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    Re: Introducing the Remote Auction House

    Quote Originally Posted by Rellekk
    i love how people think their 1-3 subscriptions is gonna break blizzard.
    Have you heard the term "Slippery Slope?" Yes, 1-3 literal subscribers gone will not break blizzard, but think of how many 1-3 people per day realize what they're paying for and what else they could use that money on.

    This guy is also correct..
    Quote Originally Posted by gringo
    Sorry to burst you bubble, but the 11 million was at WoW's peak, and that factored in a lot of chinese players, who do not subscribe, but pay per hour of playtime. these are not regular subscribers. the actual active subscriber number are more along 5-6 million players afair.

    more info here:
    However to add to what he was saying.. Not only did they factor in chinese players that pay per hour, they also counted people who buy 60 day cards. These are not subscriptions. What Blizzard did was count "active" accounts and called it "subscriptions."

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    Re: Introducing the Remote Auction House

    Inb4 exploits.

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