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    Dual Screen guide?

    I have dual screens. I really like how I can do two things at once with them. But one thing that always ticked me off about them is I could never get a full sized program to go into the screen I want it to go in. Is it possible to press a combination of keys or something clever to make it flip to a different monitor on command?

    Edit: The 1st and 2nd post has no idea what I meant, so I will edit it. What I want to do is stop programs that only have full screen mode (not windowed mode), to stop showing in my left screen, and instead, show in my right. Is there some way to do this?

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    Re: Dual Screen guide?

    For the program to the correct monitor, just first set it to windowed mode(I'm assuming wow here...) then drag that window to the correct monitor, then click maximize and it will maximize it in the correct monitor.

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    Re: Dual Screen guide?

    Your question is really really garbled and it's hard to understand what you want to do without giving any examples, but assuming you want to run WoW fullscreen on one monitor and use second screen for other stuff, here's what I did:

    - set windows desktop to extend
    - set WoW to windowed & maximized, and it will open on primary monitor always looking like full screen

    Disadvantage of this setup is slight FPS loss running WoW windowed, advatange is that I can move mouse pointer freely from one monitor to another without first alt-tabbing out of WoW which doesn't work in fullscreen mode.
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    Re: Dual Screen guide?

    Winkey + Shift + Right/left arrow

    In windows 7 that is.

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    Re: Dual Screen guide?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wries
    Winkey + Shift + Right/left arrow

    In windows 7 that is.
    Bah, looks like I have to get W7 or go insane. Thank you.

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