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    There was no specific guide. I did read a LOT of to check other people's mistakes, other people's successes, etc.

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    Re: @ Cliraaz

    You sir have alot of add ons. Are those FPS with Vsynch enabled? There are some programs like easytune6 that can OC for you allthough I don't know haw safe they are.

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    Re: @ Cliraaz

    I do not enable V-Sync. I realize over the monitor's refresh rate, there are no benefits to the added framerate, but I like to see big numbers.

    I do not trust any auto-overclock software, myself. They often are bad at getting voltages correct (most times they're over-estimated).

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    Re: @ Cliraaz

    I have seen 250+ fps in Ironforge with no vsybc >.>

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    Re: @ Cliraaz

    Yeah, in old world I'm usually up in the low to mid 200s. Even 5-man dungeons, usually 80-120-ish.

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