Thread: Ready boosting?

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    Ready boosting?

    hey guys i have pretty mediocre laptop
    (vista 32bit 1.73 ghz processor 358 mb intel video card 2gb ram)

    cant join raids with it , but i just found out this readyboosting thing.
    i dont know if you guys ever heard of it( probably did) ,but i want to know how it works and does it do any help with your wow gaming?
    also i havent installed service pack 1 , will this cause any problems? ???

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    Re: Ready boosting?

    No, ReadyBoost will not make your computer run faster, it will only make programs start faster.

    Your problem is that the laptop you have is not designed for gaming (slow CPU and no discrete graphics card). The best you can do is follow the instructions of "low fps" sticky but it will not be enough for smooth 25-man raiding. 10-mans might be somewhat playable. If it's possible with reasonable effort, you could switch to WindowsXP instead. It can boost gaming performance on such low spec system for 5%ish compared to Vista.

    Also install the service packs. SP1 for Vista increases the system performance quite notably.
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    Re: Ready boosting?

    i tried installing it but i t gives a message that say theres been a problem with progrma and then cancels installing

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