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    LF Aion "recruit-a-friend"/trial key (EU)

    I'm basicly looking for a trial key to the EU-client of Aion.

    It's not really a trial key, but if someone has played the for more than 3 month, he can recruit a friend into the game for free

    So if you are so kind, PM me, and I will give you my email

    - Cheers!
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    Re: LF Aion "recruit-a-friend"/trial key (EU)

    I can give you one, if I can find how to get the serial.

    Edit: Now they've took the site down -_-. I'll try to find out how and PM you the code when it comes back up.

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    Re: LF Aion "recruit-a-friend"/trial key (EU)

    They are on to you!
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    Re: LF Aion "recruit-a-friend"/trial key (EU)

    Hi, I don't mean to steal your thread or anything. But now that you have got your key of a fellow mmo-champion member.

    Can anyone recruit me? I would love to try this game and I'm a bit of a no lifer when it comes to grinding like games, so would be fantastic. Just P.M me if you can recruit me and I will give you my email address

    Thanks and thank you Tesshiro for the knowledge <3

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    Re: LF Aion "recruit-a-friend"/trial key (EU)

    Hey Hey same here i realy wanna try this game out im so tired of jumping on a roof in orgrimmar 12 hours a day.
    if there is any1 out there who have this recruit a friend thingy i would love to take one: )
    pm me or send me a mail on [email protected]

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