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    Killing floor problems.

    Whenever I join a Killing Floor game, I play for a minute or two, then I lagg out. I don't disconnect, I just stop syncing with the server.

    Anyone had the same problem and know how to fix it?
    Or some suggestions?

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    Re: Killing floor problems.

    The best place to look it on the forum section dedicated to it on the steam forums.

    Also my uni blocks the ports for Killing Floor, so I have to play around in SP QQ. And easy in KF is probably the easiest easy I've ever tried out. Like seriously I just had the AA12 for the final boss on farm, and just spammed one clip into him and he was dead.
    Must... resist... posting... huge... animated GIF...

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    Re: Killing floor problems.

    I had this same exact problem with killing floor for a while. I only joined games hosted by my friend, and I would lag out in his games but other players wouldn't. When I joined games hosted by other people it didn't happen to me. Have you tried playing with different hosts?

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    Re: Killing floor problems.

    I found a fix, I just have to join the server twice. :P

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