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    Mass Effect the Movie

    Yesturday a movie for Mass Effect was announced in the making. Hopefully it won't suck as it has the same guys that produced The Dark Knight.

    Original story here: http://movies.ign.com/articles/109/1092495p1.html


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    Re: Mass Effect the Movie

    Interesting. Mass Effect is one of the few Sci-Fi's i can see made into a movie that people would enjoy.

    First, it isn't too weird of a Sci-Fi like Dune, it has a just at home in a alien world feeling.

    For two, it would make a great action movie.

    For three, it won't be a brain-dead action movie. It has a great story behind it.

    BUT, I don't see how they would make a Mass Effect movie. Would they simply be just taking the game and converting it into a Movie. Also, it really isn't mass effect without Shepard, I don't see how they could do a side story.

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    Re: Mass Effect the Movie

    A Mass Effect movie w/o Shepard isn't a Mass Effect movie. If they are redoing the first game it would be cool but then it would lead to 2&3 and if the first sucked... just would be disappointing for the movie business to ruin one of the best game series ever made.

    I'm hoping they can make a good trilogy out of this series like LOTR

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    I really hope that this is made good, this is hands down the best series in video game history for me. Still replaying Mass Effect 2, it's amazing.
    They really really need to know what they're doing, and no offense, but i don't think they could make this bad. I imagine it looking a little like J.J. Abrams' Star Trek (camera flare and all) with a powerful story. I hope they get Seth Green for Joker and all the cast from Mass Effect 2 to play their roles, Illusive Man ftw.

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