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    my memory sucks

    need help remembering the name of an upcoming mmorpg. it had a raccoon like race , an awesome looking class called a lancer and the name was something like "the shattered realm of..." "the fallen realm of..."...can anyone toss me a link to this games' site if you know the one I mean? thanks

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    Re: my memory sucks

    Funnily enough I keep forgetting the name of this MMORPG myself when I want to look it up.

    I'm assuming your talking about:

    Let's hope it's a lot more memorable upon release.

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    Re: my memory sucks

    yarr , thanks ;D

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    Re: my memory sucks

    You mentioning a Lancer class sparked my brain. They should make a FF Tactics MMO. They could probably make a pretty sweet class system similar to how it worked in the original FF Tactics where you could mix and match any class but only had certain amounts of points to allocate to different classes much like talent trees in wow.

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