Thread: Ancient games.

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    Ancient games.

    So anyone out there old enough to remember old games on such machines as the Amstrad cpc464 or the Commodore ViC20 for example.

    I havnt seen many people that actualy remember any game older then Sonic which is pretty sad.

    I still have a P200 for playing my old Dos games such as X-com terror from the deep and UFO enemy unknown (Back in the days where it used to say "A Graphics card").
    Or other memorable games such as Xenon2 or Jazz Jackrabbit (Yes I understand Jazz was a rip off, of the original Sonic :P).

    Or a few others such as Renegade on the Amstrad or good old Harrier attack! (Is that an enemy plane or a spec of dirt on my monitor?).

    Any other ones which I have forgotten feel free to remind me of :P
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    Re: Ancient games.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tovart

    I havnt seen many people that actualy remember any game older then Sonic which is pretty sad.

    Wut? Why is that sad? I mean..if somebody is born in 1990 or so, nothing much he can do about it. It is like "Anybody here remember world war 2? Seems many don't, which is just sad" ^^

    That out out of the way...C64 was my first comp..played Space Taxi and Loderunner to death. Loved the Bard's Tale Trilogy too....those are about my oldest memories of gaming.

    Xenon2 rings a bell, but I remember that as an Amiga game.... From the Amiga times, Dungeon Master and Chaos strikes back ruled my world.

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    Re: Ancient games.

    I'm strugglin to find a old commodore 64 game... it was awesome because i was a kiddo when i played it so my memories are totally distorted... you had to control a character in kinda platform 2D way, moving forward , killing stuff, it had pretty epic boss battles where you had to destroy all the parts of this robotic - like monsters, music was astonishing and u had like robot-idra-monsters screaming with flyng parts and shields ... i think u could jump and shoot with a laser gun , or a sword.... :

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