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    Doom Lord Kazzak

    Just a little question: Does anyone know the spawn time of Doom Lord Kazzak and the Doomwalker? I've checked wowwiki and wowhead and thottbot, but none of them have a definitive answer posted.
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    Re: Doom Lord Kazzak


    Also, one of the first responses on the WoWhead page about Doomwalker:

    Spawn time ranges from 2 days till 5 days.

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    Re: Doom Lord Kazzak

    Initial spawn:
    -Tuesday Night, very late (~1-5%)
    -Wednesday Night (50-80%)
    -Thursday Night (15-20%)

    -2 days after previous kill (30%)
    -3 days after previous kill (40%)
    -4 days after previous kill (30%)
    Is the closest-to-truth info I can find. I farm Doomwalker and DLK regularly, and this proves a pretty accurate guide for it. I generally check for them on Wednesday night / thursday + Monday / Tuesday.
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    Re: Doom Lord Kazzak

    Thank you both, very very much!
    "stopdps is webbed" (a little while later) "why isn't the boss dying?"* = win for the whole raid.

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    Re: Doom Lord Kazzak

    Quote Originally Posted by Stopdps
    Thank you both, very very much!
    It's not a "definitive" time, just like Vyragosa/TLPD for those of those farming for the mount, because, there is a period of time that they CAN spawn, and are only forced to if their timer runs out (which rarely happens).

    Knowing the last kill always helps, because lets say you want to kill Doomwalker, and he got killed 3 hours ago. You don't know this, but for the next 2 days you camp his spawn waiting for him, when he won't be able to spawn. You just wasted your time because, all though you didnt know it, there was no way for him to spawn. Now if you knew the last kill time, you could pretty much not bother with his spawn area for 45 hours, then go there and camp from the moment he can start spawning again (if you REALLY want to kill him, otherwise go check periodically)

    Also, they spawn at specific intervals, its not completely random... Every X amount of time, the server rolls (1-100). if theres a ~16% chance for something to spawn, the server rolls from 1-100, if the number is between 1 and 16, the mob spawns, if it rolls 17-100 it does not. Every rare mob has a differant X for how periodically it gets the chance to spawn.

    Trust me when i say camping spawn timers like that are a royal pain in the ass. I camped for that fucking time lost drake for 3 months, killed vyragosa 18 times, dirkee probably 20+, saw 2-3 drake corpses, but never saw it alive.
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