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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Deepholme looks really cool

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    WW needs to be changed :S Hopefully Blizzard realized this and is going along with it. I know my baby dwarf warrior won't be happy with what I said

    I like the DeepHolm screen, very interesting.

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Hrm, I hope this helps out Fury Wars. :P
    Im ooking forward to Cata!

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Wogga
    "the Shadow priest shifts to Mind Sear when there are groups rather than just getting splash damage from Mind Blast."

    what? splash damage from mb? they must be eating those mushrooms
    The point he was making was that Shadow *DOESN'T* work like that. Shadow doesn't get free AoE damage - it has to switch specifically to an AoE 'rotation'. That's what they want Warriors to do, rather than just get insane free damage of fights like LK.

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Just give warriors a new ability that does the same damage single target that whirlwind does now. Problem solved.

    That or buff a talent/skill we already have (victory rush maybe) instead of making a new one.

    Single target, HS, BT, and the skill that replaces whirlwind
    AOE cleave and whirlwind.

    That way we have our single target rotation, and our AOE rotation. which they said they were trying to work on.
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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Cléavage
    on PvP they talk about wanting to make more spec's viable, all ive seen so far is certain spec's deemed 'OP' cut out of the equation, Warrior Prot pvp and Pala Prot-Holy pvp. Whether those spec's were OP or not (which they were) blizz just cut them out the game rather than fixed them.
    You can argue some ppl still use them for a specific setup, but i guarantee most of the ppl who played those spec's changed after those nerfs.
    Of course they migrated away from those specs after thier nerf, the same way they migrated to those specs when they became OP. That's all most people do in pvp, they just gravitate to whatever is easiest to play.

    I personally think tanks have no place in arena pvp. In BGs they serve a purpose, which is to tank drek, gaurd nodes, etc. but in arenas you're either a damage dealer or a healer or you're just taking up space. In order to make tanks "work" in arenas you have to give them a bunch of damage, but at the same time you can't really have someone with access to so much survivability doing that much damage. So it's a paradox. How Blizzard will fix it? I don't know, but so far tanks have been either really bad at pvp or simply too good, with no in-between.

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    imo they seem pretty lost (as always) about the future of fury warriors.

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Could someone explain to me how exactly the different layers of the Elemental Plane (Firelands, Deepholm, Abyssal Maw, Skywall) are "placed"?
    I've tried to figure this out for ages.

    The Elemental Plane is a three-tiered realm. This plane created by the titans is spherical and comparatively small — about the size of a single world.

    It would look like any other world to an outsider — at least, when looked upon from above or on the ground:[6] one large continent surrounded by water, with a yellow sun burning above. A casual visitor, arriving on the surface, might even believe he is on an ordinary — if somewhat violent — planet.

    A glowing yellow orb, casting forth light and heat, hovers near the top point of the globe, acting as the "sun" for the entire plane.

    The sphere of the plane itself is curved in a curious way that tends to baffle creatures of Azeroth's reality. As befits the plane's prison function, escaping through ordinary movement is impossible. A creature attempting to move out of the sphere simply curves inexorably around, moving toward the other side. Thus, if one were to sail across the ocean in a boat, he would eventually arrive on the exact opposite side of the plane's sole continent. The land itself is slightly larger than Kalimdor, while the seas are about the same width in all directions.

    Each kind of elemental has claimed a portion of the world as they do not tolerate each other, in total there are four distinct realms:

    * The domain of Air is called The Skywall. It is a layer located in the air, and sits atop the middle layer. It is home of Al'Akir the Windlord and his air elemental servants.
    * The middle layer supports both, the Water and Earth domains. The surface of the realm is divided almost equally between deep ocean and a gigantic continent dotted with active volcanoes.
    o The domain of Water is called The Abyssal Maw. Neptulon the Tidehunter controls the oceans or Water domain.
    + At the point farthest from Therazane's domain floats a mile-wide shelf of solid ice known as the Frostland.
    o The domain of Earth is called Deepholm. It is the soil and stone of the plane's single continent, and the ground beneath the sea. It is riddled with tunnels and under the rule of Therazane the Stonemother.
    + The surface of the Elemental Plane's ocean is dotted with a few small islands of rock that yet resist Neptulon's endless assault on the land.

    A thick layer of permanent, tunnel-ridden stone supports the earth and water on the surface.

    * The domain of Fire is called The Firelands. It is a third layer of Fire, located beneath the Abyssal Maw and Deepholm. It is a realm of flame, lava and molten rock that constantly struggles to break free of its bonds. This domain was once ruled by Ragnaros, who was later freed by Dark Iron dwarves, as explained above.
    First time I tried to figure it out, I somehow ended up with the Sun being above the Firelands (core), Skywall being below Abyssal Maw (ocean) and Deepholm (land), which of course made no sense whatsoever to anyone.

    I suppose that's what happens when the "first layer" somehow got to be the first layer next to the core, and not the outermost layer.
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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    "Some of the changes that we are getting that we are getting I can agree with, but minimizing proactive healing is something I don't agree with at all, and something that I think is a very bad move on their part."

    Typo in blue post?

    All of the changes look really cool. I am excited for cata !!!

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    im gonna miss the soon to be old whirlwind, i think.
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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    to be honest i think its good they have constant inbalance, if it turns out blizz did get thier goal and make every class balanced the game would get stale fast, with things being imbalanced all the time ur class is constantly changing in little ways keeping it fresh and i like this and i think its worth wading through points where my class sucks makes it feel all the better when i own some one playing what is conciderd an "over powerd" class.

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Just remove arena, problem solved

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelthon
    do i wanting my cat come the expansion due to signifying a reroll fresh scratch the night elf mage?

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by wushootaki
    Just remove arena, problem solved


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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    GC's comments on pvp make me think that arena will die off in cata as this is about the same talk they gave us when they decided to stop trying to balance 2s and took out the rewards.

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by BLSTMASTER
    Victory Rush, huh. Very interesting... :P

    Yeah it's pretty much useless in most raiding environments (and very seldom used in PVP)

    Think I used it most when leveling up
    It's being redesigned. I swear. Why do people have so much trouble with this. Every time there's a blue post about "we're working on redesigning X ability to replace y." Some witty "class expert" has to pipe up to inform the world that x ability sucks and he can't believe Blizzard thinks people use that, or would want to use that, and does anyone at Blizzard ever play this game?

    They're redesigning the ability. It will work differently. Will you want to use it? I don't know, they're still redesigning it. Maybe it will still suck. Maybe it will suck more. More likely, given that they have an alpha and beta in which to test the changes, it will be added to your rotation. After it has been changed.

    Quote Originally Posted by NaRa_
    "Some of the changes that we are getting that we are getting I can agree with, but minimizing proactive healing is something I don't agree with at all, and something that I think is a very bad move on their part."

    Typo in blue post?
    Typo in the quote the Blue post was responding to. They edit the questions they're answering.

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    Blizz fails when they try to put all speccs in both pvp and pve.

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    beaut screenshot. i remember blizz said they were disappointed azjol-nerub wasn't a whole underground zone with an 'underdark' feel. seems like they are making up for it in deepholm

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    What does "Knee jerk reaction" mean ?

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    The part I liked most about that was this line "but a lot of things will change with classes over the next several weeks"

    Normally it's months which makes me feel sad cause it implies far away :P

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    Re: Deepholm, Blue posts

    peyote ftw

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