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    Computer Quality

    What do you think makes a computer of high or low quality?

    None technical answer needed.

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    Re: Computer Quality

    Basically all computers regardless of brand are made from same components. What makes the difference between OEM's is which components was chosen, what kind of warranty policy you get and what kind of software bundle comes with it.

    Most of the bundled software is totally worthless unless you get AV package with 1+ year of subscription or unlimited (non-trial) versions of DVD/BluRay players. Some OEM's cut corners by choosing cheap components which shows as 'low quality' of sorts when things break more often, but they've done some heavy-duty spreadsheets to come up with what's the minimum they can get away with while making maximum profit, just like all companies.
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    Re: Computer Quality

    Thank you for the reply,

    So in your opinion a high quality computer is one which comes with a long warranty and durable components?

    More input from more people please!

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