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    Buying Pre-Built Computer (reccomendations)

    I played wotlk on my older macbook, never the less didnt have a good experience and i am currently not playing at all because i dont have a capable computer, I like macs and was thinking about the 1500 dollar imac, im looking to spend 1000-1500. im open to pcs and was thinking about the base model alienware. i want to run wow smoothly in citys and 25 man raids. and not have to upgrade anything for cata. any suggestions are apreciated.

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    Re: Buying Pre-Built Computer (reccomendations)

    I don't think a base Alienware model will do what you want. I would highly recommend checking out the parts recommended in the sticky and then customizing your own rig at ibuypower or cyberpowerpc.com
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    Re: Buying Pre-Built Computer (reccomendations)

    Honestly, I would look at the Gateway FX series if you are looking for a gaming laptop. I have been using mine now for about 1 year and raid with almost maxed settings at 40+ fps. With Alienware, you are paying an extra $750 for the logo. Here are the specs:
    Processor Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 / 2.26 GHz
    Multi-Core Technology Dual-Core
    64-bit Computing Yes
    Data Bus Speed 1066 MHz
    Chipset Type Intel PM45 Express
    Cache Memory
    Type L2 cache
    Installed Size 3 MB
    Installed Size 4 GB / 4 GB (max)
    Technology DDR3 SDRAM - 1066 MHz
    Form Factor SO DIMM 204-pin
    Configuration Features 2 x 2 GB

    Graphics Processor / Vendor NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS
    Video Memory 1 GB GDDR3 SDRAM

    Display Type 17" TFT
    Max Resolution 1400 x 900 ( WXGA+ )
    Widescreen Display Yes
    Features Ultrabright

    p.s. maybe you'll be as lucky as me and end up getting one that has a 1920x1200 display instead of the 1440,900

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