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    Wow Critical Error

    So, lately when I've been starting up wow, it gives me this critical error right after I log into the world.

    I'm guessing that the error is about memory storage, but 620000 bytes isn't even a megabyte, and I'm supposed to have ~2.5 gigs of usable memory. I opened up the performance tab of windows task manager to see what it does when I start wow and it errors, and I can clearly see how much memory is being used before, during, and after the error occurs.

    It starts off at around 720 MB (with firefox open), it jumps up just a little bit when I open wow, then while it's loading and actually tries to log me in, it peaks at about 1.7 gigs, and stays there til I close it down, going back down to ~720 Megs.

    If all that isn't the issue, and anyone has some insight about what is actually happening, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Re: Wow Critical Error

    This might sound as a cruel joke, but: delete cache, wtf and interface folders

    You're nowhere near being out of memory. Most likely reason for the crash is either corrupted cache or corrupted someaddon.wtf file. Of course you can just move temporarily those out of the way if you don't want to delete all settings and test if it helps. Deleting cache will not affect your settings and it's safe to do it either way.

    If that doesn't help run WoW's repair tool, because some file is broken in nasty way.
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    Re: Wow Critical Error

    That worked wonderfully. You're my new hero and I love you. ;D

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    Re: Wow Critical Error

    Aye got that alot myself in Grizzly hills and Icecrown.

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