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    A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    I'm going to try out some story telling instead of conventional RPing, hope at least someone finds it nice.

    Name: Elizabeth (no last name due to being a “peasant”)
    Age: 20
    Race: Half-Elf
    Father: Ex foot soldier of the Alliance army, wandering carpenter, Harold
    Mother: Ardalia Hope shine, wandering high elf priestess
    Gender: Female
    Class: Paladin
    Personality: Elizabeth is an average country woman, she was taught to live with discipline in her childhood at Capital City and South shore.
    Friends: She was childhood friend of both Whitemane and Paletress.

    Harold had the average life of a normal commoner for most of his life until he lost most of his belongings to war, and was drafted into the army to protect the lands of rich people and the royalty from the orc invasion. He survived the long fights out of pure stubbornness and a little bit of luck. With the return home to Capital City, he began to pursuit the bread of every day working as an average carpenter. His trade made him travel through out some of the lands of the northern kingdom, making stops often in Stratholme and South shore. The times that followed war were those of recuperation, many returned well from battle, other’s weren’t as lucky, this caused a great need for healers in these rough times, which lured the attention of Ardalia Hope shine, a traveling High elf priestess.

    It was not an uncommon sight to see lone travelers being victims of theft and other villainies, for Ardalia, this was no exception. On her travels toward South shore, she was attacked by a rogue in search of easy money. Harold noticing the attack, saved her and recovered the items that had been stolen from her. After thanking the man for protecting her, she continued her journey west, a week later taking a ride with him back to Capital City. The days of their travel north through Silverpine Forest were long, full of work for both the healer and the carpenter ex soldier. Once at Capital City, the elf gave in and handed herself to the man at night. The elf left later once satisfied, and never met Harold again until several months later, when she prematurely delivered Elizabeth to the world of Azeroth, the child being a blessing to one and a curse to the other.

    A blessing was the child toward her father, for a child had been something Harold had longed for all his life, a curse was the child toward her mother, for the child was a half elf, her delivery had weakened her body substantially and other circumstances. Even though they were both tied together with Elizabeth, Ardalia had troubles accepting it. Harold had promised her marriage and to be with her for the rest of his life, but the elf left. Perhaps she felt ashamed of delivering a half elf, or her body weakening and tampering on her travels, or perhaps because she had undergone her pregnancy thinking the child she carried was of her elf husband, who she had last seen almost nine months ago. A night of lust had shamed her for the rest of her life unless she ran away from it.

    The elf abandoned Harold, taking a ship to seek refuge from her shame at Stormwind, using the pretext of being a traveling priestess. Harold was left destroyed, but he obtained the strength needed to continue within the eyes of Elizabeth. She grew up to be a fine young child at the side of her father, who did his best to keep her half elf heritage a secret as Elizabeth growth allowed it, her ears being that of a normal human helped hide it, but her blue eyes that captivate the heart of nobles, and her white hair did not help. Elizabeth spend most of her childhood, with a black dyed hair, playing with the kids of Capital City and South shore, eventually growing away from games as she was attracted by the light. In their travels, Elizabeth, as a young child, met both Alexandros Mograine and Uther the Lightbringer, both having interest in the young girl’s peculiar affinity to the light. Though both had offered Harold to take Elizabeth into their guidance, the carpenter could not bear to have Elizabeth away, and thus both had to settle with imparting their wisdom on the child whenever they met.

    Years later, Elizabeth grew up to be a fine lady, interested in taking her leave to the Scarlet Monastery before the fall of Stratholme. (( I am not sure if the Scarlet Monastery existed or the Scarlet Crusade during this times) Her dream to be reunited with her childhood friends from South shore were cut short when his Father decided to move south. His trade and craft had become praised among the kingdoms and he had grown economically enough to buy lands in Westfall, where he had dream to live in a quiet small farm. Due to this, both Harold and Elizabeth effectively avoided being victims of Prince Arthas’ capture of Capital City, as they traveled south toward The Wetlands.

    Month passed out for the Parent and Daughter, at sea in a mercantile ship they traveled from Menethil Harbor toward Stormwind. Their arrival to Stormwind was met with discoveries of Ardalia whereabouts. She had lived at Stormwind since abandoning Harold and her daughter. Inquiring, Harold found out though, that Ardalia had died a few days before Harold’s arrival at Stormwind, due to a sickness that had troubled her for years, a sickness she contracted in Stormwind. The elf had hoped to make a name as a priestess healer in the great city, but the only people that would mourn her death would be the strangers that took care of her for years and a single High Elf present at the burial.

    Harold reached the funeral long after her burial had been completed. He approached the group of people with Elizabeth, who was clueless of whom the woman was. In the freshly covered grave, an inscription had been chiseled, decorating her tombstone with the last words of the deceased elf.

    My love abandoned in the north,
    Although weak, I traveled along.
    Had I stayed behind with my ray of hope,
    Might I have live a little long?
    It’s useless to ponder this now,
    For I can’t walk to where I belong.
    Far up in the north somehow,
    I hope my love prosper along.

    Ardalia Hope shine

    Harold read these words carefully, as he looked at the Elf aside him, who looked back at him with hatred. “This is a private funeral, only family are invited” said the elf with furry and sadness in his voice, interrupting his mourn of what would had been his wife hadn’t she left his side.

    Harold, having told nothing before to Elizabeth about her mother, avoided mentioning to the elf anything about Ardalia’s daughter; he simply walked away with his daughter, crying as he realized Ardalia had regret abandoning her child. That night at the inn, Harold decided to tell young Elizabeth about her mother. Elizabeth took the news surprisingly well, maybe because of her age and maturity, or maybe because she hadn’t been troubled without having a mother.

    The days passed quickly, Harold decided to buy a deed of land with most of his life savings from a public auction. That very same day he obtained a wagon and horse, along with some other things for their new house. Their travel through Elwynn woods into Westfall, through Sentinel Hill and far then to the West took them a week. When they arrived, they entered their brand new house, Harold happy he could settle down finally.

    Both Elizabeth and Harold’s life at the farmlands of Westfall began as a dream, with crops growing and their small land giving them enough to eat and prosper, but soon filled with grieve. The Defias began to ransack their crops a few months after they noticed the farm’s flourish. It was a constant vigilance in the night that barely allowed Father and daughter to be able to at least eat. Eventually the farmer put up deadly traps among the most attractive crops, forsaking them as bait for the Defias to come at night to pilfer, capturing a few, to later turn them over to the local guards, which would simply let go after a few days.

    The Defias grew to hate the farmer more and more, extorting merchants from Sentinel Hill not to do commerce with them, destroying or burning their crops before maturity, killing livestock left and right. There was little only a man and his daughter could do to protect their land.

    Eventually the prosperous land was killed off by the Defias, who in their latest scheme destroyed the farming land for long generations by spreading poison among the water used at the field. Large areas of the land from that day on would never again produce even a single weed. Soon Harold fell sick, and only Elizabeth was able to do the daily house shores. What little they had left of healthy land, would either shiver up in the vines or get stolen, they had but only a few chickens and an old cow that would soon die from the same poison that had killed off their crops. Even Harold seemed too had been afflicted by the poison, and Elizabeth was forced to travel to Sentinel Hill alone at times to try and acquire from the ones brave to still sell to them. Returning late at night one day, she caught the attention of a lone Defias scout.

    That same night, as she returned home, the Defias confronted her, appearing from the shadows. Elizabeth knew the moment she saw him with a red bandana mask that he was with the Defias, her father having instructed her to stay away and her knowing of their ways first hand. Elizabeth tried to run away from the man, but the Defias Scout was trained to move quickly as an informant, so he had the upper hand over her. The man lunged to her as he caught up, throwing her to the ground. She tried to resist and fight back, but the man over powered her and slammed her against the dirt.

    “Stay there like a good girl” he said as he ragged Elizabeth’s dress, exposing the nude chest of the young woman. The man tried to have his dirty way with Elizabeth, but not without her struggling back. They both struggled for a few minutes, with Elizabeth being continuously assaulted by the scout, who was only paying attention to her exposed body. The woman soon stopped her struggle, the man settling on top of her as he grabbed on to her. Looking at the man’s face full of disgust, Elizabeth searched around with her hands, pilfering a knife from the scout, which she proceed to drive deep into the right side of the man’s forehead. Blood gushed out, as the man stopped moving, his grip losing strength and his eyes going blank, the man fell off Elizabeth, who had narrowly avoided being defiled. Covered with blood, and holding her ragged dress together, she rushed to her house, to bathe off the blood she had made the Scout’s head burst out. She didn’t tell anything to his father, not wanting to concern him of her well being, but somehow he felt something had happened to her.

    Days later, Elizabeth was yet again forced to obtain more medicine for her dying father. The man had asked Elizabeth to stay with him, for secretly he didn’t wish her to be exposed to any more danger for him, but she couldn’t bear to do nothing while seeing him in pain. She ran in a rush to Sentinel Hill, taking her almost two hours to return. In her haste to retrieve medicine for his father, she had left the house unlocked, and as she arrived back at the farm, she saw the entrance of the house wide open. Scared for Defias grunts, Elizabeth walked inside carefully with the medicine at hand. She head quietly to her father’s room while she heard some rummaging in the kitchen. At her father’s room, she found a blood trail on the floor and signs of struggle from the bed, and she feared the worst. She followed the trail to the kitchen. She took a look inside, and saw her Father turning the kitchen upside down, the back of his shirt full of blood stains and what seemed to be a vulture on top of his back. Elizabeth called out to her father, scared; the figure looked back and shrieked at her. The face of Harold, missing an eye that had been plucked out by the vulture horrified Elizabeth.

    Her father seemed like he had been infected by the plague. Rumors of a wandering ghoul turning people into the undead in Westfall had been around for quite a few months, the local guards naming the beast Leprithus. Some said the creature was attracted to the scent of the freshly deceased; Harold having died less than 30 minutes after Elizabeth had gone out for medicine. The horrific ghoul, with a vulture still pecking on it, locked his attention to the young woman, who was terrorized. She could do nothing except to run away as the monstrosity chased for her, she tried to put obstacles in between as she ran, calling to his father, still not believing his fate. The woman fell on her legs and stumbled down the stairs, hurting herself severely but still being able to run toward the door, the ghoul simply leaping toward her and landing on her. The monster was bleeding on from the many holes the vulture had left and from his eye socket. The ghoul of Harold simply grabbed Elizabeth right arm and sank his teeth into her flesh, attempting to rip it off. Elizabeth could do nothing but cry in pain as her father tried to kill her, but failed as his jaw burned off and the monster began to cry in pain. Light shone on it and killed it in front of Elizabeth’s eyes. She then sat up against a wall, gasping with pain as her wounds continued to bleed off, her father’s corpse stopped moving not far in front of her. Both the long run toward Sentinel Hill and back, the fall down the stairs and the wounds in her right hand were threatening the life of the young woman, who was falling unconscious slowly, but she didn’t want to die, she held to the single thought of wanting to live, her prayers then being answered by the light.

    She awoke a few hours later, on a bed in the still under reconstruction inn of Sentinel Hill, her neighbors at her side. She was saved from death because of the kindness of a traveling merchant who heard the struggle and had arrived to find her unconscious on the floor of her house. Alliance soldiers began to inquire on her, as soon as word spread that she had awoke, about the death of her father. Elizabeth didn’t say anything for she was still confused about everything that had happened, but one of the neighbors accused the Defias for his death. After this, the body of her father was been buried at the local graveyard and the whole ordeal was over, or so Elizabeth thought.

    That night, after being consoled by the neighbors and given much needed hospitality by the people of Sentinel Hill, Elizabeth decided to return to her home, only to find the farm ablaze. The Defias took the opportunity and set out to burn everything down, all their belongings simply turned into ashes. Elizabeth could do nothing but stare at the fire as she fell to her knees at the sight. Everything had burned out quickly, when the fires died out, Elizabeth searched around the ruins of her house to see what had survived.

    What remained was a partially burned chest made of a strong wood. This chest was used by Elizabeth to keep some of her and her father’s belongings. Inside she found a few changes of cloth and an old badge, tucked away in a piece of wool. It was her father’s old insignia, behind it his name, division, and captain’s name. The insignia was all she was left from her father along with the memories she cherished within. Knowing the Defias had finally won the feud with their farm, she abandoned the area, returning back to Sentinel hill shortly before traveling north back to Stormwind.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 1: A Sheep in the Big City

    Three days had passed since Harold’s farm had been burned down to cinders. The owner of the farm presumably had been assassinated by Defias from the reports filled in by the Sentinel Officers. The daughter of this man miraculously survived the incident with a few bruises here and there and a wounded arm. Some of the people in town feared more and more the Defias, not only for their cruel acts, but also for the fact that the Crown was doing nothing against it, thus began the forming of The People’s Militia.

    Elizabeth’s journey up north Westfall in a small caravan headed to make trade at the city was filled with contemplation of what to do with her life now. Her beloved father was dead along with her mother, who she hadn’t known until after she died. She had no family left in the world or a place to call home. The only thing she had in her mind at the moment was the old insignia she recovered from the ruins of her house, the only thing inherit from his deceased parent. Thoughts about joining the army were the only thing she could think of, for she had no money to spend.

    The army seemed to be the right place for the moment, though she dreamed what her life would had been under the hands of the Scarlet Monastery or the Silver Hand, hadn’t her father moved south from Capital City. Little did she know, though, about the fall of Lordaeron, the scourge ravage throughout Tirisfal and the northern kingdoms, and perhaps her day dream would had been far from a dream come true if she had stayed.

    After a journey pass Goldshire, the caravan arrived at the gate of Stormwind. The young woman hadn’t realized from her earlier visit just how splendid Stormwind was. She could see many people running around the town’s center, guards posted around every corner, and merchants announcing their wares at high voice. Elizabeth looked around amazed, looking around every building as if it had been her first time in the city. A guard approached her.

    “Are you lost, young lady?”

    “Oh…. Um…” A little bit shy, Elizabeth looked at the heavy armored man and didn’t respond. The soldier opened the lid of his helmet to reveal his face. With a smile he rummaged through his bags, and took out a parchment which he opened.

    “If you are lost I can tell you exactly where to go, Miss.” And he took out a small lump of graphite.

    Elizabeth, still shy, thought for a moment as she looked at the soldier. “I’m not very sure exactly where I want to go…”

    The guard gave her a smile as he began to speak “Well young lady, the Auction House is just over there across the street, back just where you came from is the city’s food providers, you can buy wines, breads and cheese here. If you travel to the left here, you will find the inn, the inn is also located next to The Bank of Stormwind. The Cathedral is straight north; you can take the alley right beside the Auction House. Don’t worry about Topper McNabb, he’s a crazed beggar. If you have business with mages, you will need to head west from here over the canals into their district. The stockade is currently inaccessible to the… ” and thus the guard stopped as he looked at the woman, clearly lost from his explanation, she then remembered her plans on going to Stormwind.

    “I’m looking for the soldier’s barracks sir…” she said in a low tone of voice.

    “Oh the barracks? Now why would a young lady like you want to go there?” he smiled looking at her eyes. “A…any way, you can go to old town if you want to visit anyone in the barracks, here you go” and the guard made some marks on the map he had taken out and handed it to Elizabeth. “You are here, this I where you wish to go.” Thanking the soldier for the information and the map, Elizabeth then hurried onward to Old town, leaving the guard behind sighing in regret thinking she was seeing someone.

    Elizabeth arrived shortly at Old Town, entering the district through the entrance near the leather crafters and into the entrance of the town’s barracks. She walked up toward the stairs and looked around, then proceeded to enter the Barracks. Outside in the courtyard, many alliance warriors practiced between each others and with target dummies. The woman felt, as she passed through, as if she was in a place she didn’t belong to. Some of the men practicing stopped to look at the young woman as she walked pass, keeping their eyes on her until she entered the large keep.

    Inside, a sign pointed to an office read “recruiting hall”. As Elizabeth neared the door, she noticed no one was inside. She stared at the decorations littering the office, a giant boar head hanged against a wall as a trophy, sets of armor stood at each side of wall the boar’s head was hung, and the desk in the middle seemed to be made out of the finest wood. Elizabeth heard footsteps behind her and was startled, giving a slight jump as she turned back to see a female officer standing right behind her.

    “Welcome to the barracks, I am Officer Demalier, I take it you’re here to visit… someone?” the woman said as she inspected Elizabeth, who was wearing a long dress that fit her small, thin body almost perfectly.

    “No ma’am, I’m here looking to join the army…” Elizabeth said with a low voice, almost intimidated by the way the woman looked at her as she talked.

    Demalier simply stared at her, and then let out a loud laugher as she padded Elizabeth's shoulders.

    “Oh, that’s a good one young lady, so who are you sneaking alcohol for?” the woman cleared a tear from her eyes after finishing laughing at her, Elizabeth simply remained silence with a serious look. “You must be joking, a woman like you, in the army? Please…” she then ignored and proceeded to head to the stairs.

    “I am serious!” responded Elizabeth as the woman ignored. Demalier stopped at the foot of the steps and looked back at her. “Lord Germaine, I got a stubborn one for you.”

    A man came near the stairs on the second floor and looked down toward Demalier, who pointed at Elizabeth. She looked up at him as he stared down on her. “Who is she? Another wife trying to sneak things in for their husbands?”

    “No, apparently she’s some crazy little girl that thinks she can make it into the ranks; I think she has a death wish.” Casually replied Demalier to Germaine. Elizabeth felt an urge to talk back to her for calling her a little girl ((though not for being called crazy)) but before opening her mouth, Germaine came down and gave a good look at the woman.

    “You look like something the cat dragged in; do you really think you have what it takes to go hand to hand combat with an armed man or an orc? I think not young woman, do not waste my time. Go do something safer like reading a book or something.”

    Elizabeth felt cast away, like a rag doll discarded by a child that has no use for it. She felt the need to cry but held her tears back as her father’s insignia fell from the piece of cloth that contained it. As it feel and made sound, Germaine stop and looked back at it. He approached Elizabeth, who had quickly crouched to pick it up again. The man stopped her mid way as he picked it up and examined it, reading the back of it to himself.

    “What happen to the owner of this insignia, young lady?” still crouched.

    “Harold” replied Elizabeth looking away “your husband?” “My father…” “From whom you might want to avenge him?” but the woman didn’t respond. Germaine stoop up helping her up. “Look, war is not a place for someone like you, as you are right now, you would be a waste of resources to the Alliance. Again, go do something safer, or better yet, return home.” Yes indeed it would be nice to return home, Elizabeth thought, hadn’t it not been burned down by the Defias who had quarrels with her father for years. “There is no home left for me in Westfall sir, the Defias burned it all.”

    “Having lost everything is no excuse to come here looking for a death wish woman.” Germaine then pointed at Demalier asking him to bring him a paper and a quill. “I don’t usually do this, but I’m going to refer you to the Cathedral, they should help you find a new life.” Demalier brought Germaine a parchment with a quill and his seal. He wrote a letter directed to the Archbishop. He sealed it and handed it back to Elizabeth along with the insignia of her recently deceased father. Germaine returned back to the second floor as Elizabeth began to leave, being followed by Demalier all the way outside.

    “Excuse me, do you need something from me?” the woman asked back as she noticed her presence.

    “I’m just happening to be headed to the Trade District, being a woman in the army doesn’t mean special treatment.” “Yet you made the exception to accept me….” Responded Elizabeth. The officer quickly slapped her and talked back with rage. “How dare you, don’t you understand, we don’t take people like you who feel like taking a suicide, be it men or women. Your response is like spitting my lord’s face, you ungraceful scoundrel.”

    “I’m not trying to be ungraceful…” “Well you are doing a fine job; you’re almost a natural at it.” “Stop treating me like that” “Like what, like the little girl you are!?” Demalier raised her hand again about to slap her again, Elizabeth quickly covering herself. The woman put down her hand again and she simply walked away. “I don’t have time for children like you.” “I’m twenty, just to let you know!” replied Elizabeth a little angry Demalier stopped and looked back at her “You look like you were barely thirteen. Grow some arms and legs first if you want to be a soldier!” and thus she continued on, disappearing from Elizabeth’s sight. It was true though, Elizabeth, although a young adult, still had that look of a child, perhaps being a Half-elf had something to do with it, as she remembered to always been the smallest of all the kids she used to play with so many ages ago.

    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    I would like to mention the fact that I would love people to share their thoughts, even give suggestions, I'm not going to eat you alive for saying what you think :-[
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Clutching the letter given to her by Germaine, and after realizing Demalier was right, Elizabeth decided to go with their suggestions and head over to the Cathedral. She took out the map the kind city guard had given her and decided to make her way northwest to the dwarven district and then southwest to finally reach the Cathedral. As she made it out of Old town and just over the bridge of the city’s canals, she looked at the grand Stormwind Keep with awed. Such a majestic castle, whose stone walls seemed to look like mountains, was indeed a sight to be seen. She stared at entrance as she remembered, from years ago, when her father and she had passed through that very bridge. Everyone passing by looked at her once and knew she was an outsider, like if she had a sign posted on her head that read “I’m new here”. Once Elizabeth noticed though, she continued on a little bit flustered.

    It was just a few minutes of walk for Elizabeth until she was again struck with awed as she looked at the Cathedral of Stormwind. Taking a look at the letter, she headed up the stairs and into the great building. Inside, a great long hallway stood before her. A young priestess greeting her. Elizabeth took the opportunity to ask the woman for help, handing the paper to her.

    “I will see this reaches the hands of the Archbishop, sister.”

    “Wait, when can I meet him?”

    “Allow him some time, sister. The Archbishop is a very busy man. You may wait for him if you wish to here.” And so the priestess left.

    Elizabeth wandered around the cathedral for a bit but then decided to sit down and wait. A few hours later, almost before falling asleep, the priestess had returned to her, the first thing she did was to embrace Elizabeth in a warm hug.
    “I welcome you to the great family of the Cathedral of Light, sister; you can always count with me if you need anything.” ”Thank… you.” And so Elizabeth was accepted as a temporal refugee at the Cathedral of Light.

    Later that night, Elizabeth couldn’t sleep. Memories of her father attacking her and her farm, burned to crisp, had dominated her mind and hadn’t allowed her rest in quite a few nights, this one being no exception. She left her bed quietly, trying not to awake anyone else. The woman walked silently out the room and into the altar hall. She sat in the foremost wooden bench, quiet deep in contemplation. She looked at her hands, thinking how she couldn’t have possibly slain a defias scout, let alone her father. She felt dirty, as if a heavy burden weighted on her hands, she clasped them together, closing her eyes and trying to reflect a little, perhaps even pray.

    A man came from down the hall toward Elizabeth, sitting down in the same bench beside her, looking toward the grand altar. He was a paladin from the cathedral.

    “Pardon my meddling, but I can’t shake the feeling something troubles you.” Elizabeth remained silent as she continued to look toward the altar, an awkward silence filling the atmosphere.

    “…..or maybe I really am meddling too deep into something that doesn’t concern, eh? I’m sorry.” The man sighed as he seemed to think he had screwed up by asking.

    “No, it’s not that…. I just…. I just feel lost. I’m having a really hard time trying to see what my life hold on for tomorrow.”

    “Doesn’t everyone have troubles like that, young woman?”

    “… I don’t think everyone has the burden to having bloodied themselves and being homeless.”

    “You would be surprised, woman. You would be surprised indeed.” Casually said the paladin as he crossed his hands.

    “With due respect sir, you know nothing.”

    “Then enlighten me, ma’am, surely talking will make you feel better.” said the paladin, locking his gaze at Elizabeth’s eyes.

    Elizabeth looked at the man, and sighed, she didn’t like remembering what happened, though she had been convinced by the man to open up, proceeding to explain her burdens.

    The paladin lay his left hand on her shoulder “I can see your life hasn’t been easy the past few weeks, sister, but like I said, people suffer many hardships like yours every day. Surely you can stand up, and with pride, walk down the road of life again.”

    Elizabeth didn’t look so convinced though by his argument, and continued to pity herself. “But how? How can I continue a path I’ve strayed away from?” Then the paladin stood in to her right, looking at her straight into her eyes, he then pointed at the altar and said “Maybe you haven’t strayed from it. Open your eyes to let the light be your road.” “The light?” “Yes, it has served as a road for many throughout their journey; it should have no problem being yours.” A little bit of happiness filled Elizabeth as she heard the young paladin’s word, full of care and empathy toward her. She felt she could kiss him many times over, but settled with hugging the tall man as she cried a bit.

    The paladin simply placed his hands on Elizabeth’s hair, running it down “If you ever stray from the path again, do not doubt to seek guidance.”

    “Thank you, mister….”

    “You don’t have to thank me, sister, thank the light for allowing us to converse this late at night. Now hurry up and return to bed, the sun will rise tomorrow for you. Also, no need’s for formality, young woman, Duthorian is enough.”

    Elizabeth, with her hope for a better future restored, felt a tranquility in herself she hadn’t felt since her life at Lordaeron. The paladin, Duthorian, waved at her as she made her way back to the sleeping quarters, but seeing her stop as she remembered something.

    “I’m sorry for forgetting my manners good sir, my name is Elizabeth…” and she continued onward, going to bed no longer stalked by her nightmares.

    The paladin stood in the hall for a bit looking toward the way Elizabeth had headed, he then proceeded back to his private chambers, looking at his gloves, noticing a strange substance covering it. The paladin rubbed it in between his fingers and noticed it run off, realizing quickly it was hair dye. “Humph, there are more to that woman than what meets the eye.”

    END Entry 1

    I'll have to start reading what I post again before hitting the post button X_x!
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 2: Charity is not for Free

    Dawn broke out in Stormwind City, and soon the streets, which seemed too had been asleep, erupted with commerce and activity. People at the Cathedral of light though had mostly been awake much earlier than the sun, most except a handful and Elizabeth herself. She awoke with the morning’s ceremony being held outside the refugee’s dormitories. As she walked out, rubbing the sleep off her eyes, she saw Archbishop Benedictus at the Altar giving his sermon. Just as she began to hear him speak, Duthorian approached her from behind and surprised her. The young woman gave a slight jump almost letting out a yell.

    “Slept well then, Miss Elizabeth?” he said with a smile. Elizabeth took a deep breath and sighed after looking at him. “Yes thank you for your concern, mister.” “Please, Duthorian is enough.” “Alright, thank you, Duthorian.” And Elizabeth looked back at the Archbishop, as he continued his sermon.

    The Archbishop, in his sermon talked about the difficulties of the past and how important were those events to the current and future life of those who followed The Light. He mentioned his mentor, Archbishop Alonsus Faol and how his struggles in the first war with the survivors of Stormwind was a key event in the foundation of the Knights of The Silver Hand, for they would then become the life line of the living in the current fights against the scourge of the north. The Archbishop urged the people to open their eyes and their heart to the light, for he believed it to be the way to restore the lost kingdoms of the north.

    Elizabeth some how felt his sermon touched her current state, thinking about all the events that had transpired in order to move to Stormwind and into the arms of the Cathedral, though she remained confused about his mentioning of the North, unknowing the events that had occurred in Lordaeron. Duthorian explained to her that Lordaeron was no more, and instead was a bastion of death and decay. For a minute Elizabeth worried for her childhood friends from Southshore and feared for their fate. She then wondered just how big of a thread the scourge was for the life of those in Stormwind, as she couldn’t grasp just how mighty the power of the undeath and its hold was over the northern lands.

    “Miss Elizabeth, have you given thought about our conversation yesterday?”

    “I’m still undecided, though I have no other place to go to.”

    “Well, we here give refugee to the homeless, but we cannot keep you as a refugee for long. There are many more out there that could use a bed as well.”

    “I had imagined that, sir.”

    “I was thinking that, for the moment being, I could get you a small job here, to at least secure you a home. Thought first I would have to acquire permission from you and ask the Archbishop’s opinions.”

    “Do you think there’s anything I could do to help here?”

    “Even the smallest task has the utmost importance to the well being of a community.”

    “If you think so, Duthorian, then I would be happy to accept your aid.”

    “But first we must speak with the Archbishop, to have an idea of what is available for you. Although I am unsure me might be succeed. As of lately, I’ve seen more and more people in the Cathedral seeking aid, we might have to improvise.” The young paladin rubbed his hand against his bear, planning for the worst.

    Once the Archbishop had finished his sermon, the ceremonies soon arrived to its end. While the town folk and nobles exited the grand Cathedral toward their everyday work, Duthorian approached the Archbishop, he then asked Elizabeth to accompany him as he followed the Archbishop to his private chambers, stopping at the entrance of his room.

    “Come in, paladin.” The Archbishop called for Duthorian. He asked Elizabeth to stay at the door for a little while. Both men talked for a little bit, Elizabeth couldn’t hear anything they spoke of. Soon the Archbishop and Duthorian looked toward her, Duthorian asking her with his hand to come inside. Elizabeth neared the two men a bit shy. The conversation between the Archbishop and Duthorian then continued with Duthorian, bowing down to the Archbishop as he made his request.

    “This is Elizabeth, a sister who has lost everything to the Defias, your Excellency. I would like to request permission to allow her stay here for longer.”

    “Hmmm.” Archbishop Benedictus stood up from his chair, grabbing his white bear as he paced around the room. “I would like to extend the mercy of the Holy Light into this young child you brought to me today, Duthorian, but right now we have nothing at the Cathedral for her.”

    “But surely, your Excellency, there must be something!”

    “I don’t know, Duthorian. Look at her and tell me what you think she could be capable of with a weak body like hers.” As he pointed toward Elizabeth.

    “I worked at my father’s farm, I can do house shores!”

    “I have no doubt about that, young lady, but the problem still exist that there is no place left for house hold shores here.” The Archbishop stopped and picked up a small book. Turning the pages while looking at it he said “The orphanage is tight full, I’m beginning to think we have more matrons than orphans to take care off” he flipped more pages “the infirmary already has enough medics tending the wounded” he flipped to the final pages “and we already have more than enough people helping with the Cathedral’s need.” He then closed the book and put it down on a small metallic table near his seat. He then sat down and sighed. “I am sorry, but currently I cannot take responsibility for you my child.”

    “Then allow me to take responsibility.” Duthorian spoke.

    “What could you possibly have her do, Duthorian?”

    “I would like to take her in as my Page, your Excellency.” He responded.

    “Your Page? Nonsense, Duthorian, nonsense!”

    “I will take full responsibility; you’ll have to do worry about, your Excellency.”

    “I still do not like the idea, Duthorian, what does she have to say for herself?” and she looked at Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth, not knowing what to say, looked at Duthorian for a second, remembering her talk with the paladin last night, she then director herself back to the Archbishop as she spoke “I’m really not sure what The Light might have in store for me in my future, but if this will be my road, I’ll take it.”

    The Archbishop kept silence for a moment, deep in thought. “A decision like this cannot be made so quickly and without thought. We’ll do this Duthorian.” And the Archbishop looked at the eyes of the paladin. “I’ll allow you take her along with you to Goldshire, you know what you have to do, go and aid the people with any request they might have. Have her aid you in whatever she may help you with, but don’t expose her to anything reckless. I will only say this once… I want you to return here with her unharmed.”

    “Thank you, your Excellency.”

    “You shouldn’t thank me until you return, Duthorian, by then I’ll have decided on this.”

    “We’ll take our leave.”

    The two left the chambers of the Archbishop quietly, Elizabeth a little concerned for Duthorian, for he had put his neck on the line for her. Back in the Archbishops room, Benedictus pondered the actions of Duthorian for Elizabeth.

    “Youth is such a curse. I hope your judgment doesn’t get clouded by this woman, Duthorian.”

    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Outside the Cathedral, the day had just begun. The sun shined high atop the blue sky, the streets of Stormwind roared with people all over the place. Duthorian had some preparations to do in town before his journey to Goldshire, and decided to take Elizabeth along for the ride. Their first stop being The Bank of Stormwind.

    As they arrived, the bank was barely starting to open, yet the line was heavily crowded. “So many people, are we going to wait in this line?”

    Duthorian laughed and responded “Oh no, this is official business from The Church of the Holy Light, we are in a bit of a hurry, so we have access straight to the vault.” Duthorian then walked toward one of the bank attendants, showing a parchment with an official seal of the church. The man tucked away the parchment, and called for some guards who accompanied them toward the side of the bank, and into a room with the biggest vault they had in the Bank. The door being what seemed to be a solid wall of steel from ceiling to floor. Two of the group of guards opened up the great vault while the remaining guards stayed on watch duty outside. Once the door was opened, the banker official along with Duthorian walked inside the huge hall behind the door, which seemed to be much bigger than what could be appreciated from the outside. Elizabeth approached the door, only to be stopped by one of the guards posted at the door.

    Inside the vault, the Banker official stood at the side of the door while Duthorian looked around, he approached a small book that was on a pedestal, he opened it and began to skim through it quickly, noticing a few irregularities here and there. He took a few notes, and then proceeded to exit the chamber. He then talked to the Bank officer asking for a withdrawal from what seemed to be a private account. After receiving a bag, the Banker Officer asked for the vault to be locked and both the Paladin and Elizabeth exit the building.

    “Someone hasn’t been keeping the book in order; I’ll have to report that before we head out.” He said as he looked at some of the notes he had taken. “Now then, onto other business.” and he stared at Elizabeth. “If you are going to travel with me, you’re going to need some changes in that outfit of yours.”

    Elizabeth pouted “What’s wrong with this?” as she grabbed on to her skirt.

    “It’s a fine dress to be around the streets of the city, but it won’t be to where we are going and what we will be doing. Come along we need to get you equipped.” They then headed to the nearest armory.

    “You know, you looked a bit surprised when I told you I would get you armor, having second thoughts?” He asked as the store clerk measured the woman.

    “I just don’t know why we need armoring to help out in a town...” she simply responded raising her arms to allow the clerk to work.

    “Well, to be honest with you, I believe you aren’t entirely grasping just what exactly we are about to go accomplish in Goldshire. Here in Stormwind, under the vigilant eyes of the law, not much transpires. Outside the walls and towns, it’s an entirely different story. In the Elwynn woods, there’s little a piece of parchment can do, some times a few coins here and there solves a dispute…” He then drew out a small blade, barely 1 foot long (30.48 centimeters), Elizabeth’s eyes widening. “…Some times, bloodshed is inevitable, and brute force must be applied.” He then put the blade in a sheath, extending it to Elizabeth’s hand. “I am not planning on exposing you to anything dangerous as going hand to hand in combat on our short journey, because not only I don’t expect you to have any knowledge of swordplay, but neither am I going to force you to do it, yet I want you to at least have this, just in case.”

    Elizabeth picked the sword and gave it a serious look as she unsheathed it, thinking about that time he had killed the Defias with one of his own weapons. The short sword appeared to be as if it had been recently forged, for it had not a single scratch on it, the sheet having a pristine shine resembling that of silver. She hoped that the blade would remain like so, without any need to use it.

    “You shouldn’t be afraid to use it, the time may come when what stands between life and death is the use of that sword. I can’t emphasize more that we aren’t going to collect some flowers by the river. The forest is filled with wolves, bears, venomous spiders and the cunning people.” Elizabeth gulped as she started to regret a little inside having accepted going with Duthorian. The paladin gave a smile at her and laughed “Your face says so much about your character, young lady. Don’t worry about anything; I won’t let any harm befall you.” Thought the words didn’t helped her after politely being called a coward by him.

    The shop clerk came a few minutes later with the set of mail. Duthoria paid everything with gold from the bundle he had obtained at the bank, and quickly left with Elizabeth. “Aren’t I going to try it on at least?”

    “As lovely as that would be in front of me, I think you should do that at the inn, take the time to wash yourself as well.” She felt a little flustered deep inside at the mention of needing a bath. They headed then straight to the inn near the bank. Duthorian in the first floor awaiting the young lady to get ready.

    The woman came down with a piece of cloth trying to dry her hair, wearing the mail armor Duthorian bought her. “Now you look like a page.” She smiled back, a little nervous. “It’s a little heavy though.” “You’ll get used to it. It’s made of light materials just for that reason.” Finally fully decked with armor, the two headed back to the Cathedral Square, this time though going inside an office building outside the main structure of the Cathedral. Duthorian gave a report on the status of the bank and filled in some papers before finally heading out toward Goldshire. Once everything was in order, and after a short meal, they returned back to the trade district and onwards to the gates of Stormwind.

    As they walked passed the front of the Auction house, Elizabeth looked back at the Stormwind Square and saw Demalier aside a man, handing out recruiting forms to people interested. Demalier’s eyes met Elizabeth for a moment, with Elizabeth responding back with a wave at the woman. She then continued with Duthorian, passed the Valley of Heroes until they finally reached the gates.

    “From here on we’ll take around 30 minutes on foot to get to Goldshire, we’ll go slowly as a nice warm up alright?” To which Elizabeth nod. “Alright, let’s go.”

    END Entry 2

    Notes: Nothing more till tomorrow, wish I could have started the third. Also it would be lovely to have some feedback :/ I feel like the only one that watches this thread.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 3: Domestic Disturbance

    Goldshire, a small rural town in the outskirts of Stormwind was seeing more and more travelers every day for the past few months. Although the effects in commerce were positive, the great number of people passing by also enlarged the needs and wails of the habitants of these lands. From the inn requiring more hands and faster supplies, to people being mugged and the occasional fight over drunkards, there was a great need of odd jobs to be done and order to be kept. The two travelers, Duthorian and Elizabeth arrived at town in the early noon, being greed by Marshal Dughan.

    “I was expecting more than a scrawny woman to come along with you, Rall, couldn’t get the church or The Crown to send more soldiers or mages? We got a mine problem.”

    “Nothing to worry about Major Dughan; I am all that’s needed.”

    “I sincerely doubt it, I’ve send new recruit after new recruit, each one looking more promising than the last one, and none have still returned from the blasted Fargodeep or Jasperlode Mine.”

    “Mining for gold eh? No random adventurer with a good chunk of gold would think twice about returning it to you, Dughan. You should send real miners instead.”

    “Mining isn’t the case here, Paladin, exterminating is. The mines are infested with damned Kobolds; I need people killing Kobolds before I can worry about mining for the army. We already got reports from Northshire that the Echo Ridge mine is packed with them. The majority of my men are over there keeping them at bay… If everything goes right up north, the boys will have it clean by the end of tomorrow. There’s also the problem up north of thievery and scoundrels though, so they might take a day or two, so I don’t have many men to work with here. Yesterday we send scouts to confirm the status on both the Fargodeep and Jasperlode mines, their corpses speak for themselves. That’s two Alliance mines that aren’t worth a lump of coal if they aren’t purged, and that needs to be done now, supplies need to be at Stormwind harbor by weekend or there wont be any supplies in the front line for months.”

    “Well then, if exterminating a few rodents is all you need, I’ll get my rodent stompers on.”

    “You are going to need some mighty large boots then, paladin; reports have stated that there are a few several hundred Kobolds just in the Fargodeep mine.”

    “Fine by me, major, come” Duthorian then speaks to Elizabeth “We’re going to see someone before we go check out the mine.”

    “You’re still going after what I said?” said the Marshal surprised.

    “I came here by order of the Archbishop to solve problems, Major. The sooner I get things settled down in the mine, the quicker the Alliance Soldiers get supplied.” And so Duthorian head toward the inn. Before Elizabeth followed though, Marshal Dughan stopped her.

    “Miss, allow me to ask you something before I see you two off to the mines... Just how much experience do you actually have in combat?” to what the woman simply remained quiet. “I knew it, you aren’t even a paladin, aren’t you?” and she, a little shy to speak, shook her head in disagreement. “Sigh, that idiot always dragging people around… Look, the mines aren’t right now a place to take a stroll without basic knowledge of combat. You have a weapon?” And Elizabeth showed him her sheathed small sword. “That’s it? Andrew! Give me a shield!” A man looked out the door of the building right behind Marshal Dughan, quickly disappearing to then again emerge with a shield at hand. “I hope you at least know how to hold this, if you don’t though, we don’t have a grave for you, so you better learn how to.”

    Elizabeth took the shield and strapped it in her right hand, thanking the man, although still a little nervous about the grave talk. She then walked toward the inn in search for Duthorian. The inn was awfully busy, maids strolling left and right, with trays full of beer, people eating, talking, and some even having a quarrel. Duthorian had stayed at the stairs waiting for her, asking about the shield she now possessed as they climbed up. At the second floor of the inn, Duthorian wandered the hall, looking around the rooms until he found a priestess along with another woman treating the wounded.

    “Sister Josetta! Milady Belle! It is good to see you both are doing well.” and as Duthorian entered the room, both women gasped surprised.

    “Duthorian, it’s been so long, has the Church finally decided to lend more aid to Goldshire?” asked Priestess Josetta, cleaning her hands as she finished with a wounded foot soldier.

    “His Excellency, Archbishop Benedictus has been focused more on giving aid to the forces of the north as of late, if you ask me though, I wouldn’t spare a single copper to the zealot crusaders… I, on the other hand, had tried my best moving around influences, but still haven’t been able to convince the crown about the crisis in our lands. The higher ups seem to be unable to think straight as they try to keep count of their coins and their land! And just to make matters worst, things seem to get worse by the minute around these woods.”

    “The nobles have always been like that Duthorian, they only care about their lands. It is up to the people often to solve the problems of this kingdom. Though it would be nice to have a rest from now and then… the work of the light never cease for me here. It is only with the help of Belle that I’ve been able to keep up with the careless travelers… but enough talk about official duties, Duthorian, who’s the dashing young lad with you?”

    “Come on in Elizabeth, don’t be shy; let me introduce you to these young ladies of the light.” Duthorian called Elizabeth, who was still at the door. “This is sister Josetta, she’s a priestess at the Cathedral, and she studies under direct tuition of the High Priestess Laurena. Milady Michelle Belle on the other hand, is the apprentice of Doctor Shaina Fuller, who gives her service at the Cathedral of Light.”
    Elizabeth bowed to the women. “Now ladies, this is Elizabeth, she is traveling along with me under Church business. Although still not official, I want to make her my page in order to allow her stay at the Church.”

    “May the light keep company with you on all of your journeys, sister.” And both the priestess and the medic bowed to Elizabeth. “So what are you up to now Duthorian, you mentioned “Church business”, I take it you’ve come to sermon everyone?” and the priestess laughed.

    “As of late, the Archbishop is the one to go for a sermon, he seems to have them in spade, sadly of one flavor only, undead. You two know well just how much he desires the cleansing of the northern lands, and although a worthy cause, I think he should focus more on pressing matters, which now that I mention them, is just what I would love you to help me out with.”

    “What is it this time, Duthorian.”

    “I doubt you are going to love my proposition to you, but I really require of your holy aid… though I could use some of your not so holy skills to assist me as well.”

    “You know better than me that I don’t walk that path anymore Duthorian.”

    “Please” he begged “It’s only once, I promise the church will hear nothing of this.”

    The priest let a sigh as she pondered whether or not to accept his request. “Fine, but I’m not going to terrify anyone again.”

    “Don’t worry, I just need you to infiltrate the mind of someone that’s all.”

    “You say that as if allowing ones entrance into the feelings and believes of a person wasn’t something to frown upon…” and the priestess crossed her arms displeased by the proposition.

    “It’s not going to be a person! Well… not a fellow human at least.”

    “Infiltrating the mind of a sentient being is still wrong, Duthorian, the final result does not justify the means of action.”

    “Look, I promise, whoever you infiltrate with your mind vision will not get hurt, I just need you to get to the leaders of the Kobolds. We can save a lot of bloodshed with this!”

    “Sigh. Kobolds too must be respected, Duthorian.”

    “We are talking here about one little measly Kobold against hundreds of fellow members of Stormwind and its lands, fellow soldiers posted all around the world, Josetta. I only ask you to retrieve me information. I’ll take responsibility of every other action from that point, I too don’t like the idea, but it’s the only thing I can think of.”

    “Fine then, I’ll help you out!”
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Really long, not in the mood to read all of it now, but from what I read its great you should apply to be a rper

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rahzath
    Really long, not in the mood to read all of it now, but from what I read its great you should apply to be a rper
    I hope you like it, I'm a bit afraid that up to now I have been portraying Elizabeth a little bit strange, but I hope when she's actually a paladin, things change more.

    As for RPing, I decided to go like this because I fear I might not follow the rules on the RP forum, I have a tendency to write too much in stories, and some times wanting to post more makes me take control of others.

    Also I'll end Entry 3 soon, hopefully in the three hours I have before bed.


    I wanted to add as a little note in Entry 3 that the reason I referred Marshal Dughan as "Major" is not because of military rank, but because he is apparently the elected "ruler" or Goldshire.

    Wanted to clear that up, it's not me confusing his ranks.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    The priestess, along with Duthorian the paladin and Elizabeth headed out of the inn, not before a couple of drunken soldiers gave them a stare and asked them to keep them company at the table. Once outside, Duthorian again met with Marshal Dughan, conveying his and asking him to get miners ready to enter the mines. The Marshal didn’t like his idea, partially due to the fact Duthorian forgot to mention the usage of dark arts by Priestess Josetta. But none the less he gave the order and while the group of three traveled toward the Fargodeep mine, the miner carts along with a good 30 miners started their preparations to continue their labor at the mines later that day.

    As the group approached, Duthorian told them to stop. The group was high atop the cliff from which the entrance of the mine was located. Duthorian gave a look around and noticed the Kobolds hard on work. He signaled the ladies to approach near to look down.

    “You see that Kobold hauling that load Josetta?” as he pointed down a Kobold that was picking hauling out of the mine a great deal of a brownish ore. “He will do.”

    The priest, still a little bit displeased with what she was about to do, stood up and began to channel the spell in her hands. Quickly she had a bolt of a strange purple magic in her hand, proceeding then to launch it toward the unsuspecting Kobold. “I swear, Duthorian, that if someone accuses me of shadow craft again, I’m going to take up the dark arts again and curse you on your sleep.” The bolt soon hit the back of the head of the Kobold, it not flinching or even noticing it as it when right through into its mind. The priest’s eyes shone with an eerie light, and she asked “What is it you want me to tell you now?”

    “First let him run into the mine, tell me how many Kobolds you see on the way in, a general direction he’s taken, and finally, notify when you see a big Kobold.”

    “Alright, I see three Kobolds already, but they seem to be headed down a mine shaft, another one’s coming outside the tracks. This Kobold suddenly stopped in a big room and someone seems to be screaming at him. There’s a few Kobolds there hitting the walls and collecting ore. Now everything is dark… Seems like he dropped his candle.” Duthorian gave a chuckle. “Don’t laugh, I might lose concentration. He seems to be approaching a torch now, another Kobold handed him a candle. Now he’s headed directly west of the tunnel he came in from… I see your big Kobold……. And I can’t see anything else” The woman’s eye returned back to normal. “The Vision dropped, he’s out of my range.”

    “Come on, I thought the spell was able to see into the minds of people in the other side of town.” But the priest looked back at him with anger. “Excuse me, but I’m not supposed to be using this. Besides, I did what you asked, I don’t want to do anything more that goes again my pledge.” “Fine, fine, thank you for your hard work aiding me, Josetta” he then showed her a small paper he had taken out as she used her mind vision. “Now I have a lay out of the place, now if I could bother you with your blessing, we will get going.”

    A strong light shone from the hands of the priestess, as a powerful force empowered the body of both Duthorian and Elizabeth. “There’s The Light’s fortitude, now this is something you can ask me any time to do. Please be careful down there.”

    “You have nothing to worry about.” And the paladin descended down into the side entrance shaft of the mines. He then looked up and saw Elizabeth still standing aside Priestess Josetta. “Hey, get over here, you can’t learn anything from there!” And she then ran down the cliff, though tripping and falling on her face hard due to the weight of her equipment, Duthorian having to give her a hand to stand up. “You’re alright? Nothing broke?” at which the woman responded shaking her head. Duthorian then stepped quietly into the mines, sneaking in quietly followed up close by Elizabeth. The mine shaft at first were very well lighted, but the more they progressed inside, the less visibility and hotter it got.

    “I guess I should have brought a torch, I can’t see anything I scribbled down.” And he took the paper and rose it up a bit toward where they had come from, trying to get the most like on it to see clearer. Elizabeth’s eyes though, could see clearly his little scribbles, she asked Duthorian to hand her the paper. She deduced that they were near the large room inside the shaft Josetta had mentioned earlier seeing in the mind vision of the Kobold. As she handed back the paper to Duthorian, he noticed a faint blue gleam from her eyes, he remembered her eyes being pretty bright before, but he hadn’t noticed just how bright they were inside the mine. They proceeded with the information Elizabeth managed to read, and soon saw the great opening, with a few torches here and there and small candles moving near the walls. The sounds of mine picks could be clearly heard now as they hit against the wall and produced a faint glow from the metal hitting the mine veins.

    “Alright Elizabeth, we can read the parchment here with the torches, stay crouched.” Duthorian neared the paper to the nearest source of light, he then pointed to the left. “If he hasn’t moved, he should be just up ahead. Keep quiet and in the shadows.” Then the paladin, still crouched, moved carefully to the edge of the entrance of the huge shaft, followed by Elizabeth. He made sure to keep an eye on the faint candle lights, not to alert any Kobolds of their presence. For being in heavy armor and having no knowledge of infiltration, both had succeeded well in entering unnoticed in to the mine’s heart. As they entered the next mine shaft, they saw afar the Kobold Josetta had claimed to having seen in her visions. He was near a desk reading what appeared to be some parchments, while a little bit near the paladin, he noticed what seemed to be a small candle in the floor still on. From the faint glow it produced, the paladin could make out a strange liquid that appeared to be blood on the floor the candle lit. Elizabeth though being able to see better in the darkness, knew what remained covered in shadows. It appeared to be the Kobold that Josetta had casted her vision upon. The Kobold laid there, with a large piece of rock having fallen on him. It appeared that the reason Josetta lost her vision on the Kobold was due to the fact a small cave in had killed it. She almost let out a cry when she saw the horrific scene, but she covered her mouth, trying not to alert any Kobolds.

    Duthorian wondered what she had seen, but she didn’t responded when he asked her, she simply asked him to continue. As he passed by though, the lingering smell of blood gave him a hint that it was a corpse. “Stay here Elizabeth” he then strolled quickly but silently toward who he believed to be the foreman Kobold. Duthorian quickly tackled him against the rock wall, it letting a soft shriek like that of a rat. A swift hit in the head by Duthorian though, silenced it, as it seemed to knock out the senses of it. ((Let’s say he used Hammer of Justice))

    “Alright, let’s get busy little Kobold.” And he neared the foreman’s eyes. “Listen carefully, because I know from simply giving a look over those papers you got there that you speak common.” He then grabbed the papers, along with a few the Kobold still held tight in his grip. “I want your little band of rodents out of here with the least blood shed possible you hear me? I don’t want to drive this into your face” And Duthorian drew his great hammer from his back and showed it to the Kobold. The creature started to sweat, still being unable to move, it collapsed to the floor.

    “They should give me a position in SI:7 for persuasion, eh?” and he grind, Elizabeth clearly not understanding what he insinuated. Duthorian rummaged around the foreman’s table and took a rope, but as he began to tie him, a Kobold noticed the two, and started squeaking as it ran away down a nearby shaft. “Curses, Elizabeth, go get him, I got to tie this one down. We can’t afford that little rat squeak… I mean speaking of us!” The woman stared at him for a moment. “What are you waiting!?”, but just as he yelled at the woman, the foreman regained his senses and broke free from Duthorian’s grasp. He quickly gave chase behind, yelling at Elizabeth “GO GO GO!” And she ran behind the Kobold. Even though the mine shaft she had entered was unlit, she could clearly see afar the Kobold running brightly with a candle on its helmet. She rushed to him as fast as her mail armor allowed her to, but soon came to a sudden stop as she noticed from afar that the Kobold seemed to have no escape, for he had hit a dead end. The Kobold looked desperate, and as it looked around for a way to get out, it noticed a mine pick stuck on bedrock. Once the mine pick was in its hands, the Kobold turned around toward Elizabeth with what seemed to be a frenzied rage.

    Without thinking it twice, the woman drew her sword out as she saw the frenzied Kobold run up to her. She didn’t know what to do, yet the Kobold didn’t stop. In panic she raised her shield up front her, receiving the blow of the Kobold. The strong hit unbalanced her and knocked her back a little. She got up quickly and saw as the Kobold raised the mine pick again high above its head. She again tried blocking it, receiving the heavy blow with the shield, the sound of the both crashing echoing through out the mine shaft. The woman panicked, she didn’t know what to do, yet she had an unrelenting Kobold on her slamming a mine pick against her small wooden shield. Quickly her shield was in really bad shape, cracked by the repeated strikes. The Kobold then, being consumed by rage, slammed the shield out of the way between the woman and him. As the shield’s strap broke and the shield flew away from Elizabeth’s right arm, the Kobold raised the mine pick and with great force slammed it down toward Elizabeth’s chest. Just as the Kobold got ready to attack, the woman attempt to move away from the attack, but as she dragged her body backwards, she was hit by the pick on her right leg. Blood splattered around and the woman let out a cry of pain. The pick had sunk partially into her muscles thorough the armor, but luckily the armor held it from sinking further in. The Kobold couldn’t pull it up, so it leaned to get a better grasp at the head of the pick, finally taking it out of the wound. Again it took the same position with the pick high up its head, but this time Elizabeth thrust it with her sword, opening up its throat.

    The mine pick fell back from the Kobold’s little hands, its neck showering the wounded woman with blood all over her face and her torso, then it finally collapsed in between her legs. Elizabeth could barely move her leg, but none the less she struggled to get up and drag herself out of the mine shaft, mid way though she collapsed due to being unable to withstand the pain. She could hear though, yells of fury outside, with the sound of Duthorian’s hammer smashing over and over again. Soon all she could hear was many steps of Kobolds fleeing from the mine and cries of terror. The paladin soon arrived at the mine shaft Elizabeth had gone down. He grasped her tightly and carried her outside the shaft near a torch, examining her wound.

    “I shouldn’t had send you alone like that, I wouldn’t be able to apologize if something worst had happened.” He then channeled the power of the light into his palm and placed it on the wound, the light burning into it. Elizabeth twitched a little as she felt the sting but was then relieved as the pain was relived. “Can you stand up?” and he helped the woman up. “Yes, thank you. I think I can walk on my own now” Still breathing hard and covered in Kobold blood. “I guess you deserve a well earned rest at the inn. Come on, we got to go greet the miners as they retake the whole place.”

    Notes: I had hoped to finish entry 3 today, I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow :] Like always, feedback would be appreciated :/, at least a "neat":C!!
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    a LOT to read, but well made, in my opinion.

    Told ya I'd get to you eventually :P

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod
    a LOT to read, but well made, in my opinion.

    Told ya I'd get to you eventually :P
    I have planned out up quite a lot, I'm planning on going through:

    Westfall, Duskwood, Dun Morogh < Jump > Tirisfal Glade, Western/Eastern Plaguelands, then a trip to the dark portal into Hellfire penninsula, Terokkar, < Jump > Northrend.

    I have many ideas kind of already planned, but it's just bare ideas.

    Also I have it on a word document, it's currently 24 pages on 12 new times roman....
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mistress Elizabeth
    I have planned out up quite a lot, I'm planning on going through:

    Westfall, Duskwood, Dun Morogh < Jump > Tirisfal Glade, Western/Eastern Plaguelands, then a trip to the dark portal into Hellfire penninsula, Terokkar, < Jump > Northrend.

    I have many ideas kind of already planned, but it's just bare ideas.

    Also I have it on a word document, it's currently 24 pages on 12 new times roman....
    Holy cannibalistic hydrogen hydroxide clouds! That's a LOT of writing...

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Alot of story to read, gonna be intresting : .

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    It was a few minutes when the two exit the mines. The Kobolds had left a mess around the mine as they ran away once their leader had been apprehend. Outside the mines Josetta awaited them along with Marshal Dughan, who had under custody Goldtooth, the Kobold fore master. As the two approached, a roar was let out as the miners greet them from their successful endeavor. “Hear that? That’s the joy of victory right there; hopefully you will grow to hear them more.” Elizabeth weakly smiled. “You did really well for the first time drawing weapon out there, though I shouldn’t had let you go behind that Kobold alone.” And the two continued to be greet by Marshal Dughan.

    “Congratulations Duthorian on a job well done. Hopefully we can get this mine running again in no time.” The marshal saluted them. Josetta grabbed a hold of Elizabeth as the two men continued speaking.

    “Hopefully the mine hasn’t run dry, Major. The Kobolds were drawing out an awful lot of copper from there. I hope my little present help you find were the ore was taken to, because I have my doubt these Kobolds came from the underground. We should begin the interrogation right away.”

    “Leave that to SI: 7, Duthorian, you’ve done enough for today” he then pointed toward Elizabeth “She does not look like she could take more adventures for now. How are you feeling young woman?” he looked at the bloodied Elizabeth with concern.

    “I’m fine, good sir.”

    “Oh I don’t think so, young lady! We’ll need to take you to the Lion’s Pride ((This is Goldshire’s inn)) as soon as possible and give it a look at that leg. Duthorian was never good at mending anything.”

    “I do my best for being trained for war, sister!”

    “Quit it, and give a hand to help her back to the inn!”

    The Fargodeep mines had finally been rid of Kobolds problem, now reinstated into production, with the miners working exhaustively to fill in the demands of the Alliance Army’s need. Marshal Dughan for the first time in a few days felt relived, though there was still work to be done.

    At the inn, Elizabeth was taken to the second floor, stripped of her mail armor to allow the two women to examine her wound. While the priestess and medic tend to her, Duthorian took her armoring for repair. He was deep in thought though about Elizabeth’s ability to see almost in pitch darkness and the faint glow in her eyes, though what he pondered most was his ineptitude of letting her get injured.

    Once healed and with a new change of cloth, Elizabeth finally managed to laid down and rest for a bit. Duthorian arrived at the room with her gear fully repaired and a brand new shield for the woman.

    “Had it not been for the shield Marshal Dughan gave you earlier, you might have not survived down there, I might be burying you right about now. For that, I ask your forgiveness for my ineptitude down there and inability to keep things under control. I won’t blame you if you are having second thoughts about continuing with me.”

    “I’m not having second thoughts. Today we made the difference down there, didn’t we? If anything, I’m starting to have greater expectations for tomorrow and the days to come.”

    “Are you sure thought?”

    “Yes, I want to hear the cry of joy from the people again tomorrow.” And she smiled back to Duthorian, reassuring him.

    “Well then, take the time to rest until dinner; you’ll need as much as you can, for tomorrow will be another day to celebrate.”

    Duthorian then left the woman to rest. As he continued outside though, Priestess Josetta called to him into another room.

    “Something tells me you haven’t told us all about that woman, Duthorian, or that you know little about her.”

    “Why do you bring that up, sister?”

    The priestess took a seat aside a table with a small urn on her lap “I don’t want to scare you or anything, but when we took her armor off and treated her wound, I noticed she had these bandages on her right arm.” She then put the small urn on a table beside her. Duthorian approached the urn puzzled, and as he opened the urn he felt an eerie sensation, quickly closing it and looking at the priestess with concern.

    “You should know better than I what’s inside that thing, it might not look very threatening, but the stench of death has been permeating more and more from these bandages since I took them off from her.”

    “I… I don’t understand…”

    “That’s why I’m bringing you this up.”

    The paladin sat down on the bed in front of Josetta pondering the appearance of this evil. “I have serious doubts that this woman is carrying the plague ((Undead plague)) with her willingly, sister.”

    “I’m not implying that she might be, Duthorian… Right now I’m more concerned about this taken care of, now. It’s beyond my abilities to stop its presence from growing. In a few days the urn won’t be enough to contain it, and I’ll spread around like wild fire.”

    “Alright, we’ll try to reinforce the urn so it can hold up for longer. I’ll take it personally to the Archbishop as soon as we return from getting the Jasperlode mine freed. He should be more than willing to put an end to what’s inside.” He stood up, grabbing the locked urn and giving it a look. “Any suggestions?” and as he asked, Josetta produced a chain of light out of her hands. “Alright this should get us started.”

    The two followers of the light worked on the urn, locking it shut with the powers of the light for hours on end until night had fallen over the forest of Elwynn. Later at night, once the Inn was ready to close and all the drunkards at the bar had quiet down, the group of adventurers up in the second floor was ready to retreat to bed for a night of rest, though Duthorian and Elizabeth would stay up a while longer.

    After the urn problem being resolved, Duthorian had a conversation with Priestess Josetta about Elizabeth, he had decided that if he wanted her to follow him into Jasperlode Mine tomorrow, he would rather have her at least know the basics of The Light for her own protection, having the priestess suggest a simple training exercise. At night he presented Elizabeth with a Symbol of Life ((Paladin quest item for the spell [Redemption])) “I want you to keep this with you, it’s a powerful trinket ((trinket: A small ornament, such as a piece of jewelry)) that’s not often handed down to just anyone. I want you to practice with it some spells I am going to teach you. Don’t worry, these are very basic, you might be able to grasp them by tomorrow.” Duthorian then took out another Symbol of Life to practice along with her. The two spend a great deal of time practicing over and over again, until the woman could tap into the powers of the light and fill the small trinket with energy. With her feeling a little woozy after managing it, Duthorian asked her to take it easy and leave it for tomorrow.

    “Tomorrow I’ll get it mastered then…” a little happy for what she had learned and experienced today. Duthorian though, disagreed with her response. “It is one of the deepest pit falls of the path of the light to think it can be mastered. I have lived along side it for a good part of my life, and I still know no mastery over it. You’d do well in thinking of the light as something that grows within you and aids you, not something you can control, pick up at a moments notice ((unlike a certain someone *cough cough*)) and keep under a leash. Thinking like that will only limit the way the light acts with you.”

    “I’m sorry for thinking like that…” “No you don’t need to be sorry, for it is a natural thing of us human beings. We pick up tools everyday to reach a result, thus why we are used to think of everything around us like so, like a tool. But the light cannot simply be picked up as a tool, it chooses you, it is then up to you to embrace it or abandon it.” Duthorian then packed back his Symbol of Life in his bags. “Oh I forgot to give you this as well.” He then presented Elizabeth with a small waist bag like the many Duthorian had. “It’s a small bag, but it will be useful none the less, there’s some food in it for tomorrow’s travel, a wet stone, and some much needed space to carry around the symbol I gave you.” He then handed her the bag, which she proceeded to store in her symbol of life and then put away on top of her repaired equipment. “Tomorrow we will be headed to the Jasperlode Mine, it’s a little bit far from Goldshire, reason why we have lunch packed. We will be assisted by Marshal Dughan with the town miners and Priestess Josetta, though with all the vigilant eyes, I don’t think we will be able to pull the trick we did earlier today. Finally we are going to pass through heavily populated wolf territory; this will be a great opportunity for you to polish your sword play.”

    “Against defenseless animals?”

    “I don’t think calling a band of fully grown wolfs “defenseless” makes any justice for them. I won’t force you, though, if you really find them that “defenseless”. I’ll see you tomorrow, have a good night.”

    END Entry 3
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    A good read, keep the text-walls coming!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    I think your character would fit well in

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 4: More Mining Madness

    It was the dawn of the second day for Duthorian and Elizabeth at the town of Goldshire, the pub down in the first floor filled with people yet again as soon as the doors of the Lion’s Pride Inn were opened. Everyone at the second floor woke up to the voices that came from bellow, yelling for breakfast and service at their table. Elizabeth, having slept well, had awaken earlier than everyone, and had been again practicing with her symbol of life, now being substantially much better at controlling the flow of power between her and the small trinket. Michelle Belle entered a little bit later into her room, with some breakfast for the woman.

    “Here you go, eat up before it gets cold.” She left freshly baked bread along with eggs and bacon on a dresser and continued on to another room. As soon as Elizabeth finished eating she dressed up for the long day to come. Outside the inn, Marshal Dughan talked with Duthorian as they waited for the young woman to come out.

    “Alright, everyone’s here, now pay close attention” he then procured a map from one of his helpers. “This is a map of the Jasperlode mine, it was last revised a few years ago so there might be new shafts made by the Kobolds in the past few weeks” he then darkened a passage on the map with the graphite. “This bit shouldn’t be here, since you can’t enter a caved in shaft… anyway moving on, with the thanks of Duthorian in yesterdays taking of Fargodeep mine, we managed to apprehend one of the fore masters. At first he wasn’t willing to give us any helpful information, but soon enough our rogues made him talk.” He then took out a small graphite lump and made an X in the center of the map. “From what our intelligence managed to get out of that Goldtooth, their plan was to work up to here in the past few days. Intelligence claimed he said something about being unable to afford enough miners over there, I find the information unreliable, but we can assume that if we clear up this area, we’ll have the mine back in Alliance’s control.” He then folded up the map and handed it to Duthorian. “Since you were the one who did Goldtooth in yesterday, I feel like it’s you who should lead in.”

    “Thank you major.” Taking the map.

    “Now, yesterday the boys up at northshire finally got the Echo Ridge mine running as well, though they took all day to get back here. I’m going to be sending a few with you Duthorian, their orders are to assist you in claiming control and then after stay put to defend the workers… yesterday we had some get killed by remnants of the Kobolds that had been at the mines.” He then cleared his throat. “And that is the reason why we will be taking all precautions on this operation. Anyone has any questions?”

    Marshal Dughan then walked away from the group to talk with the miners about their jobs and the orders they had to fill for the shipment. Elizabeth took the chance to mention Duthorian her progress manipulating the symbol of life, to what he responded proud of her, telling her she might be ready to take the next step, and could probably even be able to treat poisons and diseases with what she had learned up to now.

    Finally after the discussion between the marshal and the miners was over, the group was ready to head out into the unknown. Along with Duthorian, Josetta and Elizabeth, 4 heavily armored soldiers with 15 miners tagged along. “I think we should pull ahead from them. Soldiers, follow us guarding the miners but at their pace, we don’t want them to be exhausted before they actually get to mining. You two let’s press on.”

    “Sigh, you need to be more patient, Duthorian, I’m on a dress you know.” Josetta sighed pulling some of her dress up to ease her travel. In mere minutes, the group had progressed far ahead, eventually running out of sight of the miner group. It took the group around 3 hours to arrive at a quicker pace to the entrance of the mine, oddly not confronting a single wolf like Duthorian had anticipated they would on their way there. Once at the mines, they didn’t find anyone outside it. Duthorian had expected to see at least a few Kobolds on guard outside, due to the lost of the Fargodeep mine, but he was surprised as not a single soul could be seen.

    Duthorian approached the mine entrance, he took out the map and gave it a look, then looked inside as far as he could but didn’t see or hear anything. “I have the feeling this place might actually even be abandoned…” he then looked back at the two women who had been examining the vicinity. “Take a seat, we’ll eat while we wait for the soldiers, I don’t like where this is going.”

    Elizabeth pulled out a bundle of cloth and opened it up, inside she had a ripe red apple with a bottle of milk and a small loaf of bread and some cheese for her, the others seemed to have the same meals as well, though Duthorian seemed to have a skin full of what appeared to smell like dark wine. “Give me that!” And Josetta quickly swiped the drink from his hands; she corked it and put it aside. “You are on duty.” Duthorian was sad that Josetta took his skin of wine away, but didn’t insist on her to return it because he knew she wasn’t going to. As he waited and watched for the miner group to arrive, Elizabeth saw Josetta sniffing the content of the skin of wine, taking a sip of it but stopping as she noticed Elizabeth watching her. She casually corked it again and, a little flustered, gave it to Elizabeth. “Here you keep it away from Duthorian… and from myself.” And she handed Elizabeth the tempting skin of wine, tucking it away in her bag aside the bread she didn’t eat and her empty bottle of milk.

    Still awaiting the guards to arrive, Elizabeth took the chance to ask for more lessons from the paladin. He then asked her to show him her progress. Once she channeled from the symbol light, the paladin was convinced she could now move away from the symbol. He then practiced with her channeling the light without the symbol, Elizabeth quickly grasping it; finally he taught her basic healing spells, cutting his palm a little with a small knife to let her practice. After finishing up their meal, they finally saw from afar the group of miners and guards coming. “Alright they’re here; let’s get this on the road.” Once everyone was at the entrance of the mines, Duthorian divided the guards into two groups; one would head in along with them while the others would stay outside with the miners, who would set up everything they needed to start the digging. Duthorian and company walked carefully inside with some lid torches, as it seemed the mine’s torch hadn’t been lid.

    “Duthorian, don’t you find it strange there are no lit torch inside?”

    “Could be that the Kobolds want to use their candles instead.”

    As they pressed on, the light of the entrance soon dimed out of vision, their only light being what their torches illuminate. Their single road soon divided into three paths. Duthorian gave the map a look against his torch, pointing toward his right. “This side is the only road we can take, up ahead is the cave in.”

    The group pressed on up the only mine shaft available for them, though one of the guards when in the shaft Duthorian had said to have caved in, and confirmed that not so further ahead, there was a blockade of rock from top to bottom. As they continued through, they began to notice signs of Kobold work. They could see mine cards partially filled with ore littering the whole place as they continued on. Finally they reached the shaft Marshal Dughan had advised the group to reach. The group was dumbfounded as the whole place seemed to be deserted.

    “This is.. Strange, I thought we were taking a mine from Kobolds… not from air.” The paladin scratched his head as he couldn’t think any reason why the mine would be abandoned like this. Elizabeth began to pace around looking at the beautiful walls filled with mine veins bulging out of the walls.

    “Maybe the Kobold mined in deeper? Shall we search more?” suggested Josetta. Duthorian placed his torch in a torch handle hanged from a wall, then took a careful look at the map he was given my Marshal Dughan. “Well sister, I don’t see any other place they could have headed too aside the cave in, which we know is closed off, and….” And he looked toward were Elizabeth was standing. “Hey Elizabeth, what’s behind you?”

    The woman turned back and thrust her torch forward to light against the wall behind her. Although not evident at first, there was a small freshly dug shaft with some wooden crates covering it up. The paladin walked toward her and requested her to move aside as he pulled back the crate, then asking Elizabeth’s torch. He saw into the shaft, which appeared to be merely a small hole, in the ground a mine pick stuck as if abandoned in place. Duthorian when inside the small hole to pry it off the ground, but wasn’t able to, he then asked for aid to get it off. Since the shaft was relatively small, and Duthorian was already inside, Elizabeth being the only one small enough to fit with him, decided to help him out. They pulled and pulled but it seemed to not want to move from place. Frustrated, the paladin kicked it, and managed to remove it from place, though quickly regretting his action as the floor they stood on along with the ceiling collapsed on them, dividing them from the other half of the group.

    Quickly Elizabeth got up and looked around. The torch laid in front of her with its fire put out by the dirt that fell on it. Although the cave section they were now in was pinch dark, she could still see most of her surrounding. She was under a small piece of lumber that seemed to have fallen along with them. Once she moved it and was freed, she checked herself for injuries, being entirely fine except for a few small bruises caused by the fall. She looked around searching for Duthorian, quickly finding him as she heard him moan in pain. He seemed to be alright except for one of his legs, which was trapped underneath a great deal of the cave in. She attempted several times to free him, being unable to even move the rubble that trapped him. The paladin seemed to have been knocked pretty hard on the fall, but luckily was still conscious enough to feel pain and talk.

    “Elizabeth, I can’t see anything, where are you?” Elizabeth then grabbed his left hand. He quickly looked toward her and saw her faint blue glowing eyes and knew how to track her around the place. “I thought I when blind or something on the fall, but it’s the torch that when out eh? I can’t move, I think my leg is broken.” “Could you help me from there to push away this rock?” “I’ll try… though the pain is killing me…”

    The paladin pushed the rock as Elizabeth pulled from behind, but he couldn’t take the pain and let go of it, causing even more pain and letting out a loud yell. “I can’t take the pain…” Elizabeth was a little sad to hear him in pain and be unable to do anything to aid him. “Do you know anything I could do to ease your pain?” “Well….” And Duthorian began thinking about what to do. “I don’t know, bah, if that Josetta hadn’t taken away my skin, maybe I could get drunk and forget about the pain.” Elizabeth then realized that maybe she could help him do just that, as she rustled through her bag, grabbing hold of the skin and pulling the cork off. The intoxicating aroma filled the air quickly and Duthorian’s face filled with a smile, though not lasting for long as the woman jammed the neck of the skin on his mouth and poured a little bit too much alcohol. Duthorian quickly felt the effects of the alcohol, starting to talk strangely while also hiccupping far too much. No longer feeling pain, the paladin pushed and pushed disregarding the actual welfare of his stuck leg while Elizabeth pulled. Finally managing to free him, the woman helped him lay down and gave a look at the wound.

    “I doshn’t kno if shoo…. Hick! Know howsh to fashen… hick! I mean…. Fastensh a bandage now can you?” And he rummaged through his bandages, taking out some really thick woolen bandages. Elizabeth, in her previous farm life had to deal with injuries fairly often, and knew a little bit about applying first aid. She took the skin of wine off the hands of the drunken paladin, who protested, and then threw some on he open wound. After disinfecting it, she gently bandaged it. “Greash job….. Hick….. I jush wana hug ya and kish ya and do a lot of shtuff to you that might get me in trouble…..”

    Elizabeth pretend to having not listen to what he said, jamming the skin of wine back on his mouth. In a few minutes, strange noises began to be heard all around the tunnel they seemed to have been stranded in. The paladin, still drunk, didn’t notice, but Elizabeth did, and was on the look out around. The sounds kept on and off for a little longer, until ceased. Soon enough though, Elizabeth would discover the source of the sound, as out of nowhere, she could see what seemed to be a two feet ((50-60 cm)) tall spider. She let out a soft gasp as she saw it slowly approaching them. “Whaths wrong?” said Duthorian in a lower tone and seemingly more sober as the effect of his drink began to wane. The paladin couldn’t see anything, but he could hear Elizabeth retreating back near him up at the mountain of rubble he was sitting on. The spider continued to approach the two, though seemingly feeling around as it seemed to be either blind, or unable to see in darkness. A rock crumbled beneath Elizabeth’s boot as she tried to climb up a little bit more, small pebbles falling down and alerting the spider of where it wished to head. The spider quickly climbed, the woman being froze in place as it saw move quickly toward her. Soon it was standing over her, touching her around with its thin legs, and rubbing both of it’s fangs between each other as it readied it’s mandible to bite in. The woman gasped and drew her sword, putting in between the fangs of the beast and her chest. The sword sank partially into its fangs, gushing out the venomous liquids it contained all over the woman’s abdomen, and in the mandible as the spider tried to bit through it, screeching in pain. Elizabeth quickly kicked away the oversized spider, standing up while staring at it. The spider quickly got up moving around confused, then the woman running down to finish it off.

    “Just what the hell are you doing?” asked Duthorian, who was unable to understand what happened due to being unable to see any of the event happening. The woman gasped quickly for air after having killed the spider, but soon began to hear the strange noises she had heard before, this time being many. “We got to make a run for it! Come on.” “I don’t know just what the hell happened right now with you, but I do not like the sound of that.” The paladin quickly got up, forgetting he had a broken leg. The woman got near him and gave him a hand so he could be able to move faster. She moved quickly passed the small hole the spider had come out from and quickly came to a halt as she looked deeper into the direction they were headed to. There was a long mining shaft with its sides littered with web cocoons, some of them even moving around as if containing a living thing inside. She almost threw up, but resisted the urge as she continued inside. Quickly the room began filling with light as they progressed, and Duthorian finally noticed the nice decoration around.

    “No wonder, these are mine spiders! All these cocoons must be the unfortunate Kobolds that had been mining here…” he said as they continued on urgently trying to move away from the place. Up ahead the paladin could see a cocoon with what seemed to be an arm shape holding something on top of it. “Yoink.” The paladin said as they passed by and he took what the arm held, though he couldn’t tell yet what he pilfered from the cocoon due to it being covered with web. As they made it passed what seemed to be an old ceiling support from when the mine shaft was still operational, they found the source of the light entering the abandon shaft, but also were horrified by what they saw right under it. It was a huge green spider, with dark spots and stripes all over its legs, and a huge abdomen. It appeared to be guarding its eggs, and didn’t take it very lightly when it noticed the presence of the paladin and woman near its nest. “This isn’t going to end well. Elizabeth let go of me and find an exit, you can’t carry me and run away from that... that thing.” “What? I couldn’t let you stranded here.” “Just do it.” And he knocked her away from him. The paladin drew his huge hammer and lumped to the right as fast as he could while Elizabeth fell to the floor a little closer to it on the left. The woman quickly took her shield off her back and put it in front of her as she stood up and walked sideways left trying to circle the huge beast. As she continued onward left, she noticed toward behind the beast what seemed to be an exit shaft covered with a thick web. “Look over there the exit!” “Fine and dandy, get going!” “But…” “NO But, just go!”

    The woman began to move toward the exit, circling around the creature. It moved around keeping her in its line of vision. The spider let out a roar and decided to attack her. She quickly looked toward the spider as she heard it move and ducked, narrowly avoiding getting impaled by the huge fangs. The spider seemed to be stuck for a moment. Duthorian, taking the advantage, jumped a few times with his good leg, and delivered a blow with his hammer on top of the spider’s head. The first blow didn’t had much effect on the spider, but the next few slams subdued the spider, splattering its white flesh contained inside the exoskeleton out. Duthorian moved carefully as he could around the spider’s carcass, being joined by Elizabeth at the other end. Once there thought, they noticed from the shaft they had come from, poured out a pack of smaller spiders.

    Duthorian grabbed Elizabeth by the waist and lift her up to the cliff with the web covering; she then grabbed a hold of him and helped him up. They saw as the spiders swarmed over the opened spider’s head and began to feed on its flesh. “That’s what I call motherly love.” Exclaimed Duthorian watching the feeding frenzy while Elizabeth cut lose the web and crouching inside the hole. A few minutes later the woman’s head emerged from a small hole in the main mine shaft they had been with the others hours ago. The place was filled with people on the other side digging in an attempt to rescue them. “A little help over here!” she yelled out with barely her head outside the hole. Once the hole she had crawled up to was widened up a bit, both Elizabeth and Duthorian were taken out safe and sound.

    “If I was you I would plug that hole shut, before we get spiders crawling all over the place. We just came out of a mine spider’s nest, and a big one I might add.” He then grabbed a hold of his skin of wine and had at it, Josetta disapproving of it but none the less letting him have his way. After word got out that the two had been rescued, Marshal Dughan arrived quickly.

    “I heard the two of you were buried alive!” the marshal took the sweat off his fore head in relive of seeing them alive. “From what I gathered, there was never Kobolds in here eh?”

    “At least not up here, there’s a few couple buried down there feeding the spiders, in the end, you’ll have to go thank them for the job.” And Duthorian laughed, hurting his leg a bit.

    “Well then, I guess we can finally start mining operations here too. Again thank you Duthorian for getting our mine back. It might be a small shaft, but the ore we can draw out of here will supplement the supply lines for both Stormwind and Goldshire. I’ll get some people to take you out, since I can see your leg wont be able to carry you. I hope you can stay a bit in town, though I know you must want to head back to Stormwind as soon as you can.”
    Back at the Lion’s Pride inn from yet another mine adventure, Michelle Belle gave Duthorian some medicine to make him stop drinking so much to keep the pain at bay. Elizabeth washed herself from the fluids she had been bathe in earlier, and collapsed in bed without eating a thing. Just before she fell asleep, Duthorian, who was on the bed aside her and whispered to her without Josetta or Michelle listening in “Hey, what I said back at the mines…. I really didn’t mean to say it.” Elizabeth didn’t know if she wanted to be happy or angry about it, simply ignoring him and falling asleep for the rest of the night.

    END Entry 4
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Entry 5: Back to the Capital

    As the early rays of light broke through the forest, the town of Goldshire erupted with work once again. The past weeks people had congregated at the Lion’s Pride inn due to the Kobolds mining operation in the Fargodeep mine and the inaccessible Jasperlode mine. Now though the people that once spend their whole day at the inn, drinking, were all working, for the worst or the better.

    Marshal Dughan had been very pleased by the work Duthorian and his unofficial Page, Elizabeth. Although he would have wished for the two to stay longer to aid the town folk, the paladin had pressing matters to attend back at the capital, namely returning to Archbishop Benedictus with Josetta’s urn. Duthorian, being still unable to walk due to his leg, was given a ride on a caravan returning to Stormwind at the request of the marshal. Both the paladin and the woman waved back as they left the town of Goldshire and hit the high road back to Stormwind.

    Rummaging through his belongings, Duthorian withdrew out the strange object covered in web he had procured from a cocoon back at the Jasperlode mines. “I never took the time to see what this is…” The paladin pulled the web that covered what seemed to be a big lump of ore, discarding the entangled mess of web on the road. “I guess that Kobold held to his work till the bitter end…” and he gave a turn at the ore, noticing the ore seemed to be covering a huge gem inside. “Or maybe it held to greed till the very end huh?” He then showed Elizabeth the small piece of the gem that was visible on the surface of the ore. “It’s a Shadowgem, and it seems to be a really big one.”

    “Shadowgem? An evil gem?” The young woman responded puzzled, for she knew little to nothing about minerals or gems.

    “Ha ha ha, no no, it’s not an “evil” gem, it’s a Shadowgem, it’s called like that because of the hue it has, see how it’s purple but as you move it, it changes color?” the paladin moved the ore sideways to produce the effect, the small piece visible changing from a light purple to a very dark one. “It’s a fairly common gem to dig around these parts, but the majority of them are usually found in very deep underground deposits, making them expensive due to the difficulty of obtaining them, not the rarity.” He then gave a look back at the gem.

    “I never had heard of it before, the only gems I had seen before were some tiger’s eye my father owned.”

    “You never have seen an old insignia? Those had small rubies encrusted in the eyes. The army back then was extravagant; they even made the whole thing out of bronze. Now they make it out of the cheapest thing and paint it.” The woman then remembered her father’s insignia, which she had carried with her bellow her armor. She grasped her armor over the insignia on her chest, looking in the direction toward Westfall for a few seconds.

    Soon the caravan was at Stormwind, the trade district being as packed as always. Since the caravan couldn’t enter into the narrow streets of inner Stormwind, both the paladin, aided by a crutch, and Elizabeth continued on foot. They quickly passed by the Auction House’s narrow street en route to the Cathedral district, Topper McNabb begging for a copper or two as they passed. Duthorian walked passed him, but threw a gold coin behind, the beggar grabbing it, giving thanks to him from afar as they continued on.

    Soon the two were at the Cathedral Square. Elizabeth offered help to Duthorian up the stairs, but he turned it down saying he was fine. At the entrance, a little boy greed them both, looking at the paladin’s bandaged leg. From afar, they could see a row of men and women on their knees, with the Archbishop giving them his blessing.

    “My blessing I bestow upon thee, warriors of the light. May it keep it’s warmth near you on your journey to the north.” Then rays of light descend on them, entering their bodies and leaving a lingering faint aura behind. Duthorian asked Elizabeth to move with him over the side as the group came from the Cathedrals Altar down the hall toward the exit. After they left, they headed toward the Archbishop.

    “Ah Duthorian Rall, you have finally arrived, I have received good news from a courier send by the Marshal with your exploits, and I must say you did just what the town of Goldshire needed to get back on track.”

    “It was nothing, your Excellency; solving the problems they had not only eased the situation in Goldshire, but also ensured supplies in the fronts all over the kingdoms.”

    “Exactly, I also can see the young lady survived the journey along with you, which on its own is something to celebrate.” He then came down the altar slowly approaching the two. “I heard you were a vital part in Duthorian being able to stand with us here today, and I thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your aid.”

    “I just fastened a bandage that’s all…”

    “You don’t have to be modest. Both of you should rest now that you’ve returned. You never know when the light may need of you both.” A priestess arrived, whispering something to the Archbishop. “Duty already calls for me; I’ll take my leave now.” Elizabeth headed down toward the dormitories, Duthorian staying behind.

    “Archbishop, may I have a word with you?”

    The Archbishop sighed. “Duthorian, I am still undecided about the matters, I understand you may see potential and I wouldn’t doubt you have tried to tutor her while at Goldshire, but I would rather not take a decision quickly as I am extremely busy.” He then turned around as he headed out.

    “I’m sorry, your Excellency, , even though I am also interested in resolving that, the topic was not what I wanted to speak to you of.” The archbishop still slowly heading outside. After seemingly being ignored, the paladin decided to take out the urn and undo the seal, an eerie presence then starting to emanate from it. The archbishop froze in place as he turned around quickly; setting his penetrating gaze on the urn as if being able to see through the strange shining metals the small container was made of. “This is what I wanted to have a word with you, but if you are too busy.” Finished Duthorian, extending the urn forward.

    The Archbishop quickly dismissed the priest, who questioned him what she was to say for his absence. Benedictus moved quickly toward Duthorian, aiding his walk with his great staff. “Tell me what is contained in this vessel of light forge steel.” his tone had become serious, extending his hands as if demanding the urn to be handed to him. Duthorian gave him the small urn quickly without saying a word, as soon as it touched the archbishop, it being engulfed in light.

    The paladin then proceeded to explain what Josetta had concerned him with the night after Fargodeep mine had been taken control off. The urn still was surrounded by a blinding aura of light that the Archbishop Benedictus produced. “Knowing what’s inside this, I couldn’t let it exist longer.” He then placed the urn on the rock floors of the Cathedral, facing away of it as he took a few steps away from it, Duthorian walking back as he imagined what was just about to happen. The urn opened wide and darkness began to form up from it, the Archbishop turning around, thrusting his great staff forward. Rays of light shackled the formless black mist in place, then a series of divine flashes fell on it, thundering through the halls as they did, burning it more and more until nothing of it remained but the small urn and cinders left from the bandage contained inside. The powers Benedictus had unleashed on the vessel caught the attention of every priestess and paladin on the halls, having the High Priestess Laurena to come out of her quarters concerned.

    “There’s nothing to see here, no need to be concerned.” Let out Benedictus. Everyone but the High Priestess returned from where they came, she remaining to inquire what had occurred.

    “It is nothing, I am sorry for having interrupted you.”

    “I don’t think you would summon the might of the light just for “nothing”, your Excellency.” The priest inquired more.

    “Return to your quarters, that is all I ask of you.” Responded being unwilling to say anything. The high priestess gave up with his stubbornness, and quickly returned to her quarters shutting herself in. “Duthorian, bring me that woman to my quarters now.”

    The Archbishop moved his long robes away of his path and disappeared toward his chamber. In a few minutes Duthorian was with Elizabeth at his chamber’s doorstep like they had once before, this time the Archbishop asking for Elizabeth to come in and for the paladin to stay outside.

    Inside, the Archbishop quickly pointed with his staff toward a seat, demanding her to take a seat. Elizabeth quickly sat down on the wooden chair, unknown of the reason for being asked in there.

    Note: Sorry for the late update today :c, I was stuck all morning up to the night today with cleaning my..... incredibly dirty closet. Hope everyone likes it, feel free also to give feed back!
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    “Duthorian presented me earlier with something that filled me with concern.” The Archbishop rests his staff beside his seat. “I think the best way to approach my concerns is to inquire on them myself.” He then paced around the room grasping his bear. “First thing I would like to know…” and he leaned closer. “Who exactly are you?”

    The woman was confused by the question “Pardon me?”

    “You heard me. Who are you? Are you really from Westfall? Because I find it hard to believe, looking at you. The dye you use doesn’t fool me.”

    Elizabeth simply looked to the floor. “I wasn’t born in Westfall if that’s what you are asking. I’m from… Capital City.”

    “I see, you sound honest saying that, so I’ll take it as the truth. Tell me, how did you arrive here from such a far place like Lordaeron? Was it a refugee camp you came to Stormwind with?”

    “No sir… my father left his wares to move over here, I think it’s been 4 years already.”

    The Archbishop thought for a moment, if the woman had indeed come from the northern lands 4 years ago with the plague, there was no way she could have survived for long with it, obviously meaning that she had come in contact with it over here.

    “Now tell me, why do you dye your hair black? From what are you trying to hide?”

    The woman enveloped her fingers around the black hair a few times, doing loops with it. “At first it was a daily chore, since a child I’ve been applying dye to it sir… my hair is naturally white. But when we came to Stormwind, my father revealed to me why, he said it was to keep prejudice away.”

    “White…” he paced a little “along with those eyes you have… am I correct in saying that you are an elf, young lady?” She shook her head “Half?” she then nodded. “I understand… men fear that which they don’t understand or know little about. Do you keep your elf second name to yourself because of this as well?”

    “No sir, I don’t have a second name…I was raised by my father alone… my mother abandoned me after my birth…. That’s what my father told me.” She was notably uncomfortable about speaking about this, the archbishop noticing her displeasure and omitting asking her about her mother.

    “Alright, I can see how you must feel about this… though I would like to see you move away from hiding your heritage, not only because your brethren here are tolerant and understanding, but as a way of being honest to yourself. Now moving on… the right arm of yours, am I right in saying that you have a scar in your forehand?” she nodded. “Can I see it?”

    The woman revealed her fore arm to the Archbishop, extending it toward him so he could examine it. He was surprised that, although a presence like the one he had felt come forth from the urn still lingered, her arm’s wound had closed up and appeared to be healing up. He couldn’t believe it though, knowing how the plague ravaged the body of those it infected. The thought that the woman could probably be an undead under guise passed through his mind, but soon he let that thought stray away from his mind, as the woman had been exposed to the presence of the light in the Cathedral. He felt ashamed for a moment, having mistrusted her as an undead like the Scarlet Crusaders often did, killing many innocents unjustly.

    “Do you know what the plague of the undead is?”

    “No sir, we rarely heard anything in Westfall aside robberies and wild animals attacking.”

    “The plague is still very unknown to many around the world, in fact, those that know about it often know little of the topic…” He paced a little bit, picking his words carefully. “It is believed to have originated in the far north, yet it has spread all over the northern kingdom of Lordaeron. Now you might think, what does this concern you? Well, on your journeys, Duthorian mentioned you were treated by both medic in training Michelle Belle and the Priestess Josetta, am I right?” she nodded. “Now, today he brought to me something that was taken from you, an old bandage you had on that arm of yours.” He pointed toward her exposed forearm. “What does a bandage have to do with the plague? Well everything, when it’s covered with it.” She remained silent, unknowing anything about the bandage that had been contained in the small urn and the evil presence the Archbishop had destroyed earlier. “Now I don’t want to imply that you might be willingly carrying the plague with you, for nothing about you points toward that fact.” He then sat down in front of the woman, looking at her straight into the eyes “But it is of upmost importance that you tell me the origins of your wound, for the safety of much rest upon it.” The woman, unwilling, told the Archbishop of the attack she suffered at the hands of what he thought and believed to still had been his father. She mentioned to him about the condition he had been in, and the prior events that lead to his sickness.

    Benedictus, with the little information he had obtained from the woman, began to formulate hypothesis as to where the plague could have originated from. He pondered the idea of the Defias having ties with the Cult, and the agents used to destroy the farm had a blight origin, he then thought of perhaps the cult acting on their own, having an outpost in the vicinity, finally he then pondered an attack by a previously existing ghoul in the area. After some thought, he discarded his first hypothesis, unknowing anything about Defias organization, he couldn’t reach the conclusion of a random band of thugs having ties with the Cult of the Damned.

    ((I’d like to add a note here stating that when I mention Elizabeth talking about the Defias, she does not refer to them as “The Defias” since knowledge of them as an organization is still at this moment almost none existent. She refers to them as a band of thugs that had attacked their farms, recognizing them of being said gang due to their red bandana masks. Also, Archbishop Benedictus knows nothing of them due to the fact he pays more attention to the plague of the north, something that would explain his knowledge of the cult, current status of Lordaeron, the Scarlet Crusade and other important scourge events like the Culling of Stratholme (which I would be mentioning next). Though feel free to tell me if you see any problem with what I’m going with this.))

    Afterwards, he gave a thought into the Cult having set up bases in Westfall, it could be possible, but it still wouldn’t explain why they would target a single peasant… maybe they were targeting the farm in an attempt to try what they had previously done in Stratholme, but it would still not make sense to take a small farm that barely sustained the family, when there are huge farm lands in much secluded areas that would be prime targets for them.

    Soon he discarded it and gave thought to his final hypothesis, a stray undead being the cause of it. At first he was unable to believe it, not because he doubt a single undead of being able to cause it, but because he couldn’t think of an origin for said undead creature in the first place. He sat down and took one of the many reports he receives from members of the church when they travel on official business in the nearby lands. Looking through them he read some reports he hadn’t already revised. One of them was from a band over at Westfall a few weeks ago. In their reports, they had added a slip of paper with what seemed to be an official Sentinel Hill bulleting post with a section circled, containing claims of sightings of what appeared to be a ghoul in the area. With this he now only lacked the origin of the creature, and he could send to investigate this problem.

    The woman had remained quiet for the most part while the archbishop formulated his ideas, occasionally letting a yawn out due to being exhausted. Benedictus stopped pondering his ideas as he noticed he had kept the woman on his quarters for too long. “I am sorry, I began thinking a little about the information you had given me, and had forgotten you were still here. For my rudeness I ask of your forgiveness, and for your patience I have to express my thanks, staying patiently for an old man’s sake.”

    Elizabeth, a little sleepy, stood up and bowed to the Archbishop, a little relieved it was over and she wasn’t in trouble. “Hold up, there’s still something I haven’t discussed with you.” Said the Archbishop as he approached the tired woman. What could he possibly want after making her wait so long? “I wanted to ask you how was your experience with Duthorian over at Goldshire, young lady. Do you think you want to follow him down the path of light and into your ultimate destination under the light’s care in the near future?” She nodded quickly without doubt. “Alright then, I hereby grant you permission to stay under his wing until you can stand up on your own, child. Go with the light.”
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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