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    I just recorded WoW footage and I wanted to render it via Sony Vegas everytime I render it the quality is terrible compared to the original version on fraps.

    When i stopped frapsing i opened fraps folder and played my movie (uncompressed file) and it was perfect quality.

    then i rendered it and it went to shit.

    Resolution: 1280x1024

    Anyone know Sony Vegas 9.0 settings to get this into good quality.

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    Re: WoW MOVIE

    Dunno what you're doing wrong, but to do it right you need the following settings:

    - Project resolution same as the fraps capture, ie. 1280x1024
    - Project render quality best
    - Framerate same as fraps framerate (lock fraps framerate to 20/25/30, do not use "no sync")
    - Progressive frames with 1:1 ratio, not upper/lower field first

    And most importantly use high quality video compression. In "save as type" use one of these:
    Mainconcept AVC (mp4)
    Sony AVC (mp4)
    Microsoft Media Video v11 (wmv)

    In single pass mode set bitrate to 4 000 000 for AVC or leave default 5M for wmv. In 2-pass mode 4M-10M is good range. The files will be about 30-40 megs/minute compressed. Also force the same framerate and resolution in codec settings you used for project settings, just in case.

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