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    Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    Patchwerk (25) Solo Kill by a Rogue
    Jider from Impervious (US-Stormreaver) had a lot of time and a lot of (very) smart ideas to kill Patchwerk (25) alone. It took him quite some time but it's definitely a smart use of game mechanics, see the description below.

    Description from the Youtube video
    Soloing Patchwerk 25-man version was something I had been meaning to do for a while. The main reason I did not attempt it sooner was because of all the trash leading up to him. I had no idea how to handle trash re-spawning or if any of my ideas would even work. I spent a great deal of time thinking about how I would handle every aspect of the fight but I had to resolve numerous issues during the thought process and had to overcome various things which I thought would make the fight impossible. Eventually, I came up with 2 and in most cases 3 ways of handling every problem Patchwerk could throw at me. However, I also came into this fight with a technique I figured out elsewhere, a Shadowstep technique I dub Jiderstep. This technique involves an Unconscious Dig Rat which is considered a critter and it is just like any other rat/critter in game except for the fact you can drop it where you like and it stays put and lasts until it is killed or the server is restarted. You can shadowstep to it just like any other critter. Due to the significant increase in his health pool I tested my methods successfully on live servers in 10-man before moving on to kill it on 25-man live server.

    The fight takes places in two positions, one in the tunnel past Grobbulus, the other on the floor along Patchwerk's patrol path. The setup begins by Shadowstepping to Grobbulus on the platform he tosses his slimes from. I then go into the poison tunnel that leads to Gluth to drop an Unconscious Dig Rat at a key location inside the tunnel where there is a hole that leads back to Patchwerk's room. This position and the floor position are important as they are beyond the leash points for Grobbulus and they allow me to Shadowstep up and drop down whenever I need to. Once the Unconscious Dig Rat is in the right position I jump down and buff and get ready to pull Patchwerk. I execute the pull by pre-potting and launching a Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket. The use of a ranged attack to pull is important as it will require him to path all the way to that point to reset/full heal after a Vanish or Shadowmeld.

    After that, the fight basically becomes a repetition involving a few key ideas. Firstly, I never engage Patchwerk without Evasion. Anytime I am attacking and Evasion is about to wear off, I either Shadowstep up to the tunnel or drop down to the floor. This forces him to spend a great deal of time pathing which enables me to wait for the Evasion cooldown and to heal myself. Another key point is using Vanish and Shadowmeld appropriately. On the initial aggro of Patchwerk, his trash is also put into combat which requires me to Vanish it off but I also use it during the fight to reset his enrage timer which eliminates the need to deal with the increased damage and slime bolts. To do this, I wait for Preparation to come back up, and then I wait until Patchwerk reaches the poison tunnel position. I jump off and immediately Shadowmeld which gets me out of combat and gives me time to eat and/or rebuff as needed. My potion timer also resets. Since I am no longer in combat Patchwerk is in evade mode and begins his pathing back from the tunnel through Grobbulus' room. This is where the pull positioning comes in to play as I am already waiting to intercept him well before his final reset point which would heal him to full. When I engage him his trash aggros again which forces me to Vanish. I watch carefully and if that Vanish fails to reset the trash I burn Preparation and Vanish again. This cycle is repeated until the boss is dead which resulted in a fight lasting 4 hours 45 minutes on my kill.

    Buffs: Drums of Forgotten Kings, Drums of the Wild, Runescroll of Fortitude, Scroll of Agility VIII, Flask of Endless Rage, Blackened Dragonfin. Jewel-crafting and Engineering professions. Gear used can be viewed here. Both weapons are enchanted with mongoose and Instant poison main-hand and Deadly poison off-hand. The reason behind using Purified Shard of the Flame was to counter the significant nature damage from the tunnel (ticks added up to ~2 million damage) and provide extra healing. Other methods of healing included eating, bandages, and Dense Stone Statues. The talent spec used was 0/18/53 and glyphs were Hemo/evasion/ghostly strike. Besides Shadowstep, many of the talents chosen are very useful for this encounter by providing extra survivability (Enveloping Shadows, Cheat Death), increased damage (Dirty Deeds, Setup), or both (Sinister Calling, Lightning Reflexes, Endurance).

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    Blue posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Remote Auction House Beta Test - Update 5.21
    The Remote Auction House beta test is now available to players on all U.S. realms. (Source)

    Jay Mohr at BlizzCon 2010
    Comedian and actor Jay Mohr will be returning to BlizzCon this year to serve as master of ceremonies for the live costume contest and other contests on the first night of the show. Jay is the star of the popular television show Gary Unmarried, and is known for his roles in movies like Jerry Maguire and for creating, producing, and hosting the successful TV series Last Comic Standing. We'll have more info to share about the Friday-night contests and other events at BlizzCon in the months leading up to the show, so keep your eye on for more details. (Source)

    Blizzcon on the east coast?
    We're always open to the idea of hosting BlizzCon elsewhere. Consider though that every BlizzCon and Worldwide Invitational in the past took place in cities where we have local Blizzard offices.

    The primary issue with hosting BlizzCon on the east coast is one of logistics. A large number of people helping to set up and run BlizzCon are actually Blizzard employees. Set up and rehearsals begin days before the start of the event. Sending at least 75% of our Irvine staff to the east coast for at least a week could easily cause major logistical issues with maintaining daily operations, in addition to the substantial extra costs. (Source)

    There's no support for multi-boxing on our end. We tolerate it. For now. (Source)
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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    Love the rogue! Genius, but too much time for me to try. I'd need to pee.

    "We tolerate it...for now"

    dun dun dunnnnnnnnn

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille

    There's no support for multi-boxing on our end. We tolerate it. For now. (Source)[/blizzquote]

    Because those who buy that many accounts to multi box give blizzard alot of money?

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    Those are some madbro skillz that rogue has there.
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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    That's just mind-blowing, and downright ridiculous
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Dragon nipples.

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    HOLY... FUCKING... SHIT. 0_o

    Someone in the US give this man a hug and a cookie from me, will you?

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    No more multiboxing?
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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    It's a good use of game mechanics, but I just don't fully understand why he'd spend 4-5 hours doing it. Seems a waste on my part, but if you have the time to spare go for it!

    Good job, I take my hat off to you!

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    /Bow Jider.

    I was impressed.

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Unspecified
    Love the rogue! Genius, but too much time for me to try. I'd need to pee.

    "We tolerate it...for now"

    dun dun dunnnnnnnnn
    Was thinking the same. Lol. Dun-dun-dunnnnn
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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    Impressive. But im hard to satify. Now show me solo'ing him in timed mode. :P

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    The link to the guild site is broken, should be a . after the www instead of a -

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    Respect to the rogue hard to do something like that

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    fight lasting 4 hours 45 minutes on my kill.

    WOWWWW! Nice job though, very creative. Like the mage who solod rezuvious before they nerfed it.

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    It is indeed a impressive feat and quite a nice thinking outside the box.
    But when I read the threat here at MMO-Champ yesterday regarding the matter many seemed to be mad at him for exploiting pathing and such things.

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    impressive O.O

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    Hey, that was pretty awesome. Kudos to an amazing player for knowing the mechanics to that extent. Man, if he had slipped up with vanish even once and resetted the boss HP...
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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    That was Hawt!
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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    But, Patchwerk tired from running

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    Re: Patchwerk 25 Solo Kill, Blue posts

    Hah, thats sick

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