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    Other Role Playing Threads

    Here's a compilation of anything that could be of any use or help to you with Roleplaying. If you see other threads that should be here, please report them using the "Report Post" button, or PM me/The Madgod/Black Mage/or Elyaan.

    The Basic RP Info - Where to find your footing!

    Joining and Starting a Roleplay - How to get in on the fun!
    The basics of doing what we do here.

    Roleplaying Etiquette - A simple guide on how to act while roleplaying.
    Click on this to have a quick overview of the proper way to act while Roleplaying within the community. Being nice is important you know!

    Beginner Roleplays - A great way to start!
    If you're not sure you're ready for other roleplays, why not try these?
    The Salty Sailor Tavern - Want your character to grab some ale and strike up a conversation? Look no further!
    The Endless Adventure - Don't like bars? Well here's an interesting alternative!
    The Brewery, Satellite of Tempest Keep - Feel like joining a comical RP? Jump into The Brewery, a colossal Naaruvian Inn!

    Character Creation Help and FAQs - A Draenei? A Goblin? What are you?!

    Character Creation - A Bio template, and some basic tips for Role Playing and character development!
    Follow the template and you're guaranteed success! The tips also given are priceless!

    A Guide to Naming Conventions - How to sound legitimate!
    You don't want to be an Orc with the name of a Blood Elf, do you? Well, we can sort that out here!

    Role Playing Q&A - A resource for character creation!
    Need some help with sorting out your background and personality? Check this out.

    Information About Factions - Fancy an army instead of a lone character?
    Some prefer to venture the world alone, but some prefer to be acompanied by thousands. Check out the information about making your own Faction!

    Zappie's Guide to Roleplaying a Gnome - The little guys/gals!
    An eccentric guide on how to Role Play our short and ingenious friends!

    Community Information & Stories - See some of this forum's most creative!

    Stories By Role Players - The creative ones!
    Some marvelous literature can be written on these forums. Be sure to check those stories out!

    Comedic Threads - Comical genius!
    Need your funny bone tickled? Explore the world of comedic threads.

    The Archive - A collection of all of our Role Playing masterpieces!
    A deep and vast collection of the most comprehensive and detailed Role Plays that we have in store.

    Random Extras - The other stuff!

    Absences - Let us know if you're going missing!
    Going on holiday? Feel like falling off Azeroth? Let us know that you'll be gone, so the threads that you were involved in can adapt to the situation.

    Role Playing IRC - The Role Players have their own IRC Channels!
    Want to talk about Lore? How about some more active Role Playing? Visit us for a chat!

    The Character List Ever wanted to see all of the active roleplaying characters on one page? Look no further.

    Ironyca & Noelani's Roleplay Gear List - A great place to go for roleplaying clothing / armor sets as well as a very useful website for locating information on potential transmogrification gear sets. We have a page here that will be documenting any updates here, if you care to take a look at it.
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