 agents to discover something that would threaten the city of Stormwind and it’s foundations. An agent of the SI: 7 by the code name of Vanseph had been send for after the discovery of a certain enemy of Stormwind doing works to transport the stolen ore brought by the Kobolds, through the river that divided Elwynn Forest and Duskwood. Once the information had been gathered, it was no time until Mathias Shaw himself under guise paid a visit to the Archbishop.

    “I never thought of you to let your manners back in the barracks, Shaw, sneaking into the house of the light like this!” Let out the Archbishop as the SI: 7 leader revealed himself in his studio.

    “It was either my lock picking tools and knifes or my manners that I could take with me for a walk, Old man, so I had to let them behind.” He said as he casually sat on the Archbishop’s seat, making him a little angry.

    “What is it that you want now, I have no time or tolerance for your little games.”

    “Look old man..”

    “Cut it with the “Old man”, I have a title and name.” He hit the floor with the tip of his staff.

    “Fine, Your Excellency the Holiness, Archbishop Benedictus of the Cathedral of Light, I’ll be brief. I need one of your good little boys for a little work I got you see.”

    “WHAT? You think I would allow such a thing! Never!” The Archbishop turned away and walked toward a book shelf. He then looked back to his seat and saw that Mathias was nowhere to be seen. Then all of the sudden Mathias talked to his ears “Come on, you know how good I am gathering information of those that won’t stay dead, I’ve been seeing your goodie boys running around the lands like headless chickens, you know you need the information.” Mathias then teased the Archbishop with a small folded paper seemingly with information. It was hard for the Archbishop to resist, for he was not enjoying having the majority of the forces the Church had all over Westfall. “Fine Mathias, just tell me what you want already!”

    “Woho, easy there, let’s sit down like the gentlemen we are to discuss things!” The Archbishop walked toward his seat which was vacant, as he took the seat, Mathias came out of the shadows and took the seat directly in front of him. “Like I said earlier on, I’ll need one of your goodie two shoe boys to assist me on something.”

    “Yes but just exactly what?” Benedictus grumbled grumpy, having to deal with a rogue.

    “Well, I got a really good man” he took a knife and started to play with it around his fingers. “Knows his way around real well, you know, follows orders straight to the point, he’s a real natural at this roguery thing.” He then stopped twiddling the knife around his fingers, intentionally dropping it “But well…” he then picked up the knife and put it away “Lately he’s been unwilling to work with my rogues, he even said it from his own mouth, that I fed so many times, that he didn’t desire to work with them, and well knowing the little…. “Adventure” he is about to take, I wouldn’t appreciate if he when alone and all that gold worth in training was thrown down the sink!”

    The Archbishop stared at Mathias “You haven’t told me anything with that…”

    “Fine, I’ll draw you a map, give me one of your paladins or whatever you got, I’m going to send him along with what you give me over to Westfall, I have hope my guy will learn what the word team stands for”

    “How do you know he will accept the aid of one of my men and not turn it away?”

    “Oh ho, he will, he better do! Now are we in agreement here?”

    “Fine, I give you my word that I’ll send someone!”

    Pleased with getting his word from the Archbishop, Mathias stood up and walked toward the door stopping as he realized something. “Whoops, you got to sneak out when you sneak in.” And he then proceeded to walk toward the windows stopping as the Archbishop called him. He looked back as he stood on the window, ready to move out.

    “You promised something!” the archbishop said, remaining in his seat as he extended his hand, expecting the rogue to hand him something.

    “Greedy old man” Mathias said to himself “I think you can help to it yourself, old man.” He then made some gestures with his hands as if instructing him to look for what he wanted in his chair, then disappearing in the shadows of the night.

    Soon the Archbishop found the folded parchment he had been tempted by Mathias, he unfolded it and found inside written in big, red letters the word Duskwood.

    “That’s it? Nothing else!? Just one word… Gah, the things I give my word out for!” and he sighed, having been caught yet again in giving his word to Mathias Shaw, then realizing he was short handed.

    END Entry 5
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 6: The Defias Brotherhood

    It was a new day at the Cathedral of Light, and unlike most weekdays, today in the early morning there was no ceremony at the Cathedral. As soon as Elizabeth was up, she when to get breakfast and ready for more exercises by her mentor. She walked as usual toward Duthorian Rall’s chamber, expecting as usual having to wait half an hour until the paladin would awake. This day though, she was surprised to see the door of her mentor’s room wide open, inside Duthorian sitting in front of the Archbishop, almost as if awaiting for the woman to come.

    “Your Excellency, please, you can’t possibly be sending her out this early!” Duthorian let out, the Archbishop having been paying more attention at the door waiting for the woman to show her face like she usually did in the early mornings for her study sessions.

    “Here she is, come in child” said the Archbishop as he noticed Elizabeth standing by the doorstep, nodding her to come in. The woman made her way in quickly toward the two as she was called. “I have heard you have made quite the progress under his tutoring, eh?”

    “Your Excellency, please stop…” but the Archbishop simply ignored him.

    “Because of your progress I have decided…”

    “Just Stop! You can’t do this!” yelled Duthorian.

    “I can do whatever I want, paladin, are you forgetting who’s the Archbishop here?”

    “What’s going on with the two of you now?” Elizabeth crossed her arms, having been living in the cathedral during the last month, the two had been often in quarrels over diverse topics, and was kind of used to them having a fight like a married couple would.

    “Young child, I think it’s the time for you to test yourself and….”

    “No, you are sending her to get herself killed!”

    “I am not! I perfectly know what I am asking from the woman. Do you doubt the preparation you have given her?”

    “For the fact of having given it to her, I know it’s not enough. You can’t just send a lone woman that has barely had a few weeks of training into the unknown!”

    “Would the two of you stop fighting already?” Elizabeth said with an angry tone of voice, as if scolding the two. Duthorian simply remained silent and looked away.

    “You see, young child, I have come to my conclusion that you are ready to become a fully fledge paladin, and I have prepared a journey for you to prove your worth.”

    “You know nothing of her; you’ve been locked in your chambers waiting for news of all the men and women you have sent to Westfall. What I think you want is to send her out so you’re in good terms with someone.”

    The Archbishop remained silent, not wanting to lie, yet also not wanting to reveal his intentions.

    Elizabeth sat on the floor, thinking. “Wait, so you finally want to test me and officially make me a paladin?”


    “Well… I think I might give that a thought! What do I have to do?”

    “Wa… wait a minute, you aren’t going to listen to what I got to say!?” let out Duthorian, upset that the woman had taken her decision so quickly.

    “Come on, I’ve been waiting for this for long, I can’t forever be your page, master!”

    “But… I….” but Duthorian was interrupted by the woman “Let me grow, master!” ”bah, fine, go with whatever you want!” he said grumpily giving up on coaxing her not to accept.

    Elizabeth looked at the Archbishop with a smile, waiting for Benedictus to inform to her what needed to be done. “Alright, I can see it in your eyes that you are interested in what I have to say. Very well, the church is a very influential body here in the city, as you may know by now. We take on many problems the people face and resolve them to the best of our abilities. Though we might play a huge role inside our society, we aren’t alone. Many organizations work day and night to make possible what the city of Stormwind is today. And well, just like our church requires the aid at times of others bodies, so do these organizations request our aid. Now here is were you come in. Although your journey will be one intended to test what you have learned in the past weeks, you will be giving aid to a member of SI: 7. You are to report to them and from there follow their instructions.” He then handed Elizabeth a parchment with information of were to go and an official order sealed by the Archbishop himself. “Now if you don’t have any questions, then I’ll be going now.”

    Elizabeth looked at Duthorian, which appeared to be furious and not in the mood to speak with her after accepting the proposition of the Archbishop, none the less she sat in the place of the Archbishop, staring at him as if waiting for his mood to change. The paladin soon gave in to her stare, sighing. “Look, I just don’t think it’s your time yet… I know you have made a lot of effort and that you most likely don’t want to be under my tutelage for ever, but charging in like that…..” he paused and looked at her “I’m not going to try and persuade or stop you going, the latter because I simply can’t, yet” He then pointed toward his previously injured leg still held in place in bandages, not fully mend yet. “So instead I’m going to ask you to not be reckless, and use what you have learned well. That shield as well.” He then pointed at a shield laid against a wall.

    “Thank you master.” She headed toward it and picked it up; she then returned to the paladin and then took out the symbol of life Duthorian had given to her long ago to use for training, handing it to him as she would no longer need it. The paladin remained looking at the symbol as the woman exit his room toward her new destiny, cursing his inability of having taken her place due to his still injured leg.

    Elizabeth soon headed toward Old Town back to the barracks, as she stood in front right at the steps, she remembered of not so long ago when she had visited the area as she headed to the recruiting office. This time instead, she headed over to SI: 7, though being stopped by someone on the doors who requested her about what business she had in the area. Once she presented the papers the Archbishop had given to her, she was allowed to enter and taken to Mathias Shaw. She was taken to the second floor, where some people were having a discussion with Shaw.

    “Ah, we have a rare beauty visiting us today eh!” exclaimed Mathias as he noticed Elizabeth’s arrival. “Hump! As if I wasn’t here, Shaw!” exclaimed Sloan McCoy with displeasure. “Hey, I said rare, you are always a beauty.” Giving her a wink, to which Sloan laughed a little “Oh, I might not have to poison you after all!”

    “Now let’s see here, who may you be, little lass?” Shaw gave her a big smile. Elizabeth took out the parchment of Archbishop, having it swiped her hands by Mathias “No way, the old man send such a cutie pie…” and he sighed, guess it was to be expecting with almost none of the church’s force left. “Well then it can’t be helped…” he then folded up the paper, extending it to Elizabeth, but quickly shoving it to the fire as she tried to reach for it. “Not something I want you to be carrying with on your journey, little missy.” The rogue then leaned close the edge of the stairs, jumping down to the first floor. “Come over here!” he shouted back. A little embarrassed, the woman ran down the stairs to follow the man, she saw him climb down what seemed to be the stairs to the basement. As she climbed down the stairs, she stopped and looked down into the room, in it she saw a man sitting up on a treatment table, wearing what seemed to be a black cloth around his face as a mask, with his back turned toward the stairs, being talked by who seemed to be the rogue’s doctor and Shaw.

    “I dunno Mathias; I don’t think he’s ready to go.” Said the almost bald small man. “Silly Gnome, you having doubts of your own medicine?” responded Mathias back. “Never! I’m not called Doctor Mixilpixil for nothing! I guarantee my draught neutralized away all the poison! What I fear though is about him actually being able to stand up…”

    “You two are concerned over nothing, I can walk.” Said the unknown man as he stood up, both Mathias and the Doc giving him some space. Elizabeth finally walked down as he got up, alerting her presence to the group, Mathias approaching her.

    “Alright cutie pie, here’s who you’ll be working with, meet Agent Vanseph! He’ll be gentle with you.” Mathias put his hand on the woman’s shoulder, while pointing toward the man. Vanseph simply raised an eyebrow as if believing Mathias had gone mad, while picking up his leather gear. Elizabeth smiling a little embarrassed.

    Once geared up, Vanseph simply ignored Mathias as he passed by him upstairs, who had a big grind on his face, but soon pouted as he noticed the rogue ignoring him entirely. “Hey! Where you going!?” He then ran behind him upstairs, Elizabeth slowly following them.

    “Just no.”

    “No? No what?”

    “I’m going alone.” Looking back at Mathias.

    “Now look here, little man, I’ve trained you for quite a while, picked you up the dirt and made a man out of you!” He spoke seriously “The least you can do is take my advice and not get killed by going in alone.”

    “I’m not planning to.”

    “Oh, but with that attitude, you seem like you are. I send you to regroup with Agent Kearnen at the borders of Westfall and Duskwood a while back, and what did you do? You stormed the bloody place alone without backup and caught some weird poison along the way out!” He began to scold the rogue.

    “She was scared of some creepy guard, who to begin with had a key that didn’t even work for the blasted objective of the mission. I did what I needed to do!”

    “You did not, the orders weren’t to go and try to get killed, you fool! I had sent someone before you, and he’s dead, the very journal you brought me said so, you bloody fool! Listen to me lad, you are a good rogue. You’ve done things that a great deal of my recruits hasn’t even dreamt on accomplishing. Your problem is that you are blunt, too blunt.”

    The masked rogue simply turned away heading toward the door. “You see, you are displaying just how dull you are right now.” Said Mathias as he took a paper and made some noises with it as he hit it in his hand. “You are going out there without even taking the package you are delivering.” Mathias then turned back and walked toward Elizabeth while the masked agent cursed between his teeth having not taken the letter beforehand, with no other option but to ask Mathias for it. The masked rogue simply extended his arms, not wanting to ask for it but still demanding the letter with the gesture, so he could go do his job. Mathias looked back, smiling back as he turned around right beside Elizabeth. He then raised the letter in between index and middle finger, up in the air, Elizabeth looking up to it. Mathias then quickly, in the blink of an eye, tucked it right inside the chest armor of Elizabeth, making the woman blush a little, a deep urge inside her wanting to slap the man and no longer trusting his presence near her.

    Mathias then walked away up a small step, looking toward the window with his hands grasped behind. “Go, and bring me good results.” Vanseph simply sighed, knowing he was defeated, he walked out. “What are you waiting for woman, get going!” Mathias said to Elizabeth as she remained looking down at the tucked letter. The woman returned to her senses and ran behind the rogue. Running outside, she saw him waiting for her at the steps outside the barracks. “I’ll see you at the Gryphon Master.” He then shrouded himself over a cloak and walked away toward the trade district.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    After a few minutes, the two unlikely partners were sent via gryphon toward Westfall, arriving there around noon. Elizabeth was a little scared, being her first ride on a gryphon. She grasped tightly through most of the journey, but as they crossed the Borders of Elwynn forest and Westfall, her grip eased as she began to remember her memories of the farmlands and Sentinel Hill. The landing was rough for Elizabeth, as she looked down from high atop the air as the gryphon glided down; she felt a chill run up her spine.

    On the ground, the woman kneed down to the floor, gasping for breath once she dismounted the beast, the gryphon master chuckling a little at her sight, Agent Vanseph, still wearing the cloak, was annoyed by having to deal with her. Once the woman caught her breath, the two walked up to meet with the leader of the people’s militia, Gryan Stoutmantle. As the two walked toward his outpost atop the hill where Sentinel Tower rest, Elizabeth noticed almost null presence of Alliance officers, instead men and women equipped with make shift weaponry and armor were posted all around, keeping an eye at the vicinity for Defias.

    As soon as the two reached Sentinel Tower, they were greeted by Gryan. “Hello travelers, welcome to Sentinel Hill.” Elizabeth quickly bowed, Vanseph on the other hand, brought out an insignia of SI: 7 from bellow his cloak, quickly hiding his hand back in the cloak as the man understood who he was. “Finally, did Master Shaw shed any light on things?” Vanseph looked at Elizabeth, nodding to her. Apparently the woman didn’t catch what he meant to say, and didn’t do anything. He simply grumbled. “What is it?” she innocently asked. “Give him the letter!” he snapped.

    The woman quickly rummaged inside where Mathias Shaw had previously placed the paper he intended to be delivered to Gryan. The man took it, broke the seal and began to read. “Edwin VanCleef... I know the name well. To think that a man so industrious and talented could turn into such a scoundrel unnerves me. I'll need further proof before I believe this.” He then looked at the two adventurers. “We cannot spare any men or women to obtain the proof I desire, but we need to discover the location of the Defias hideout. You two, my scout had reported that a Defias Messenger had last been seen on the roads of Moonbrook. I want you to attempt capturing him. If he resists, kill him and bring me whatever he is carrying.”
    The rogue and the woman then decent from Sentinel Tower, the rogue taking a path to the north. “He… hey! Where you going?” She then followed the man as he continued walking. “I don’t need your help, I’m perfectly capable of tracking him down. Besides, you will just get in the way.”

    Elizabeth was a little bit angry by his attitude. “Hey stop, we’re together on this!”

    “Stop following me, I’m heading to Moonbrook.”

    Then Elizabeth stopped, realizing the direction they were headed. “You are aware you’re headed the wrong way, right?” and the rogue halted, freezing in place as he got caught that he in fact did not know where Moonbrook was. The woman caught up to him and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him back to Sentinel Hill. Now on the correct direction, the two headed toward Moonbrook.

    “You have to admit that I’m useful now.” Said Elizabeth with a smile to Agent Vanseph as she held a map of the region of Westfall procured earlier from Gryan at Sentinel Tower. The rogue felt awkward having to rely on the woman to get his job done. “In a few minutes we should make it to a cross road up ahead, see over there?” and she pointed at a windmill standing very high afar toward the west. “There it is the ruins of Moonbrook.” Around 10 minutes later, the two were right outside Moonbrook. Agent Vanseph quickly crouched down, as he examined the vicinity.

    Moonbrook looked more like a ghost town than anything these days, with most buildings run down and the only souls that could be seen in the areas were all from the Defias Brotherhood. At the other side of town, down from one of the run down buildings emerged the Defias Messenger at a very slow pace. The Agent noticed him with his spy glass, and then proceeded to make his way to ambush him, leaving Elizabeth behind.

    The messenger seemed to be alone, this was the opportunity Agent Vanseph had been waiting for, though as he approached him, the man noticed his presence and his cover was blown.

    “You’re not from the Defias! You’re a spy! Die in the name of Edwin VanCleff!” And he ran up to the rogue with a blade at hand. Agent Vanseph quickly parried his attacks, kicking the man in the face as he jumped back to get some space from him. The messenger grabbed to his face in pain, as he spat out a tooth and blood from his mouth. In the mean while, Vanseph regained his footing and began to run toward the messenger, trying to stab him with force. As he approached him though, the messenger saw him and dodged quickly what would have been a fatal blow. The rogue stopped after missing, turning around keeping an eye on the messenger. The messenger readied himself and again attacked the rogue, this time though his sword flying sky high away from his grip as the rogue disarmed him and slashed him on his chest with his daggers. The man let out a loud cry of pain as he stumbled to the ground, the agent sure he had completed his objective.

    “Watch out!” Elizabeth yelled from afar as she came running toward them, the rogue looked back and saw a woman from afar away casting a spell to launch a ball of fire toward him. The ball of fire flew across at great speed, making it unable for the rogue to avoid it in time and thus collide with him, launching him a few yards away from the messenger. The woman then began casting another spell just as the ball had flown over, this time Elizabeth arriving to aid the rogue, giving him covering with the Bastion of Stormwind. As the ball collided with the shield, the rogue recovered from the impact with mild burns on his left shoulder. He then noticed the Defias Messenger making a run for northward toward the Gold Coast Quarry, at an incredible speed. He would have other wise ran behind him to stop him if it wasn’t for the fact they had to deal now with the spell caster launching balls of fire from afar.

    Elizabeth hell firmly her position, being launched again a fire bolt against her shield. Once the bold collide against the shield, Vanseph ran out of the protection the woman had aided him with, heading straight toward the spell caster. The woman had another chance to shoot a bolt of fire before the rogue had reached her, though being unable to hit him as he managed to dodge the incoming fire ball. The rogue lunged, slamming the woman against the wall of an old building and ramming his daggers in both side of her torso. The woman fell silent on the floor, the rogue drawing his weapons out as he quickly ran back toward the direction the messenger had taken, being stopped by Elizabeth.

    “Hey, stop it, you are injured.” She grabbed the man by his right arm.

    “Let go of me, I must finish my objective!” he pulled his hand off her grip, continuing running north through the wilderness, seeing up ahead a road directed west. Elizabeth looked back at the corpse of the woman the rogue had slain, thinking how dreadful it was to fight and kill those who could have been citizens of the kingdom. Not wanting to be locked in thought over it, the woman gave chase behind the rogue, filled with concern about the injuries he had sustained.

    Although the rogue was quick on his feet, he was unable to catch up to the messenger who had disappeared from sight by the time he battled the fire spell caster over at Moonbrook. None the less the man continued running until he was over the cliff above the Gold Coast Quarry, when he finally caught a glimpse of the hurt messenger being aided by the Defias in the area. Soon the Sun started to set, looking down he noticed some Defias preparing torches for the watch duty at night. A few minutes later, he saw Elizabeth afar, looking for him. The rogue not wanting her to screw up and give away a perfect opportunity to sneak in while the guards were on low alert, decided to approach her and alert her of the Defias down at the ridge. After the two reunited, they returned back to the cliff, Agent Vanseph trying to make up a plan of action while he mend the parts his cloak had been burned with some black pieces of leather.

    Elizabeth sat down over a rock with some bits of what appeared to be silver over it. She remembered the spot from her years spend in Westfall, and was surprised that the nuggets of silver were still encrusted in the rock. She then rummaged through her bag and took out a fruit to eat. Looking at the rogue as he continued to sew his cloak, she asked if the man was hungry. Vanseph appeared not to be interested at first in eating as he remained silent, but after Elizabeth offered him bread slices with some Dalaran sharp, he gave in and accepted them.

    Knowing that the woman was bent on following him all over the place, Agent Vanseph finally accepted her as part of the mission, preferring that she actually aided him instead of screwing up his sneaking. The man prepared a plan to attempt sneaking in the small quarry on the face of the mountain. Unknowing the inside layout of the place and the number of Defias in it, he decided that the best course of action would be to avoid as much confrontation both going in and out.

    Once ready, the two of them descended slowly from the side of the mountain, Agent Vanseph shrouding himself with the black cloak he had. Because of the poor visibility from night time, when he stood in the shadows, he was almost invisible. With this tactic he approached a guard from the rear, unseen by anyone. He proceeded to hit the guard from behind, knocking her senses off of her for a minute or two. Quickly after this, Elizabeth charged in, making the first guard ready himself and attack, not noticing neither his partner being unable to aid him or Agent Vanseph behind. The man fell quiet as the rogue ambushed him by grabbing a hold to his neck with a black thin rope and the paladin bashing his head, knocking him down. The two Defias were then put behind a nearby crate filled with ore, so that the enemy wouldn’t find them.

    Once they were completed dealing with the two though, a patroller from inside came out, just before being able to enter inside to alert of the missing guards, Vanseph sprinted toward him and slay him. The bloodshed was inevitable, leaving an undesirable feeling on Elizabeth, but none the less needed to get to the Defias’ messenger. Sneaking inside with care, the two adventurers progressed through the small mine, passing near a subterranean spring that had been uncovered by mining in the past. Inside the cave, voices could be heard.

    “Stop moving around, your wounds will open!” said a female voice echoing through the cave. The two adventurers approached near the source, looking from far away to the inside of a well lit cave. In there, the Defias Messenger could be seen without his mask on, sitting on a crate with bandages on the wound Agent Vanseph had caused him earlier. “Alright, this is our chance; he can’t run away inside that room, we can get him” he said as he got ready to dart into the room. “About time you say “we” instead of “I”.” the woman smiled. The two darted right into the room, inside it being a woman nearby the messenger and a man reading a letter.

    “It’s them!” yelled the Defias as he quickly got up his seat, moving behind the other two Defias for protection. Though before the two others could react, Vanseph charged in with Elizabeth, the rogue dispatching the man quickly while Elizabeth slamming the woman with her shield. Agent Vanseph was soon over at Elizabeth, taking away a pair of knifes the female Defias had, leaving her unarmed.

    “Try anything funny and you’re dead, woman.” Vanseph pointed his daggers toward her. He then looked at Elizabeth who was a little fazed by how violently Vanseph had killed the man with the letter. The Defias Messenger took the sword from his slain partner, rushing Elizabeth in an attempt to do her in. Agent Vanseph jumped to her and instead was impaled by the sword going right through his abdomen. “Agent!” Elizabeth cried out as she got up, the Defias Messenger pulling off the sword from him and the remaining Defias picking her weapons from the ground. The two Defias began to chuckle as the approached Elizabeth, the single thought of killing the woman in their minds. Elizabeth took a few steps back, stopping as she hit the wall. The only thing she could hear was the voice of his mentor, Duthorian Rall, when he long ago handed to her a sword and told her how at times force was needed to resolve a problem… A sword she had sheathed right on her waist!

    The woman unsheathed the blade, still pristine from the day it was handed to her due to the fact it had been barely used to take a life from someone else. The woman was first attacked by the Defias Messenger, swinging the blade he had downward as the woman put up her shield, blocking it. She then thrust her blade toward him, piercing in through his left lung and then kicking him back as she pulled the weapon out. Once the Defias Messenger fell on the floor with much blood flowing out of his wound, Elizabeth looked at the female Defias, who dropped her weapons and ran away in fear of her life.

    The woman then let go of her shield and her sword as she crouched near the severely wounded rogue. “You saved me.” She laid her hand on his forehead, clearing away the sweat. Vanseph appeared to lose consciousness once he fell, hitting the back of the head. The first thing Elizabeth did was to take off the man’s mask in order to allow him better respiration. As she removed it away, she saw the reason why the man had it on, for half of his face appeared to have been burned severely long ago. She then opened his leather chest armor, exposing more of the old burn scars among the new ones in his left arm, which appeared to not be doing fine either. The man was a real mess, but first things first; the wound in his abdomen had to be taken care of. It appeared to be very deep and just bandaging it wouldn’t work; it appeared this was the time for her to put her studies under Duthorian Rall to the test. The woman began summoning the power of the light, focusing on her hands over the wound. As she covered it up, the blood of the rogue flowed through her fingers, a faint light being produced, entering within and for the most part, sealing the majority of the wound. She let out a sigh of relieve as the Agent had been the first mortally wounded men she had saved with the light, moving him and placing his back against the wall as she continued to treat him, applying some bandages over his abdomen. She then looked at the burn wound on his left arm, thinking what to do simply aside just bandaging it. She then remembered the subterranean spring thinking of washing the wound. She ran quickly toward it, taking a bottle and filling it of the fresh spring water. As she returned, Agent Vanseph had regained consciousness, though he had pulled a Defias Mask that had belonged to the messenger and covered his face with it.

    “You took off my mask?” He asked the woman as she crouched in front of him to treat his wounded arm.

    “Be quiet just for a moment, please.” Elizabeth simply responded as she poured some water over the burn, stinging a little. She took some cloth and put it on it to dry it, then bandaging around the wound, from shoulder to elbow very carefully. “There, done. You know, you should take more care of yourself. That was a serious wound you had in your arm, I could have treated it much earlier on.”

    The Agent moved his arm a little remaining silent for a moment “….thank you, paladin.”

    “Oh, no need to thank me, you kind of saved my life… also, technically I’m not a paladin, yet.” She smiled. For a moment Agent Vanseph was annoyed to find out her partner wasn’t even an official paladin, but none the less was relieved to have her along. He then pointed toward the man he first killed, asking her to search for the letter he had. The woman looked around the corpse, quickly sighting the letter still grasped in the arms of the corpse. She picked it up and handed it to Vanseph, who gave it a quick look. “It’s encrypted, it’s going to take a day or two for it to be decoded, but we did what we had to do.” He then inserted it on his pockets, grabbing his armor and cloak back again and putting them on, ready to walk out. “Can’t wait to get a night of rest…” he then looked at the woman who was still concerned about him. “Let’s go, partner.” And so the two started heading back to Sentinel Hill. Once they exit the quarry and were outside the ridge, they could easily tell what direction to take as from afar, small torches could be seen in the dark night, signaling the location of Sentinel Tower.

    END Entry 6
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 7: Assassination

    The two adventurers finally made their way back to Sentinel Hill, weary from battle. As they arrived, the two quickly reported back to Gryan Stoutmantle, who had stayed up all night waiting for the two to return after reports from his scouts came of their disappearance into the mines long hours ago. Once he had the encrypted message in his power, the paladin sent both Elizabeth and Agent Vanseph to the inn for a good night rest. As the two headed back, a woman stopped Elizabeth.

    “Young Eliza! You’re alive!” she said as she approached her, giving her a strong hug. Elizabeth quickly recognized her as one of the neighbors of her father’s farm. “Oh, I thought you had been killed when your home burned down. The Stormwind Soldiers took so long to file in a report of the fire, they didn’t find the culprit! Since you were nowhere to be found, they thought of you as dead due to the fire!”

    “Well, I’m not; I arrived at the fire after it had started. Since then, I’ve been living in Stormwind for a while now at the Cathedral.”

    “Oh, that is so lovely; you’re giving your life in service of the light! But well, young lady, you have some serious problems now. Because of your reported “death”, your farmland was put on auction, and someone already bought it!”

    “What?! Oh… this is so horrible, I didn’t know anything…”

    “Well, young child, you should try to do something, the land is rightfully yours. I’m sorry for having concern you with this, but with all the work your father had to put to get that land, I would be sad for all of it to go to waste.” The woman then grabbed Elizabeth’s hand tightly before leaving “If you come around, I would love to see you again, do visit when you can.” And the woman then moved on.

    “Well, this is something I hadn’t expected to happen… I don’t know what to do. Without a deed of the land I can’t do much… I think my father’s deed was burned down on the fire…” Sighed Elizabeth.

    “Then you’ll need to head over to Town Hall over at Stormwind, they can help you obtain a new copy of the deed.”

    “Oh wow, really? Could you help me out with that?”

    The rogue soon began to question why he had suggested helping her out, but none the less decided to help her on her needs, not to seem ungraceful of the aid she gave him during the mission. “We should hit SI: 7 first, Mathias can probably get it done in a couple of days with his influence.”

    “That would be great, got to get that done with as soon as I can!”

    The two then headed into the inn and attempted to get some rest. The two stayed for two days until the letter was completely decoded by the men of Gryan. They were them summoned to go take news to Mathias while the people’s militia looked in Moonbrook the secret lair of the Brotherhood.

    “You sure you can get the lair uncovered by yourself and the militia?” Agent Vanseph spoke to Gryan Stoutmantle as he received the information he was to report back to Mathias.

    “Don’t worry, Agent, you and your partner have both done an excellent job obtaining this document. I already have a vague plan of just how we’ll find it. Earlier this morning we had a certain someone from the Defias try to steal the wagon from a nearby farm land. After being beaten around a bit, the man cried for mercy and apparently he’s willing to help us…. in exchange for his life.”

    “I understand I’ll deliver this as quickly as I can to my Lord. He will most likely send help as quickly as he can. I’ll most likely be here in that group back here in a couple of days.” He then tucked the letter in his bags and salutes the paladin.

    “Thank you, Agent, and you too young woman, the two of you are dismissed. I await good news from the city.” Gryan saluted, officially ending the group’s adventure. The two quickly made their way back to the Gryphon Master, Elizabeth a little scare of mounting the beasts again. None the less the two took a ride back to Stormwind at high speed.

    The flight back took about the same time like last time, the two of them arriving at noon. The city was exploding with commerce as usual; people were announcing their ware from left to right while the racket from the auction house could be heard. After passing through all the talk, overhearing the death of a noble right inside the castle due to poisoning, the two finally made it back to Old town and into SI: 7, where Mathias received them with high expectation on their mission’s report.

    “Well well, this is indeed good news, I’m surprised they managed to decode everything so well in such a short notice… makes me want to check out the militia’s rank for new promising recruits.” He looked at the two adventurers. “Because of your excellent job, I’ll have to send some of my best men to show my appreciation to Gryan and the militia!” He then tucked the letter on his person. “Now this information is too dangerous to keep around, but too good to just burn down, so I’ll keep it with me and endanger myself, ha ha ha!” he laughed loud, knowing well that no one who knew him would approach him to take something form him without thinking it twice. He then gave a look at the two, who were still standing there staring at him. “Spit it out already, the two of you look like a little kids wanting a candy from me.”

    “Well, I was wondering if you could help me out with a little problem I have in Westfall, sir.” Said Elizabeth a little shy.

    “Oh come on, I’d do anything for a cutie pie like you, specially after bringing me back my investments alive and kicking” he looked at Agent Vanseph with a smile.

    “Well sir, my father had a farm over at Westfall, like many of the people that lived there in the past years, ours was often attacked and looted, one night after my father’s death it was also burned down.”

    “So you want us to track down and murder the people that did it?” he said as he drew a knife out.

    “Oh no! I couldn’t…. Anyway sir, I’m not finished!” Then Mathias put the knife away, losing a little bit of interest. “After my house was burned down, I moved over here to Stormwind. I had forgotten all about the farm and apparently, someone thought I had been killed in the fire, and then the farm was put up in Auction and someone even bought it already.”

    “Well, that’s a problem! So, you want to recover your land then?”

    “Yes Sir.”

    “For that you can simply show the deed of the land… But obviously, if you had that, you wouldn’t be asking me for help, so that means you don’t have the deed.”

    Elizabeth nod.

    “Alright” he then walked toward a desk, taking a little paper from it, he quickly wrote something on it. “You can always show proof that you inherit the land in order to get a new deed, but since that takes month to get approved, and the public code also stating that any “abandoned” property has a 2 month period in which if it’s not reacquired, it losses all prior proprietorship, you are going to have to need some… inside help to get this done as quick as you can, not to mention how crowded the Town Hall can get.” He then handed the letter to the woman. “I hope this helps, I would advice though to take Agent Vanseph with you, the letter and his presence alone should make things go smoother, if not faster, as I couldn’t take it to send such a pretty gal like you to wait hours at the town hall.” And he gave her a wink.

    “Thank you good sir.” And with that, Elizabeth along with Agent Vanseph proceeded over to town hall. Just like Mathias had told the woman, Town Hall was full to no end with people. “Come on” Agent Vanseph dragged her over the counter, being asked by a secretary where he was headed, but letting him pass as he took out his SI: 7 insignia and showed it to her. The two walked around until they were at the office they were looking for. Surprisingly, Elizabeth had to do nothing at all but present the paper for what she wanted. The man read it quickly, mumbling something about Mathias as he walked away the counter.

    “I wonder what that was about…”

    “Blackmail” said Agent Vanseph simply.

    “Oh….” Elizabeth stayed quiet as she realized the dirty work Mathias had done in order to get her little problem resolved. The man came out with a big parchment that appeared to be a form for a deed of land. The man asked Elizabeth a few questions about her property, then procuring an old copy of the last deed along with the deed of the new owner attached to it, waiting for the time period to expire in order to pass ownership to the buyer. Vanseph casually looked over the paperwork of the new owner; it seemed to be like Gregor Lescovar, a well known shady dealing noble from Stormwind had bought out the farm for a very cheap price.

    The Town Hall officer prepared a sealed letter, asking someone working there to deliver it, stating that he had send order to summon someone representing Lescovar to oversee the transaction being done and to recover a monetary refund.

    As they waited for the arrival of the man representing Lescovar, the official proceeded to copy most of the information, writing down the name of her Father followed by the word “Deceased”, asking the woman for her name, finally writing aside her “Heir”. The man finished the paper work by turning it around toward the woman and handing her a quill, marking on the paper with an X on the place he wanted her to sign. As she finished signing it, what appeared to be the messenger of Lescovar had arrived quickly at the office.

    “What is the meaning of this, why are you refunding my client’s purchase, the Lord is furious!” he approached the Town Hall official, grabbing him by the shirt and shaking him around. The official let him know about the situation, telling him that the property’s rightful owner had appeared, thus the Town Hall had to return the property to the owner and had issued a refund for the noble.

    “This is outrageous, my lord bought the land fair and square! He even had the burned down farm house rebuilt as a summer house!” he then pound on the desk angrily as he knew his lord wasn’t going to be the slightest happy about this turn of events. The official calmly explained to the man that the period for removal of proprietorship hadn’t expired, so the property was still rightfully of the woman along with any modification that had been done during the period Lord Gregor Lescovar had pending ownership of the land. He then explained that if his client desired it, he could always purchase it back directly from the new owner. “I know that already, I don’t need a government official telling me what I already know.” The man then looked toward the woman and asked. “Is she the one?” to what Elizabeth nod. The man took a look at the paperwork, furious that he had to report both the lost of the land and the properties built back to his employer, becoming angrier as he realized the woman didn’t even have a last name. Even though he offered the woman the seemingly bountiful refund he obtained, the woman refused the offer or any other he or his patron would like to make. This enraged the man even more, approaching the woman as if to attack her, then retreating as he saw Agent Vanseph eyeing him, as if warning him not to try anything he would otherwise regret later. “Land goes to waste in a peasant’s hand.” he said and finally marched out of the door. “Hump, Nobles and their boot lickers.” Vanseph simply sighed.

    Soon after the outburst of the man representing Lord Gregor Lescovar was over, the Town Hall official continued trying to finish the paper work, a smile in his face as he destroyed the copy that entitled the property ownership to Lescovar. Once the deed had been destroyed, the official then proceeded to dispose of the old deed of Elizabeth’s father, instead making a new copy of her brand new deed for future reference. He then sealed Elizabeth’s new deed after reading it out loud to her, placed it inside a small cylinder container, and gave it to the woman, finally wishing her luck with her property and taking the copy to file it in the Hall’s Archives.

    “Well that was quick, didn’t have to pay anything either.” She smiled as she came out of Town Hall along with Agent Vanseph, opening the container to look inside at the folded paper. “I have to thank you for your help, Agent.”

    “It was nothing, lady. You should thank Mathias instead; he’s the one who made the official move.”

    The two returned quickly back to SI: 7, Agent Vanseph wanting to return back to his work as soon as he could. The man finally left Elizabeth as they entered the building. Mathias was surprised the woman managed to obtain her deed so quickly. He gave a look over it, commenting on just how near she could have been on losing her property permanently, then putting it aside the table within its container, aside other look a like containers. Tired from the traveling, the woman decided to return back to the Cathedral for some rest, though remembering she also had to report back to the Archbishop. As she headed out of the barracks and into Old town, Mathias Shaw noticed the woman had actually taken with her documents of SI: 7 from another mission, instead of the actual deed. Since Agent Vanseph had been with her for the past few days, he called him to take the deed back to her and retrieve the documents.

    Grunting annoyed by Mathias ordering him to take it to her as if he was a delivery boy, he headed out of SI: 7 quickly in search of Elizabeth. As the rogue passed nearby the Leather Shop on route to the trade district, he heard a lout shriek from a woman nearby. As he ran back down the street he noticed from up a small alley a group of masked men, one of them crouching in front of Elizabeth, who lay on the ground. The man pilfered from her grasp the small container, quickly after it was in his possession, leaving the area. Agent Vanseph sprinted as quick as he could toward the woman, whose chest had been punctured by a dagger targeted to kill her, yet the woman was still gasping heavily for breath.

    “Damn it!” said the rogue as he took out a small object from his bags, it appeared to be a sort of flare. He lighted it and soon threw it sky high, detonating loudly. Quickly members of SI: 7 arrived along with the master of the guild, Mathias Shaw to find the rogue attempting to stop the blood flowing from the woman’s chest, covering his arms and part of the road with it as it gushed out. Mathias ordered is rogues to help the man take the injured woman to the Cathedral, as this situation called for the hands of a doctor that wasn’t as crazed up as SI: 7’s house doctor, Doc Mixilpixil.

    Notes: Going to be long till I finish this one, though I would really like feed back :/! I know it's a long and most likely confusing read, but some feedback would be nice! Most likely later tonight I'll finish this entry.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    The rogues charged into the Cathedral with the body drenched with blood of Elizabeth. The woman was turning pale, her breathing ceasing, and her eyes loosing their shine. The cries of help thundered through out the Cathedral as they made their way in, the path they took being marked by the blood that dropped from the woman. The first one to notice the commotion was the Archbishop, who was standing at the altar. Right as he laid his eyes on the group, he noticed the injured woman being carried in between them and pointed them as quickly as he could toward the infirmary, standing beside her all the way there, the woman no longer responding to words. As the people laid the woman’s body on a bed, Doctor Shaina Fuller came rushing in followed behind by the High Priestess Laurena and a group of who seemed to be priestess understudies.

    After everyone cleared away from Elizabeth to let the medic and the priests work, Archbishop Benedictus, along with Mathias Shaw, could be seen near the closed door of the infirmary having a talk with Agent Vanseph, who was the only witness of the assassination.

    “Just what the hell happened, Agent?!” asked Mathias who hadn’t the slightest idea of what was going on.

    Agent Vanseph was still trying to take his breath back after the run they made from Old Town over to the cathedral, he then spoke. “I just heard a shriek as I passed the leather shop, then I saw them from afar…”

    “Who’s “Them”?” Mathias continued asking.

    “A group of people, I couldn’t tell who they were…”

    “Can’t you tell us anything at all, child?” asked Benedictus

    “A face, a get up, something” suggested Mathias quickly.

    “….I don’t know, they had their face covered… but they took something from her!” He then remembered he still had the deed of Elizabeth with him, the container she had left behind at SI: 7 after confusing it with another container. He drew it out and held the container in his hand.

    “But how could they know she had my documents? They couldn’t have known unless they would have been in SI: 7. Everyone that was in HQ is here with us!” exclaimed Mathias.

    “No sir, you misunderstood me. They didn’t wanted your documents, what they most likely wanted is what she was supposed to be carrying with her.” He then opened the container and drew out the farm deed.

    It soon quickly hit Mathias, though the Archbishop was confused as he didn’t knew the majority of the information Mathias was using to get to the conclusion he had reached. “The people that killed her wanted the deed… because they wanted to destroy it!” He then took the deed from Agent Vanseph. “They could have taken it away from the woman, but since she would have been able to procure another one again, they had killed her! So she wouldn’t reclaim it.”

    “What are you rambling about, Mathias? Have you gone mad?”

    “Of course not, old man, I still have years to go before I get senile!” he exclaimed, almost as if insulting the Archbishop.

    “Watch your words!!”

    “Look Archbishop” and he showed the Archbishop the deed. “this belongs to her.”

    “Yes?” he eyed the deed carefully. “And?”

    “Ugh….” Mathias sighed. “This is hers, now, but it wasn’t hers a while ago, why?” and he pointed at Agent Vanseph.

    “Because someone had bought it from the auction house.”

    “Exactly, good thing you are thinking straight, and not in scrambles.”

    “So, what you mean to say with this is…….”

    “That a certain someone didn’t appreciate her reclaiming what’s rightfully hers, and send an order to kill her and recover the deed, so it could be destroyed. We should head over Town Hall right now and find out who was the original buyer.”

    “There’s no need for that my lord…” and Agent Vanseph pulled out his daggers. “I already know who my target is!” His eyes were filled with rage.

    As he made an attempt to head out, Mathias stopped him. “Hey hey hey, wait just a minute, you can’t just go and murder someone like that…” he then thought for a second. “Well, you CAN do it, but you shouldn’t!” and he gave a look at Archbishop Benedictus, who was whistling as if he hadn’t heard anything about “murder”, actually wanting whoever did this dead. “Fine, we’re going to get the son of a murloc who did this, but first I need you to tell me his name so we can get him and by “the book”. If you don’t proceed carefully, you are just going to fail and get killed. The assassins that got her don’t seem to be any laughing manner from one look at how they attacked that cutie pie, and you want to actually do some avenging than just blindly rush to your death don’t ya?”

    Agent Vanseph sighed “Fine, milord, the one who bought the deed before was the head of the Lescovar, Gregor Lescovar.”

    “That just makes it 100% harder…” Mathias sighed. “Damned nobles!” He then noticed Tony Romano, a noble who worked for SI: 7 staring at him as he overheard his last words. Mathias smiled at him as he waved. “We still love you at SI: 7, Tony.” and then Mathias continued conversing with Agent Vanseph.

    “I don’t care about that bastard, I want the assassin that did this.”

    “Calm down, first things first, if we are true with our little speculation, then Lescovar was the one who ordered the assassination. If you want the assassin, bringing down Lescovar is the most effective way to get to him.”

    “Alright, milord.”

    Mathias gave a quick look around, Archbishop Benedictus was talking to one of the priestess that had just come out of the infirmary, and no one was near them. “Look, you are going to put yourself in debt with me for years to come with what I’m about to do.” Mathias talked in a low tone, pointing at him as they talked with their backs turned to the people nearby. “You know where the Trias’ Cheese is?”

    “This isn’t time for cheese, Mathias!” yelled Sloan McCoy surprising the two from behind.

    “Don’t eavesdrop on us, woman!” Mathias yelled at her. “Seriously, can’t my rogues let me speak without dropping by? Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Trias’ Cheese. It might sound strange at first but…” he looked around again, McCoy no longer eavesdropping on their conversation and the archbishop still locked in conversation with the priestess. “.. there’s someone there that can help us. Look up the master of cheese, tell him you want to do Lescovar in. Most likely if you bring down Lescovar, the assassin that did this to her will come tumbling down with him, that’s your chance to get him” He then patted Agent Vanseph in is shoulders, as if telling him to go. The rogue ran as fast as he could toward the Trade District with anger inside his mind, while the commotion at the Cathedral still raged at full force, the doors of the infirmary still remaining closed with the exception of priestess coming out now and then to fetch for something.

    Agent Vanseph didn’t had time to spare, he knew that if he wanted to follow Mathias advice of getting Lescovar, he would have to be quick on his legs. The man ran and ran, passing by the Cathedral Square quickly, making his way to the Trade Distric, and running straight to the food commerce area. In mere minutes, he was standing in front of Trias’ Cheese. The man, a little out of breath, when inside the store, a few people buying were happily waiting in line to buy some cheese. Inside the store, a young man approached the agent, greeting him and asking him if he desired to purchase any kind of cheese.

    “I’m looking for the “Master of Cheese”. I need to speak with him.” Said Agent Vanseph as he panted, catching his breath.

    “Why would you need to speak with my father?” And as he asked the question, Agent Vanseph took out his SI: 7 insignia, this causing the young man to go up the stairs calling his father. After a short while later, the young man came down and asked the agent to head over to the second floor, where “Master of Cheese” Elling Trias was.

    “What do you want from me?” The man sternly spoke as Agent Vanseph arrived upstairs.

    “I’m here to request your aid, my master Mathias Shaw sent me here.”

    “……You're kidding? Shaw wants my help again? Of all the nerve...” He crossed his arms, as if unwilling to help. “Speak!”

    “I need your aid in bringing down Gregor Lescovar.”

    “Gregor Lescovar , you say? Well, you're certainly the bearer of wonderful news, aren't you? Next you're going to tell me that Deathwing is still alive and attacking the city.”

    “This is not time for sarcasm!”

    “Fine, tell me everything from the beginning. And don't leave out something you think might not be important. I need to know it all.”

    Agent Vanseph then proceeded to explain to him about the situation that had befallen Elizabeth with her farm, the recovery of the deed, and then her attack. He also mentioned what he believed to be the motive of the attack and a vague description of the attackers.

    “Hmm, an interesting tale, and not one to be taken lightly. Yeah, I can help you, but what you need to do is divvy out a form of justice that's not... legal, if you're to see this through to the end.” He then paused, thinking for a moment. “If you want to take down that Lescovar, you’ll need to be deal with him dirty, and swiftly. Do you think you're capable of such a thing?” He then looked at Agent Vanseph, then taking back his question. “Of course you are capable of, you’re an assassin.. whatever, you decide. If you wish to continue with this, then make haste to the castle and find an old friend of mine, a gnome named Tyrion. He's been watching Lescovar now for a couple weeks. He should be able to help you end this, you should find him around the great garden the keep has. Now go, your presence in my shop is unwelcomed, you’re scaring the customers.”

    In a few minutes, Agent Vanseph had made his way over to Stormwind Keep. At the door some guards stopped him, him showing his SI: 7 insignia did little to help, for the guards didn’t allow him inside. Thinking of a way to go in, the man walked around in front of the keep for a while, the guards keeping an eye on him. He then walked a little away from their sight, looking down bellow the canals, and saw a big sewer rat swimming in the canal, trying to get out away from what seemed to be a crocolisk. The rogue grabbed the rat and pulled it out of the canal. When he did, the giant crocolisk’s maw came out of the water trying to snap at the sewer rat, missing by a few inches. As the crocolisk submerged again, the water it displaced alerted the keep guards, who approached Agent Vanseph asking just what the hell had happened. After he pointed at the Crocolisk, the two guards were struck dumb folded as they saw at the bottom of the canals what seemed to be the rumored Sewer Beast. While the two guards stared at the crocolisk, Agent Vanseph took his opportunity to sprint inside the keep unnoticed. As he reached the halls that when toward the inside garden, he started walking casually as to not draw the attention of any guard. Once inside the area, he noticed a gnome standing behind some bushes, thinking he was who the master of cheese had referred him to, he approached him.

    “What the...?! Don't sneak up on me like that! And keep your voice down! What in the name of the Shadow are you doing sneakin' up on me for? Can't you see I'm busy, you daft fool?”

    “Just what the hell are you doing in these bushes anyway?”

    “What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm waiting for the next Dark Portal to open, what the heck do you think I'm doing? Speak your peace and be off with you... 'fore the guards notice the two of us hiding in the bushes together. I have a reputation to maintain.”

    Agent Vanseph let out a sigh, he wasn’t very fond with working with other rogues, but right now he would need the help. “I was sent here by Elling Trias because he told me you could help me out with Lescovar.”

    “Trias wants the timetable pushed up some, huh? Okay, we can do that, but I'm not ready. And know this, I'm doing the hard part, but you're the one that's going to get his hands dirty, understand?”

    The rogue nodded as he longed to pierce the assassin that attacked Elizabeth and the man behind it.

    “Good! Okay, I'll need you to get me a few things before I can put my plan into effect. I got the perfect disguise that'll get Spybot past those guards.” And the gnome pointed toward the guards who were posted at the door of the library. “Bring me some silk and a couple apples. The silk's up to you, but Clara's little farm right outside the city has the perfect sized apples. Only her apples will work! And make sure to bring the biggest ones!”

    “Only her…. Apples? Why would you need apples for?”

    “None of your business, just go!”

    The rogue was a little confused why the gnome would request such items to be brought back to him, but none the less he headed out quick toward the trade district looking for silk, passing by the two guards that were still staring at the giant crocolisk in the canal. Not knowing just how much silk the little gnome needed, he took a few rolls from a tailor shop, and then quickly headed over to get the apples the gnome so much wanted. Outside of Stormwind he noticed on the side of the road a small house. He neared it and saw no one inside, except a bowl full of apples, he took three of the biggest apples and ran back toward the Stormwind Keep. As he approached the keep though, the two guards had regained their post again, not knowing what exactly to do to divert the attention of the two away from him. He remembered he still had the rat he had saved from the crocolisk a while back with him, and a woman passing by the guards gave him an idea. The man threw the rat toward the woman, landing on her hair. Once she noticed it, she began yelling out loud and running like a maniac. So crazy was the woman and scared by the rat on her hair, she ran passed the guards quickly into the keep, the two going behind her to stop her. Again with another diversion, the rogue sneaked in and walked toward the inside garden, delivering the goods he had collected to the gnome.

    “These will do very nicely!” the gnome picked two of the biggest apples Agent Vanseph brought, as if weighting them in his arm. “Now, the rest of the gear I’ll need is in my pack, I’ll be taking that other apple too.” And he took a bite from the last apple. “I was starting to get hungry here! Anyway, rogue, meet Spybot, he’ll be the lure for today’s catch!”

    Agent Vanseph stared at the miniature robot for a moment. “How is that hunk of metal going to aid us?”

    “Oh ho ho! You’ll see!” The gnome then started to work with the spare gear parts he had on his bag and the items the agent had brought him. After a few minutes, the machine was more than 5’2” (that’s around 157 cm) tall, he then lowered it down to his size and dressed it up with the silk, and then placed the apples on the chest, the agent finally realizing what the apples were for. “It’s completed!”

    Once the machine stood up, Vanseph gave a look at it, her face obviously being a big sign that it was a machine under guise. “I don’t think with a metallic face like that anyone will be fooled…”

    “Nonsense! I’ll work. Spybot, you know what to do!”

    “By your command!” and so the Spybot began awkwardly walking out of the bushes and toward the guards, playing a prerecording as it arrived in front of the guards, who seemed to not be paying attention to the robot’s face. “Good day to you both. I would speak to Lord Lescovar.”

    “Of course. He awaits you in the library.” The two guards said simultaneously.

    “Thank you. The Light be with you both.” The robot began to walk again just as awkwardly as it did before into the room. The two royal guards asking each other who that gorgeous woman was.

    Agent Vanseph’s jaw dropped as he saw how inept the two guards were and just how easily they were fooled by a set of big apples. “See, I told ya it would work, now get down here, we can’t be seen until the time is right.”

    “What do you mean? I want to get him as soon as he get out!”

    “No you idiot, we got to frame him, I haven’t been here for weeks tailing that guy for nothing, there’s both Defias and Twilight Hammer connections that must be done to him, at least wait until we can confirm one of the two!” The gnome then took out from his pocket a strange device, he then talked to it and pressed a button, the device producing the exact thing he had said. It appeared that he wanted to record Lescovar.

    In a few minutes, Lord Gregor Lescovar came out of the Library, just like the gnome predicted he would. He stepped into the garden without perceiving the presence of both Agent Vanseph and the Gnome.

    “Guards! It’s time for my meditation, leave me.” He exclaimed.

    “Yes, sir!” and the two guards walked away. As soon as the two were out of sight, Lord Gregor took out a type of whistle, and blew it. After a few minutes of waiting a man appearing which Agent Vanseph recognized from the attack.

    “I hope you have done what I requested you to do… “Marzon”, I’ve spent too much money on that property and I’m not going to let it land on the hands of a dirty commoner.”

    “We did what you ordered earlier today at around 2:00 p.m., I’ve been hiding trying to cool off anyone off my track, I think someone noticed a bit too early thanks to that bitch yelling out.” He then took out the container he had pilfered from Elizabeth earlier after attacking her, and handed it to Lord Gregor.

    “Isn’t that enough to do him in?!” Agent Vanseph whispered to the Gnome, him simply bonking him on the head so his voice wouldn’t interfere with his recordings.

    Lord Gregor took the container, taking the cap off slowly. “Good, good.” He then drew out the papers contained within, reading them through, taking a deep breath as his anger built. “Marzon…. Did you even….. CHECKED THE DAMNED CONTAINER BEFORE TAKING IT!?” he snapped back at the assassin, throwing the papers back to him. “These aren’t the deeds of the land, these are some maps of the Stormwind canals and the Keep.” He then started to take deep breathes as he paced around in circles. “I need that land under my possession, I’m not planning on staying in this blasted city while Vancleff does what he wishes with it! I’ve supported the blasted brotherhood far too much to be caught in league with them! I’ve been working for years to get a small farmland emptied, so I could move in there quietly without someone suspecting anything!”

    “But sir… we left the woman to her death, surely you could just repurchase it with the refund you got!”

    “SILENCE, YOU IDIOT! With the farm house I built on it, the cost of that land will sky rocket! The whole reason I ordered the house in the property burned before buying it was so the land would be sold cheap, now I’ll have to pay for the land AND for the house that’s inside it! I can’t afford that!”

    “I think we got all we need with that” whispered the gnome as he turned off his recording unit, giving green light for Agent Vanseph to go wild. Just as the man drew his two daggers though, a voice from down the hall from the entrance of the keep echoed through to the garden.

    “Lescovar! The blood you shed today comes to claim retribution!”

    “Who is that guy!?” Both Gregor and Marzon the Silent Blade looked toward the door. Duthorian Rall the Paladin stood there with a small blade on his hand. He appeared to be holding the weapon he had given Elizabeth so much time ago, and seemed to be consumed by rage as he walked into the scene.

    Agent Vanseph seeing an opportunity as the enraged paladin ran toward Lescovar, lunged the Assassin as he attempted to run away, slamming both of his daggers up his torso, spinning them around to cause as much pain with as little serious damage as he could. Duthorian on the other hand slashed away as Lescovar began to cry for the guards to come and help. The fight was a one sided blood bath, as both men let their rage out on their respective targets without remorse. Agent Vanseph punctured the assassin several times in very specific areas of the body he had been taught to produce the most pain. Duthorian on the other hand slashed off some of the fingers of Lescovar first as he angrily assaulted him, eventually grabbing him by an arm and cutting off his hand from the writs, screaming the sins he was paying for and yelling at him words like murderer, liar and traitor.

    The Royal Guard arrived a little tad short to aid the noble, as Duthorian have had his way with him, Gregor almost unrecognizable. The gnome rogue, who had decided to also record the audio of the fight quickly stopped the guards explaining the whole situation and even presenting audio of the previous talk of Lescovar as evidence of what had occurred. Once the guards had heard the audio, they felt little to no pity with their now ex superior, kicking the almost dead body of the man lying on the floor. As for Agent Vanseph and the body of Marzon, both were nowhere to be found, even the gnome had no idea of what had happened to the two of them.

    END Entry 7

    *Notes: Finished at last! sigh. Also please comment :c!!!!!!!!!!
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Today's update might come up "today"... though I doubt there's people F5ing waiting for it anyway...
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mistress Elizabeth
    though I doubt there's people F5ing waiting for it anyway...

    (vigorously f5's)

    I love it
    Thanks Drael

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Started reading it today and I do like the story so far, I'm now "walking" towards Gold Shire, so I still have a lot left to read

    But please keep writing, it is alot to read afteral and I guess a lot of people start reading it and then forget the time (like I just did) because they keep on reading to know what's going to happen next. Therefor they can't reply, as they have to get back to work/bed or anything they wanted to do in the first place :P .

    So it is a good story, keep up the work as it's really well written and a pleasure to read

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Keep on going ;D

    I will compile this into a story, maybe even publish? (No, not like, money, but, a book.)

    This certainly has 'Rohnin Diaries' potential.
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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 8: You Must Construct Additional Proof!

    “Hey, slow down there!” were the first words Elizabeth heard spoken after being for a few days under the care of the cathedral infirmary after her assassination attempt partially succeeding. The woman woke up uneasy; remembering the last thing she saw was an assassin taking away what she thought to be the container with her deed. The Doctor helped her up, placing extra pillows so she could sit back on them. “Now don’t move too much, you have to let your body regain its strength first.”

    “What… happened….” Slowly said the woman as it seemed she was under the effect of pain killers.

    “You should be asking what didn’t happen, young woman!” Doctor Shaina Fuller sad beside her on a small stool. “You have no idea what has been happening in Stormwind for the past days because of you.”

    “What… did I do?” some drool came out of her mouth.

    “Oh, look at you” the woman cleaned Elizabeth’s mouth. “Now little angle, you didn’t do anything, it’s a little… complicated. I don’t think you want to hear a woman ramble as she tries to explain everything that has happened…”

    “Can’t go anywhere….. Anyway…..”

    “Alright, if you insist, where do I start….” And the woman began to tell Elizabeth about what had occurred.

    It was very late, yet Stormwind Keep was having an unusual activity, both Bolvar Fordragon and Lady Prestor had heard of the fighting that had happened inside the castle, the two at the throne room waiting for an explanation, the room being full of royal guards all around as the castle’s guard was on high alert.

    “What is the meaning of all the racket in the keep?!” shrieked Katrana Prestor in anger as the royal guard who brought Lescovar arrived. Gregor Lescovar had been tied and was thrown in front of the two, the man still alive but looked like he had been attacked by a fearsome beast in rage. When Katrana laid her eyes on him, her mind was filled with concern, thinking she might have been discovered.

    “Guards, explain why you bring before us the noble Gregor Lescovar, not only tied but also….” Began to speak Bolvar “…heavily injure. Bring the crown medic!” he gave the order quickly. One of the royal soldiers that had brought the prisoner kneeled down.

    “Sir, this man no longer deserves to be called a noble! He was caught making dealings with enemies of Stormwind!”
    “Enemies of Stormwind?” The highlord inquired for more information.

    “It’s all a lie!! A LIE!! Protect me, Highlord, there’s a mad man who wants to kill me!” Gregor Lescovar began to cry to Bolvar.

    “Release him; these men come with no proof of such claim!” Katrana Prestor angrily demanded, but as the guards approached the man, Tyrion came out from between the crowd, with his recorder high up in the air. “I have the proof right here!” and the gnome proceeded to press the replay button.

    In the recording, the clear voice of Lord Gregor could be heard. “I’ve supported the blasted brotherhood far too much to be caught in league with them!” The gnome then stopped the recorded message from playing. “How about you keep that traitor tied down?”

    Lady Katrana Prestor was struck hard by the evidence presented, yet she was cunning, and began asking questions. “How can we trust this recording you so much claim to be “proof” of a NOBLE being a traitor!?”

    “Uhm…… well I….” the gnome started to stutter as he didn’t knew what to say.

    “Ha! So much for your little proof!” she grinds malevolently.

    “But it’s his voice! His own voice said it!” the gnome refuted.

    “It’s no proof for me, gnome!”

    “Well then, what about his assass…” but then the gnome remembered Agent Vanseph was nowhere to be found with the assassin, having lost him in the confusion that Duthorian Rall caused as he assaulted Gregor.

    “You have nothing else to say than stutter and mumble!? I have no time for all of this!”

    The gnome was in a tight spot, he couldn’t believe that even with a recording of Gregor mentioning ties with the Defias, it was not enough to get passed the dreaded Lady Katrana Prestor, who brushed off any claim with her so over used “Not enough proof.” response. The scene did indeed look grim, but soon into it arrived Mathias Shaw, who had heard everything from the recording up to Lady Katrana talking back to the gnome.

    “Your majesty, maybe I can put this disarray in order?”

    The Katrana looked at Mathias with anger, as she knew just how cunning the man was, wanting to keep clear away from his snooping around. “I find it hard to believe!”

    “Proceed then with your proof, Shaw.” Requested Bolvar.

    “Thank you, highlord. I’ll try to be as brief as I can.” He paced around for a few seconds, making Katrana grow impatient before he spoke. “Earlier today there’s was an attempt at murder at Old Town. I believe both are informed about it, being the area so close to the keep.”

    “Yes, Shaw, I was informed, though I don’t know the details well.” Responded Bolvar, Katrana didn’t respond.

    “Well, it so happens that I took a little… “liberty” in investigating the crime. And I found something very… peculiar. The victim had been stolen a certain… container. Now” then Mathias drew out one container showing them around. “One of these was the container that was found in the scene of his apprehension, mind you all, STILL on his grasp.” And he pointed at Lescovar.

    “You don’t have proof that I had my hands on anything!” he yelled.

    “Right! What proof do you have over this claim, Shaw? How can I believe that his grasp was still on it?” Katrana questioned the so called proof Mathias showed.

    “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, but the thing is, this container that I’m holding now isn’t the one he had, he had another one!” he then drew out a bundle of cloth and uncovered, in it there was the container Lescovar had held with his cut hand still attached to it. Everyone let out a gasp of surprise as they saw it.

    “As you can see, Lord Gregor…. This is your missing hand, it even has your seal ring, the one all nobles usually carry with them. I believe that should be enough to proof that he indeed had it with him.”

    Lescovar remained quiet as he saw his own hand betray him.

    “I still don’t see the offense he caused that would warrant having his hand cut off and his person tied up like a low thief! How can you explain that this so called container is the same you claim to have been taken from someone? Let alone a motive for taking it?”

    “Oh that’s very simple! You see, a normal container would had been impossible to tell apart from any other container… but that’s exactly the thing, the container found, literally in the hand of Lescovar…” and he showed the container Lescovar had held. “…was actually an official SI: 7 container! Now, the SI: 7 container looks like an average one would, but if you give it a careful look on the bottom and bellow its cap, you will notice that it has a mark that identifies it as property of SI: 7.” He then approached Bolvar and handed the container without the hand for him to examine it. “Why was Lord Gregor Lescovar, a noble that has no ties at all with SI: 7, with a container that’s property of SI: 7? Especially, a container that had been swapped in SI: 7 by mistake with this other container…” he then showed the deed container. “…that had previously been in the grasp of said woman who had been assaulted earlier today.” He then paused for a moment looking at Katrana, whose face filled with anger as she couldn’t think of anything aside her classic claim of no proof.

    “Of course there’s the problem of why steal it right? Well, the container that had been swapped, which I have right here, has inside something very interesting of its own.” Mathias then opened it and drew out Elizabeth’s deed. “This is a deed of land. At first it’s not obvious why this item has relevance, but after finding out that this man here had bought this land when it hit the Town Hall’s open auctions, then made a building in it, and later lost all of that due to the fact an owner had shown up claiming the land was rightfully hers, you may understand the motive.” He then tucked away the deed in the container. “He wants the land back! But since the owner had no interest in parting with the land, Lescovar resorted to attempt killing her, destroy the new deed and then worm his way into grasp of the property again!”

    “That’s a lie! I would never do that, I’m a noble!” cried Lord Gregor Lescovar, but he was soon silenced by a conversation coming from Tyrion’s device.

    “But sir… we left the woman to her death, surely you could just repurchase it with the refund you got!”

    “SILENCE, YOU IDIOT! With the farm house I built on it, the cost of that land will sky rocket! The whole reason I ordered the house in the property burned before buying it was so the land would be sold cheap, now I’ll have to pay for the land AND for the house that’s inside it!”

    “I’m sorry, “Lord” Gregor, but wasn’t that now your voice admitting it?”

    “Alright this has gone far long enough.” Let out Bolvar. Katrana Prestor was furious; she didn’t say anything as she left the room in anger. Bolvar, ignoring her, continued “You are very aware of the consequences of being a traitor to the city of Stormwind, don’t you?”

    “No please, have mercy!”

    “Take this man away from my sight, and get someone to clean up the royal chambers, I don’t want to see his blood tarnishing the floors of our beloved keep.” Bolvar gave the order, and quickly Royal guards dragged Lescovar out of the royal chamber as he left.

    “What about…. The guy that assaulted him…” a guard said in a low tone, Mathias being the only one who caught an ear on it. Mathias then threw out a copper coin on the floor. “Oh look a copper on the floor!” and he patted the soldier on the back “You should pick that up!” and then whispered “and keep your mouth shut.” The guard looked at him with a face that said the bribe wasn’t enough. “Fine!” He then took ten gold coins and put it on the man’s glove. “Happy?” and as the soldier when away without uttering a word, Mathias sighed “The things I do for my men…”

    “After everything was over at the Stormwind keep, Mathias returned with Duthorian over here to the Cathedral soon after, he didn’t stay long though, because it was really late at night.” The doctor finished retelling some of the events that had occurred, pausing as she looked at the woman, who seemed tired.

    “I….can’t believe I’ve been… worrying people so much….” The woman was still evidently under the effects of medicine and still couldn’t talk well, her eyes lazy in movement.

    “I think you should get to sleep….”

    “I don’t want….. to….. tell me more.”

    “Alright...” and she continued on talking with her.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    From here on I will have problems updating this every day, due to having other stuff to do.

    Unlike a great majority of people, I still haven't officially ended my college classes due to the fact it's currently under a strike and no one is allowed inside campus. But even though I havent been taking classes in almost a month, professors this week send work so I'll be stuck reading two chapters for each class and studying math =_=.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Once everything had been resolved over at the Stormwind Keep, Mathias finally could return to SI: 7. As the leader returned, fellow rogues awaited him on the first floor.

    “Mathias, you should go down there and stop him… he’s been at it since you left for the Keep…” Sloan McCoy begged Mathias as she caught glimpse of him from the door.

    “I’m not sure if I even want to go down there myself…” said Mathias as he heard sounds come from down the basement floor.

    “Well I know I’M not going to do any clean up for him down there....” commented Doc Mixilpixil, the rogue’s house doctor. “I’m starting to believe he’s enjoying himself.”

    “Fine, you lazy cowards!” Mathias then leaned near the stairs toward the basement, standing on them for almost a full minute looking down.

    “Well what are you waiting for?!” All the rogues present yelled at him.

    He then walked down incredibly slowly, progressively being able to see more and more of the scene down stairs. Marzon the Silent Blade was strapped on to a contraption against the wall from all his limbs. Agent Vanseph was right in front of him hitting the man repetitively with a long, thick leather strap that was dripping with blood, gasping deeply as he took in his breath while continuing.

    Apparently Marzon, although a big bloody mess, was still alive and he, unbelievably, was insulting Agent Vanseph as if wanting more beating. “Pansy, you call this a beating!?”

    Mathias approached the agent, putting his hand over his shoulder “Stop it already, you know he’s provoking you.” But Agent Vanseph continued, he didn’t cared, the rage he had fueled him.

    “You are just some rookie rogue, I’m here just because you got lucky!”

    “Just stop, this is meaningless…”

    “Continue on, you can’t hurt me with that pansy torture of yours!”

    “Agent.... Stop it now.”

    “If you were a real man you would have…” but he was quickly silenced by Mathias, driving his knee deep into his guts, the man threw up as he finally remained silent for a moment. Mathias then grabbed Agent Vanseph’s arms and took the whip away.

    “That’s enough, or do you want me to knock you out like I did to him as well?” Agent Vanseph remained silent. “He didn’t give us any proof before, when our interrogators worked on him, he won’t give you anything now either.”

    “I don’t want information!”

    “Well then, even if you did want to simply torture him for the hell of it, you failed at it. Not only that, but it isn’t your job to do so, you are in this organization to acquire information and only that. No one in this organization has any job description in which they are to satisfy their blood thirst with neither the knowledge nor the power we give them!” He then grabbed the man by his leather chest. “I let you have your way today, agent, I even did business with someone I try myself to stay away from, so you better behave like a good boy from now on, or I’ma have to give you a good beating again! And you know better than anyone you can’t win. Now get up stairs, into your quarters, and don’t let me catch a glimpse of you in the basement while he’s here.”

    Mathias let go of the agent, which walked out of the basement without a word. “You both look like a nice couple, ha ha ha!” said Marzon, then being smashed in the face with one swift punch from Mathias. “No one asked you!” And continued out of the basement quietly to finally get his rest.

    Morning quickly broke out, but SI: 7 remained close for the majority of it until someone came knocking on the door, almost wanting to bring it down. “Come on, let me in already! Blasted fools, always sleeping for so long!” The door suddenly opened, a half asleep Sloan McCoy greeting the man at the door.

    “Why are you knocking so hard in the morning?!” she yawned and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

    “Morning? It’s passed noon already!”

    “Oh shush, it’s morning for me, what do you want anyway.” She said a little grumpy.

    “Sloan, are you still asleep?” said the man.

    “Hey, aren’t you one of the rogues Mathias sent to Gryan! Aren’t you supposed to be in Westfall?”

    “I can’t stay there if I’m done with what I had to do! That’s the whole reason why I’m here, to report!”

    McCoy remained silent and closed the door in the face of the rogue. “Someone’s at the door looking for… I don’t know what.” and with that she when back to bed. The rogue vaguely heard what she said from inside, and began to knock again in hopes someone again would open up the door. This time, Renzik “The Shiv” came up to the door.

    “What do you want, speak quickly, no I don’t want any of your knives for sale. I already have enough.”

    “But I’m not a knife salesman…”

    “Too late, you used up too much of my time, good bye.” And he closed the door in the face of the rogue without allowing the rogue to say anything else.” He began knocking the door yet again. This time Jasper Fel opening it. Jasper remained silent staring at the rogue at the door for a few seconds before the rogue finally spoke.

    “About time you open up, let me in already, I got a report to deliver!”

    “If you’ve been waiting so much out here and in a hurry, why did you called me up here to open the door when you could have simply bothered to pick the lock yourself?” and with that Jasper Fel slammed the door yet again in the face of the rogue. The rogue then sighed as he took out his thieve tools and began working on the lock, in a few minutes after a couple of failed attempts, it opened, though not by his picking, but by Mathias Shaw unlocking it from inside.

    “About time you woke up!”

    “I can feel my locks being picked and people failing at them from miles away, you need practice!”

    The rogue remained silent, but then he just gave Mathias what he was here for to get it done with already. “What’s this? A love letter? From who’s this? Also aren’t you supposed to be in Westfall helping Gryan?” the rogue sighed as he asked him. “I’m here because it’s over, I’m handing my report!” Mathias looked at the papers and finally realized they are mission reports, quickly opening it.

    “I see…” He then folded the whole thing and saluted the rogue. “Good job, agent!”

    “Can I go now? I’ve been here for quite long”

    “Not so quick, you got to explain all the scribbles you wrote in this, it’s almost illegible!” and he handed the report back to the rogue, ordering him to read it aloud. The rogue’s hand writing was a complete mess, though he seemed to be able to read it fairly easy none the less.

    “We arrived at Sentinel Hill and quickly reported to Gryan Stoutmantle. As we arrived he quickly let us in on the situation, apparently they had managed to find the Defias hideout quickly. The people’s militia had been sent to secure a road into the Deadmines, which was were Edwin himself was hiding. Due to the need of the Militia’s presence outside in Moonbrook and in the mines, they didn’t have men to afford. Gryan had a “great” idea. He posted up a bulleting recruiting people that could fight into the mines. As many as 27 people signed up and were directed over to the mines… At first they looked like hardy adventurers that would make it through the whole thing, but then the standards of people accepted dropped greatly… The entrance of the mine was chaotic with so many people in there. Gryan decided it was best to send the “heroes” he had recruited in waves of 5.”

    The rogue then paused. “Do I really have to keep reading this? I’m really not in the mood of retelling all the things that happened down there…”


    “Sigh, fine!” and the rogue continued reading his bad handwriting to Mathias. “The first few groups sent in were all horribly killed, they lacked basic knowledge of how to infiltrate into a stronghold, I think some of them didn’t even knew what they were doing… or had never in their life actually killed someone… They were getting overwhelmed quickly and killed. At least some of them made progress deep inside. Death after death, Gryan kept on ordering people to go in, some of them oblivious of what had happened to the other groups and charging in recklessly, others backing out and running away. In the end, I was left behind with 4 of his so called heroes. I had traveled to Westfall with other members of SI: 7, but with all of them except me working outside with scouting missions to keep the outpost right outside VanCleff’s hide out safe and sound, I was the only one who could go into the mine.”

    “I entered the mine in a group. At least they knew a little about what was going on, they at least paid attention to what the other groups had done wrong, and progressed smoothly. Inside I could see that VanCleff had a huge deal of workers mining as much ore as they could. They also had allied themselves with goblins, who were working on the smelting of metals. Once deep inside we found a reinforced door. One of the group members suggested blasting the door open with a cannon we found in the vicinity. Even though I suggested not to because it would alert who was inside, they still fired it and brought down the door. After that it was fighting all the way through some piers and into what VanCleff had been building down bellow the mines… We fought one of VanCleff minion at the…”

    “Wait wait wait, what was VanCleff building?”
    “Oh right, he was building a giant boat!”

    “A… boat? That’s all?”

    “Well, milord, just calling it a boat is not doing it justice… it was more of a juggernaut fitted with cannons all over, and it was built out of steel.”

    “I see… continue on.”

    “Well then, we climbed up to the ship’s hull, and fought our way up to the deck, on which we found VanCleff. He began talking, trying to get out men into their ranks, but that didn’t work, our guys just wanted to fight him. Once he was killed, the so called great soldiers turned into….”

    “Into what? Demons?”

    “No sir.. It’s just that I don’t have words to describe them... they began pilfering the corpse of VanCleff… I can’t believe how mercenaries treat the body of the dead. They took his shirt, his cape and armor, even the weapons he had. Then they beheaded his corpse, and finally they fought between each other for a sealed letter they found in his person…. I don’t want to work with mercenaries again…. So called “heroes” they are… ”

    “Well, it is to be expected of a band of random people… though I would like you to tell me what happened to that sealed letter they fond. I’m guessing you didn’t get to read it eh?”

    “No sir, I tried to persuade them into giving it to me, but they said I lost the roll or something like that…”

    “I’ll have to talk to Gryan about it later, it could be something important. Well, then, a job well done, you are dismissed!”

    “And that’s what happened to the Defias Brotherhood. When Mathias came over to tell the Archbishop, he also said something about Edwin’s head being mounted on a pike at the hill… I agree that the Brotherhood was dangerous and most likely his leader as well but… I don’t agree with the way they treated him…” the doctor finished with telling her tale.

    After the doctor was over, from the door came Duthorian Rall. His eyes filled with joy as he saw Elizabeth awake. “Oh, thank the light, you’re finally awaken Elizabeth!” he then hurried near the bed and pulled a stool to sit down beside her. “I was worried that you might never awaken.”

    “Well, I should get going to see other patients, I’ll leave you with her Duthorian, but you better not try anything funny, I’m watching you!”

    “What could I possibly try…?”

    “Anything like moving her from bed is completely prohibited, especially since she’s still on analgesics… and also I know you very well.” She stared at the bouquet of roses he brought, then moving on to check the other patients. Duthorian put the roses on a small jar right beside her bed, and then sighed.

    “I’m really relieved you are ok, I thought you were a goner when I saw you a while back.” He then clasped his hands together while looking down to the floor. “I see that Doctor Fuller was talking to you about the events that have transpired in the past couple of days, eh?”

    “…She told me… some… what she heard happen in the keep… and then told me something about… about Mathias talking to the archbishop.”

    “Did she mention anything about what I did?”

    “….No… what do you mean….?”

    “Well… I’m not very proud of it myself… I was even demoted by the archbishop and discipline because of what happened three days ago, though I think I got out of it very well.”

    “…What did you… do?”

    Duthorian remained silent; he seemed to not want to speak to her about it. “Was it… because of me?” she asked him, her eyes still a little lazy looking at the man.

    “No, it has nothing to do about you. It wasn’t your fault what I did.” As he said this, Duthorian stood up, facing away from the woman. “You have… no fault over my errors.”

    Elizabeth dragged herself near the edge of bed trying to grab him so he wouldn’t leave, almost falling off bed. Duthorian saw her and quickly grabbed her before she managed to hurt herself, placing her back in bed and covering her up with the bed sheet. “Don’t go, Rall…”

    “I’m not leaving anywhere, Elizabeth…”

    “Then… tell me… please?”

    Duthorian sighed and sat back at her side “I’m a failure as a paladin, Elizabeth. I left my rage consume me. I didn’t know what had happened to you until almost night time, when I came to the cathedral from town. The archbishop didn’t want to let me near you after I found out; all I could do was look at you in this bed almost dead with the doctor and the priestess trying to save your life… Shaw explained to me everything because the Archbishop didn’t. Once he told me he believed Lescovar to behind it, I just… I just took your sword and charged into the keep, and…” And he remained silent after that.

    Elizabeth moved her arm slowly toward his, laying her hand on his. “I’m sorry…”

    “No, Elizabeth, I’m the one who should be sorry. Now I’m just glad you are fine.”

    “All I… I want to do… is get back to my studies… with you.” She weakly smiled.

    “I’m sorry, but that will not happen. The Archbishop made sure to discipline me well because of my recklessness. He’s going to send me over to Westfall to aid the people in rebuilding. He might not want to admit it, but I know he just wants to keep me away from you as punishment.”

    “Isn’t there any… anything I can do to change that?”

    “No, you don’t have to worry about me, I deserve this. Besides, I can’t keep you under tutor after you become a paladin yourself.”


    “Yes, the Archbishop was so concerned with your life… well, who wasn’t anyway? Your live was constantly coming back and forth from death’s door. He said that if you were to die, he’d rather have you go as a paladin, so he arranged a quick ceremony two days ago and officially inscribed you as a paladin of the Cathedral of Light.”

    “Well.. that’s great… but I’m still sad… for you.”

    “Like I said, Elizabeth, don’t worry about me, I deserve it.”

    “Alright… you know… I wonder how I … managed to survive.”

    “Well, that’s something I can explain!” and the two startled, looked at Doctor Shaina Fuller, who had returned quietly back from checking the other patients. “You see…” she began, putting her hand right in the middle of her chest. “Normally, the heart is right here” she moved her hand a little to the left. “You have your heart right here.” She then moved her hands toward the right. “You got to give thanks to your mother for that and to the fact the assassins were “accurate” in assaulting you directly in the spot your heart isn’t at.”

    After the doctor’s explanation, she continued on to the outside, Duthorian took the opportunity that they were alone and began talking with Elizabeth again. “Now let’s see…” He then took out a small object from his pocket. “The reason I was at town the day you got here was because of this.” He then showed Elizabeth a beautiful necklace made out of silver, with a piece of the huge shadowgem Duthorian once had, encrusted on a piece of silver held by the necklace. “I really didn’t want to keep this gem we found at the Jasperlode mine so long ago, so I decided to have it put on something for you, I wanted to give it you on the day you’d become a paladin, but things didn’t go like I thought they would, reason why I’m giving it to you now.” He then stood up, opening it and putting it on Elizabeth’s neck, letting the stone rest on her chest. “I hope it’s not too heavy and of your liking.”

    She looked at it, admiring the great work it had been done to produce such beauty. Even though the necklace was very valuable, to Elizabeth all that mattered was all the emotional meaning behind it. After admiring the stone for a few seconds, Elizabeth asked Duthorian to get a little near. The paladin felt his heartbeats accelerate quickly as he leaned closer, Elizabeth simply whispering to his ears….

    “I’m a little shy to say this but…. I’m a bit hungry….”

    The paladin, flustered a little, stood up again and gave a laugh as he scratched the back of his head. “Oh sure, I’ll see to it you get something to eat!”

    END Entry 8
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Epic story is epic
    Soviet Russia was merely a setback!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Quote Originally Posted by Relys Sunwalker
    Epic story is epic
    Thank you, I'll post Entry 9 when I stop going back on it and rewriting it again *sigh*.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Aww, i'm sure it's just fine.

    Anyhow, more vigorous f5ing. Thanks for the great tale!
    Thanks Drael

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 9: Domestic Danger

    “Harold….. Harold….. Are you in here?” a female voice called, echoing on the wind, nothing could be seen except for white space all around.

    “Harold….. Harold….. Don’t hide from me.” Continued the voice without showing itself.

    “Harold….. Harold….. I’ve been looking for you for days, for weeks, for months, for years!” The voice continued, with a sad tone.

    “Harold….. Harold….. I’m sorry, please forgive me.” And the voice began to cry.

    “Harold….. Haaaaarold…….” The voice yelled.

    “Please forgive me…. Forgive me for……”

    Elizabeth awoke in the middle of the night, for the few days she had been staying at the cathedral’s infirmary; she has had the same dream over and over again, waking up every time after it progressed just a little further. Even though she couldn’t understand what the dream meant to her, it came to her every night, as it would come and go, it would only tease her curiosity further and further.

    “Harold….. Harold….. May I come in?” Now the scenery was a familiar place in Elizabeth’s memory. It was her father’s house at his farm in Westfall. A shining white person with the figure of a woman stood at the door, Elizabeth was standing at the crop’s field on a simple white dress, looking toward the unknown woman.

    “Harold….. Harold….. Please let me in, I’ve been looking for you for so long… I’ve asked people around Harold…… they tell me they knew you when they lived….. Harold?” the light figure knocked on the door again and again.

    Elizabeth walked toward the figure, trying to grab her by the shoulder “Who are you?” the figure didn’t respond, and as Elizabeth tried to grab on her shoulder, she couldn’t grab on as her hand slipped right through the figure. Elizabeth then noticed she was floating a little over the ground and felt awfully strange. The light figure kept on knocking on the door with no respond from it. Soon she would wake up again in the middle of the night, without being able to see the dream to its fullest.

    The next day Elizabeth told the Doctor Shaina about it when she checked on her. “Hmmm, well this medication has a Mageroyal base, so it could be causing hallucinations on you and affecting your dreams as a side effect of it’s analgesic effect. If it’s bothering you so much at night, then I’ll remove it, I believe you shouldn’t need it anymore.”

    “But doctor… it felts so real…”

    “Don’t worry about the dreams; remember that it’s widely believed that your own mind just recreates events with real memories when dreaming.”


    The days passed slowly after Elizabeth’s medication had been removed. No longer needing it, her recovery was partially completed and soon accelerated as she began to walk and play with the orphans of the cathedral square, finally moving out of the infirmary for good. In the days to come, Elizabeth had freedom to continue on with her studies, spending months learning more about the light and practicing. Duthorian Rall, on the other hand, was sent out to Westfall as soon as word of VanCleff’s death spread all over Stormwind. The man worked hard helping out, but couldn’t see the end of his work any time soon. Mathias and the rogues continued on working for the better future of Stormwind, having to be present on a hearing of Lescovar, who had promised to give information of the Defias in exchange of his life. Sadly, most of the information he gave was either unimportant/irrelevant to the crown, or was information that had already been discovered by the rogues of SI: 7 and The People’s Militia on the assault of the Deadmines. Due to this, his death sentence was not pardoned, and was executed. Marzon was still locked down in the basement of SI: 7’s Headquarter until Mathias’ interest in the man dropped and ordered his execution as well. All was well in Stormwind for everyone, but soon, Elizabeth dreams would continue to show themselves again at night to her, bothering her even more.

    “Harold…. Is this your home? Please answer me if it is…..” the light figure Elizabeth had grown familiar in her dreams kept on talking to the closed door. She knocked and knocked, but no one came out. The figure then sat down on the steps and began to make sounds of crying. Elizabeth simply stood there looking at her for a few seconds and walked toward the door. As she touched it, she could feel the wood on her hand and couldn’t pass through it like most of the object she had tried to grab a hold, including the light figure that was bent on entering the home. Elizabeth’s hand came in contact with the door’s handle, and she, without noticing, turned it and the door opened. The figure noticed the door swinging open, and in an instant she soon walked into the house, Elizabeth being dragged behind her without knowing.

    “It’s so lovely…. It’s all so lovely, Harold…..” the figure danced around seemingly with joy. She looked around at everything, enjoying every single small detail she could see.

    “I’m so sorry…. I really am! You promised this all to me….. Yet I threw it away…. Oh Harold I’m sorry….” The figure talked to her self as she continued on walking through the house. It seemed no one was home at the time, thus no one came to greet.

    “Oh Harold, aren’t you here? But how? I can feel you in this home….” And with that, the figure climbed up the stairs toward the second floor, directing her self to the room Elizabeth used to know as her father’s.

    Even though the figure had trouble opening the entrance, she had no trouble opening Harold’s room. She paced around gently looking around the room. “Oh Harold, I know this is your room…. I can feel your presence in these bed sheets, in this floor, in this chair, in this….. letter…”

    Elizabeth looked at the figure as she mentioned a letter. The light figure stood in front of her, with a letter floating right in front of her. The paper had a dark purple color, with stains of dirt and strange liquids that dripped off the letter as if it was blood, slowly falling on the floor.

    “Oh Harold…. What happened to you? Where are you? You dummy…. Trying to scare me with a letter…. Oh Harold…..” The letter then turned and faced Elizabeth, clearly not being a paper in blank. Elizabeth approached it to see what it had written on it.

    As she grabbed onto it, the surroundings bent and twisted into what seemed to be a nightmare. The light figure was sitting in the floor doing nothing but crying, Elizabeth looked around the room, which appeared to be an old deteriorated house, a voice echoed through.

    “I never thought that excuse for a ghoul I created so long ago would actually bear such succulent fruits in his labor! Such a strong soul! Too bad you had to be trapped in that body of you, but the light set you free! It destroyed the body you had, making it possible for me to capture you!!! The soul is still intact and I can still use it! I’ll keep you locked in my hands at Duskwood until you can inhabit the body I’ll construct, yes…. A suitable body for you to fuel! You shall be the fuel to my embodiment of revenge; they will repay what they owe, several thousand times!”

    From nowhere, a purple light filled everything, and Elizabeth could hear cries of pain and misery, followed by a quick flash of a gruesome creature she couldn’t identify. With that Elizabeth woke up from the dream, sweating and with a chill running up her spine. She hadn’t imagined how strange her dream could have turned.

    The next days, the same dream would come again and again, with more and more eerie visions plaguing her and ending her nights of rest. The dream would slowly continue on and on, growing darker and chaotic the more it advanced. All Elizabeth could do was dread sleeping, as the dream wouldn’t cease to appear every night, a voice within it calling her. Eventually the dream would take her through a path from the cathedral room in which she stayed all the way to the town of Darkshire, as if calling her over there. Soon after, she would find herself going to that very town, as the Archbishop would have a mission for Elizabeth there.

    “I am glad you answered the call, paladin. Come in, I need to have a word with you.” The Archbishop sat on his seat as usual when he requested the presence of someone in his chambers. “As you may know, I have been tracking down possible presence of the undeath in the vicinity for a great deal of time. In the past weeks, I began to question if the constant use of resources has given the church the desired results it seeks, I being just about to give up searching, as extending this any longer seemed like a waste. A few days ago, I got confirmation of my believe, I cannot continue to spread the force of the church thin any longer, especially when our people have problems that need to be resolved now.” The Archbishop then drew a folded parchment from his person. The Archbishop then handed Elizabeth the parchment.

    The town of D….shire requests aid as s…n as you can. W… are in dire need of a…istance from the outside as ………………………………….. It has been years since our struggle started, our town’s ……………… to wane. Our situation is very dire, for the ………… forces have abandoned….. The mail hasn’t been ……….. in we….., and all the …………. were taken away, so gryphon de…ry is also imp….ble. I hope the …… I sent with this let… makes it through the forest………. though I have …….. of it. The day in our town is the only ……….ing we have, for at night, when the light hides, the town faces …….. Our town’s location has pitted us from the east and south by possible attacks of …H……, to our west, the forest is packed with wild ……..ves and poisonous spi….. Our north is our supply route and it t… suffers con..ant pe…il due to the no longer presen…. of the ….ance forces in our lands. Our scouts have begun to inform me that even our g…eyards are no longer s..f.., and some of our people have already f….ll… prey to the u……d. Reports have even been heard that abominable creatures ……. have taken residence …... We request that you please have …y on our people and …d us, for the town can no l...nger ensure the basic n….ds of our town men and the refug….. of Raven H….., all at the same time ensuring their safety from all the dangers of the w…..ds.

    Signed by: …………………….
    Major of ………..”

    “The original letter reached my hands yesterday, but I’d wage that it was written much longer ago than the weeks it would normally take for a traveler to come from Duskwood to Stormwind on foot. The poor condition it was found in can also testify for that. What you hold now is a transcript of what survived of the letter and of what was still legible. I was informed that it was found with what seemed to be the remains of a human being… though not much was left of it as it seemed to have been dead long enough that only bones remained. This is very dire, paladin, a long time might have passed since this letter was made, but there might still be hope…. I understand that you may feel it strange, sending you with so little experience in the field, but right now I need someone in those lands doing something before I have a chance to recall members from other areas in order to head down into those woods.”

    “I understand, your Excellency, I will do my best.”

    “I hope so as well, young paladin. For now I will ask you to travel to the vicinity of Darkshire and report to me your findings. As rude as it may sound, we cannot do anything if the town no longer stand… my hope lies in that it still does, reporting your findings as soon as you can will be of utmost importance. Getting your hands into action will most likely be necessary, especially if there are lurking threads on the border of town. For that I will have to ask you to stay in the area at least until I can send more presence there. Now, for the report you will be submitting, I’ll have to introduce you to official Cathedral paper work.” The Archbishop then handed Elizabeth a sealed document. “Inside is documentation that you may need, a map of the region can be found here, along with the materials you will need for preparing the report.”

    “How will I send the report over here from that area, your Excellency?”

    “You are right in asking this question, paladin. From what I could interpret, they didn’t have mail service available when they sent it, be it conventional or aerial. So I took the steps to allow you to take a gryphon from Stormwind’s service station and take it with you, it should be able to deliver you into the steps of town. I’ll be expecting news from you soon, god speed.”

    “Yes, sir.” And with that Elizabeth bowed as she exited the Archbishop’s quarters. Ever since she became a paladin, most of the people around her have started treating her with more reverence, and although it’s not a bad thing, she misses the more casual approach and the awkward moments she had.

    In the former chambers of Duthorian, Elizabeth readied herself for the journey. Since Duthorian left for Westfall, Elizabeth has been using them as living quarters and has since littered them with books and the little belongings she has. Thoughts of her dream filled her head as she prepared to mount the gryphon that would accompany her. Finally giving a look back as Stormwind as she flew on, her mission had officially started.

    The beast flew quickly and high in the sky. As Elizabeth looked down all she could see was the top black leaves of the forest, from which they flew over barely a few feet ( a meter or two) above it. Not a single sound but the shifting leaves sounds caused by the gryphon flying nearby could be heard. After a couple of hours of flying, her gryphon let out a shriek alerting that they were about to arrive. Finally after reaching a clearing high atop a hill, the animal flapped its wings slowly as it descended the familiar landing zone, leaving out a final shriek as it arrived. The first sight of town was disheartening, there were barricades all over the roads, a great deal of the buildings seemed to be abandoned, while the rest were all locked shut.

    “Anyone in here!?!?” Elizabeth yelled. Silence was all she could hear for a moment until a woman slowly emerged in an attack stance. As Elizabeth noticed her, and turned toward her, the woman loosed herself “its ok everyone, she’s a human.” She then approached near Elizabeth. As some people emerged from different places of town. “I’m terribly, it’s not the best way to greet someone as they arrive, we heard strange noises a while back and we were readied for the worst.” She then let out a sigh. “These are dangerous lands to be traveling alone on foot, traveler, what brings you to what remains of our city?”

    “I’m Elizabeth” She bowed. “And actually, I didn’t come on foot, I came here on gryphon.”

    “Gryphon?!” all of the sudden the group of people present began to talk, breaking the silence that ruled the scenery.

    “I’m here by order of the Archbishop.” Elizabeth then drew out a parchment “This is the reason why I’m here.” And she handed the transcript of the letter previously found and delivered to the Archbishop.

    The woman grabbed the paper and looked over it “Come with me, paladin.” And the woman headed directly into what seemed to be the Town Hall building of Darkshire. “Commander, what should we do?” “As always keep on the look out, we can never be sure when those blasted beasts will decide to take a stroll up our door.”

    Inside the Town Hall, the place looked almost like a run down building. The place seemed like it hadn’t been taken care of for a few months or perhaps a year. Inside a few persons were deep in discussions between themselves, Ebonlocke approaching the group. “Father, we have a visitor. She brought something I’d like you to see.”

    A man wearing a monocle in his right eye, with black long hair and a very grown bear stood up as he was called. Commander Althea handed him the parchment Elizabeth had brought with her, the man inspecting it. Even though the parchment had blank spaces representing parts of the letter that couldn’t be recovered, he recognized it quickly. The man looked up to the paladin. “I’ve sent this letter several times over, and all the Alliance could afford was a single woman?” his tone had a bit of anger behind it.

    “I’m sorry for…….” Elizabeth began but was soon interrupted by the man.

    “Sorry!? This is like a slap in the face to the thousands of people that have been slaughtered in the past year due to the inaction of the kingdom… a simple sorry will not bring them back!”

    “Sir, I understand your feelings… I was sent here to scout the situation.”

    “That’s so nice of you; you come all the way here just to SEE if everything’s still here eh? Well you are late, months late. We are more than fine now after we lost more than a thousand men and women. Your help isn’t needed! Now get out of here!” and with that the man returned to his seat, blatantly ignoring the paladin that stared back at him.

    “Sigh” Elizabeth walked outside.

    “You’ll have to excuse my father and the people of this town as well; we have forgotten our hospitality…”

    “Thank you for the kind words. I can imagine the feelings of anger that must dominate this area toward the capital, having abandoned you, and taking this long for someone to come here… But you must understand that the church’s only reason to responding now was because we just recently discovered the pleas of help. I’m sorry for your father and those he might thing he represent with his thoughts, but I’m still going to send for help.”

    “Yes, I have to report as quickly as I can, these people have suffered enough.” she thought to herself as she silently headed back toward her gryphon, suddenly stopping as she heard some voices from behind.

    “Commander, the little girl’s condition just turned to the worse.” A man spoke, having approached the commander as both Elizabeth and her came out from Town Hall.

    “Tch, damn it. Where’s she now?”

    “She’s with Madame Eva inside. I don’t think she’ll make it past today…” The man pointed back to the entrance of the Scarlet Raven Tavern’s entrance, Ebonlocke quickly heading inside with him.

    Elizabeth stared at the huge building, thinking about what she had overheard. “A sick child?” She couldn’t bring herself to ignore this, heading inside behind the two a little bit later. As she entered, she felt an atmosphere of misery, seeing around the halls and the dinning room, filled with people sitting on the floor with make-shift beds. She could see the reason why the major had been so angry when speaking to her, as he must have been for so long with too much on his shoulders. At the far end of the room she saw the man from before and Ebonlocke together, Elizabeth approaching them slowly as she made her way around all the refugees.

    “Please, help her, commander, I beg of you.” A woman crouching beside the body of a pale little girl cried to Ebonlocke as she approached. The Commander leaned down placing her hand on the forehead of the child, with a terrible sadness filling her heart. “She’s burning hot, ma’am.” “I’ve been placing this cloth on her forehead with water, but it’s not letting up.”

    “Excuse me.” Elizabeth entered into the scene, both women looking up at the paladin as she leaned closer to the little girl. “What caused her condition?”

    “She was…. She was playing again on the woods, even though I’ve told her hundreds of times she can’t leave the town. A spider bit her, she’s lucky to be alive!”

    Elizabeth looked at the poor girl’s body; she seemed to be suffering from a deadly poison, the entrance of the spider’s mandible having been bandaged by some rags of clothing. Elizabeth undid them to have a look at it, still opened and bleeding. “Alright, stand back a little, ma’am.” The paladin then summoned the powers of the Holy Light and laid her hands on the girl, sealing the wound, she then spread her powers around the tiny body of the child in an attempt to counter the effects of the poison, the young girl regaining her skin color slowly as she did. The paladin sat back on the floor, sighing in relieve as she looked at Ebonlocke. “She’s going to be fine now, though she’ll need to get plenty food and rest.” And she smiled. Soon Elizabeth noticed around just how many of the people in the area she was at were injured in one way or another. “You’re an important leader to these people, miss?” Elizabeth asked Ebonlocke as she moved to another person to aid him.

    “Yes, I’m the commander of The Night Watch; our town is relatively peaceful in the day, at night it turns into hell.”

    “If that’s the case, I fear for the safety of my gryphon, I was supposed to return as quickly as I could, but with so much wounded here, I just can’t turn a blind eye in here.” She mended a man’s leg, which had been ravaged by what seemed to be a wolf’s mangle. “You seemed surprised to hear that I had come by gryphon here before…”

    “To be honest, miss, a gryphon or two would do this town a lot of good. Even in day time, going out to travel through the woods is dangerous. It would be a very useful thing to have right now…”

    “Well… how about you send someone to Stormwind with the Gryphon? That way you can send word to the Archbishop with my report, you could also get some small supplies like medicine”

    “You’d.. Stay in this hellish place and allow us your gryphon?”

    “Well, if you can spare a small bed and a meal, I’ll stay as much as needed, it is my job.” And with a smile, Elizabeth continued on with helping the wounded. Her duties in the tavern seemed never ending, but with joy in her heart, she prepared to see to the welfare of the people in this town for the next days to come.

    END Entry 9
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Waiting for an update
    Soviet Russia was merely a setback!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Quote Originally Posted by Relys Sunwalker
    Waiting for an update
    Sadly I've barely written anything :/

    I'll post what little I have so that people get an idea what I'm going with.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 10: First Day: The Elf and The Pridelord

    The day and night was barely differentiable inside the forest of Duskwood. The only hit that the sun had raised was the little lights that permeated from the leaves and the great landing hill used in the past for gryphon service. Yesterday had been a day filled with work for the new paladin. Although she lacked the experience, her knowledge of the light proved to relieve the pain of many yesterday, as she mended people’s battered bodies all noon and deep into the night.

    Now another day, the paladin was ready to begin handing out a helping hand around the woods and recollecting more information for when the aid from the Cathedral arrived. Elizabeth’s day would start out with a briefing of the situation the town faced.

    “Yesterday night was a nice and calm blessing we haven’t received in some time, so you still don’t have an idea of just how things can get here.” Commander Ebonlocke spoke, standing in front of one of Town Hall’s great table, with a slightly modified map of the region of Duskwood. “I believe you showed me earlier that you had a map of Duskwood, now didn’t you?” Elizabeth nodding in agreement. “Well, I would like you to update it with the information this map contains. For starters, this town here” and Ebonlocke placed her finger right on top of Raven Hill. “No longer stands, we have a few scouts over the zone, but there are currently no known civilians populating the area.” She then pointed toward the north western river side. “This area here was the last place we send scouts to keep vigilant over the graveyard, why? Well…” she then moved toward inward into Duskwood. “These are graveyard. Unlike normal graves though, they are unable to stay full. We have had reports of the walking dead in this zone, yesterday I believe I mentioned this to you so you could fill it in the report you send back with one of my men. But I’d like to remind you so you may be able to note it down in your map.” Elizabeth then took the notes in her map.

    “Alright, I’ve been meaning to ask… how exactly has the town been able to subsist for so long?”

    “It’s a long story, paladin. Our town has been drenched with blood far too many times these days… what little we have is used to feed everyone here. We are able to keep ourselves alive partially due to the fact a great majority of the people that once found refuge here no longer are with us… ” The woman then sat down in a near by chair.

    “….you mean, dead?”

    “Yes… I feel ashamed saying it, but because of all the casualties we have had, we are able to sustain ourselves with the little food we have available. I myself have in charge a few hunters and farmers, the farmers usually do a great job supplying us since the farms are what we have the nearest of town and we can protect them with ease… the hunters on the other hand don’t have the luxury of the watching eye of The Night Watch to follow them into the woods.” she then looked straight at Elizabeth. “Yesterday you helped out three of the usual five I send hunting out there. But well, though they might prone to bringing nothing into the table at times, they are just as important as the farmers, just for the fact that the people cannot just live with bread and water. Today’s our last meat unless the other two nab anything good today… but like I said, I’m having troubles deciding if they should head out of not alone… it’s not a matter of them being incompetent, because each of them is more than able to hunt down prey, it’s more of a matter of the dangers in the wood and small numbers making it easier to get game stolen.”

    “So there are other’s who steal from the little food you can gather here? I guess even in bad times bandits are a problem...”

    “Oh no, they aren’t bandits…” an eerie silence took over the scene for a moment until she broke it “Ever heard of what a worgen is?” to what Elizabeth shook her head as it had been the first time hearing such a name, though it wouldn’t be the last time. “Well, pray the light you might never have to face one, though in these lands, it’s very unlikely… such bestial creatures, one of them caused the injuries of our hunters, though thanks to you they might be able to return back to duty in a few days. I’m not sure after that attack if I’d want to send them out again…” the woman then touched her chin with her right hand as she looked away, thinking.

    “Want me to help them out? I might not look like it, but I’ve been trained in combat.”

    “I couldn’t possibly send you out there…”

    “What you’d had me do here? The people right now mostly need medicine to ease their pain, there’s nothing else I can do for them here. Instead of waiting around I should be doings things out there, like helping out with allowing the people to have something to feed on.”

    “Very well, Paladin, if you insist, I’ll talk to the men and send you out as quickly as I can…” Commander Ebonlocke then stood up and quickly exited the building, Elizabeth remaining seated, having a little time to think for a bit. She looked at the map Ebonlocke had given her to copy information on, and she could only stare at it, as she remembered her dreams. The woman drifted away in thought but was soon broke out from the state as she was called by the commander from outside.

    Outside Town Hall, Althae Ebonlocke stood along with two armored women wearing mail armor and with an unlit torch in hand. “Alright, paladin, these young women will be the one’s that will be traveling along with you. She’s Watcher Bukouris and Watcher Brownell, Watchers, this is a paladin of Stormwind, Elizabeth, she has volunteered to give you two a helping hand out there,” Elizabeth and the two watchers shook hands with each others. “I hope you both play along and have a nice catch today.” “Yes Ma’am!” both watchers answered as they saluted their commander, Ebonlocke saluting back as well. “Please come back alive.” “You have nothing to worry about, Commander!”

    The watchers picked up their weapons and the equipment they would use on the hunt, and soon the group would be seen walking out town, being followed by the eyes of The Night Watch scout in the town’s outskirts.

    “Adore Aman Do Balah, Andu Ishnu Fulo Dor Worgen Asto’re Fandu Diel U’phol.” A female voice could be heard, hidden in the bushes on a tall hill. A roar of a lion followed the woman’s voice. “Rini Rini… Ash Dath An Ala Lo Dieb, Turus?” The unknown figure leaped from bush to bush quickly, following the group unnoticed by neither the watchers nor the paladin.

    The group of watchers and Elizabeth continued on, moving away more and more from the town northwest toward the woods, Elizabeth had been wondering why the Watchers had unlit torches with them before at Darkshire, being barely 3 hours before noon, but soon realized the use of them as the shadows grew stronger around them the deeper they progressed into the woods.

    “This forest is so bizarre…” she simply said staring around as all she could see were huge trees which’s leaves acted almost like a great parasol, keeping the rays of light from hitting the ground.

    “Bizarre is too tame for this zone paladin, you better not let your guard down.” Watcher Bukouris halt looking afar up front and pointing that direction. “Brownell, you think that’s a ravager?”

    “It’s too far to tell apart, I thought we were going to continue hunting spiders until the others got better…”

    “Spider meat tastes horrible! I want wolf..” she pouted at the thought of eating spider again.

    “But you eat happily those Dusky Crab Cakes Grual makes at the tavern…”

    “They’re crab cakes….”

    “You duffos, they’re made of spider… when have you seen a crab in these light forsaken woods?”

    “Ugh… I think I’m going to be sick” she started to make funny noises as if she was throwing up, then laughed at Watcher Brownell. “I knew they are made of spiders silly, I just don’t want to eat spider cakes with spider meat…. That’s twice the gooey.”

    “Oh shush, you might alert it and make it run away!”

    “So we’re going?”

    “Yes, just so you shut up. Miss Paladin?” Brownell then looked back at Elizabeth who had remained quiet as she heard the conversation between the two. “You ever hunted a wolf?”

    “No, my dad used to chase any that made it to our house, but I’ve seen some in the wild, so I know what they are be capable of.”

    “You’re talking about wolves from?”


    “Oh well then, prepare to see a real wolf if all you seen are from Westfall. What you seen over at the plains of Westfall does not even compare to what lives in these woods. Have you ever heard of a lone wolf?”

    “That “A lone wolf is a dead one?” Dad used to tell me that all the time, comparing with people that work alone.”

    “Yes, most people believe that over at Westfall, and it’s pretty much true since wolves in nature travel in pack to be able to subsist and defend each other. That is not the case here though, we’re going to be hunting some black ravagers, these guys are beasts on their own, thinking they are vulnerable when they are alone will get you killed. It might even perhaps be a Mastiff, if that’s the case though, we’ll leave it be.” The woman then drew a small crossbow in one hand, leaving the torch stuck in the floor and crouching as she moved ahead, getting behind a tree trunk wanting to take cover. Watcher Brownell took out a wide one handed sword with a pale blue blade, and headed in the other direction the same way Watcher Bukouris lead forward, nudging Elizabeth to follow her.

    “Kay Paladin, you’ll be the bait.”

    “Whu.. what?” she said with her face filled with surprise.

    “Hey, you’re the one with a shield, when we get nearer, Bukouris will most likely start trying to get one of its legs, and you just have to jump forward after that. It will most likely try to charge you when it catches a glimpse of you. Just slam your shield on its head and keep it like that, I’ll try to get a clean cut through the jugular while Bukouris will be covering us, simple.” Elizabeth was starting to get a little worried about this whole wolf hunt and the so called “ravager” wolves the two watchers had been talking about.

    As they neared, they finally caught a clearer sight of it. It was a big wolf, about 3 feet (more than 1 meter or so) high. The beast was playing with what seemed to be the corpse of a recently killed wolf cub. “See that, they’re merciless with their own kind as well, I kind of feel sorry for the cub… though knowing it would have grown to be a beast like that one… I’m kind of relieved.” The two women looked from afar, hearing some leaves rustling. “That’s Bukouris, she’s ready, so we should get nearer.” Brownell moved on slowly, approaching from behind trees with the paladin closely following behind. As they moved, some of the fallen tree leaves made sound under their soles, but the great wolf seemed to be paying much more attention at its feast than the sounds of the forest. Finally they were around 20 feet (a bit more than 6 meters) from its location. They looked carefully at the beast, with Bukouris laying flat on the floor aiming at the wolf.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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