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    Downloading off Battlenet

    If i have both diablos on my manage games on battle.net, and i decide to download them but no longer have the disk it will let you download right off the site aslong as you have the cd key ( which i do ) but i have lost my disk. Once im done downloading off battle net, to play the actual game do i need a disk? Just wondering if i am wasteing my time doing this.

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    Re: Downloading off Battlenet

    I can not speak from experience, however I do not see any reason that you will need the disk to play.
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    Re: Downloading off Battlenet

    Since patch 1.11 or 1.12 you dont need any disk to play diablo 2. Just copy 2 files: d2xvideo.mpq and d2xmusic.mpq from expansion disc to your game folder.

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    Re: Downloading off Battlenet

    Yup, it worked out fine without the disk. I just needed the CD keys added to bnet then use the code they give u when it ask and it works fine.

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