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    Crystal Castles Lyrics?

    Crystal Castles - Year of Silence

    I've been trying to find the English version of these lyrics and I'm having no luck... I've recently become obsessed with this song and I can't stop listening to it... It's addicting if you like this sort of thing..

    What I do find is:

    "Minn besti vinur hverju sem dynur
    Ég kyngi tári og anda hári"

    "Illum látum, í faðmi grátum
    Þegar að við hittumst
    Þegar að við kyssumst"

    If anyone can translate or find me the english lyrics I'd be much appreciative ^_^

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    Re: Crystal Castles Lyrics?

    You could have figured this yourself out quite easily via Google. Crystal Castles sampled this song from Sigur Ros which is an Icelandic band. So, I entered the words in Google Translator and got:

    My best friend happens
    I swallow tears and breathe hair "

    "A bad break, cry in the arms
    When we meet
    When we kiss
    I think you can make out what the song is about.

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