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    Congratulations to him! Must have been quite some work to actually come through with such a feat - and just a few days before the speculated patch release date (some achievements turn FoS, new ones come in, old ones go out), one can say it was about time he got done =)

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    perhaps talking to a girl... nobody knows
    You people treat it like the meaning of fucking life to be with someone, get over it seriously.

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    thats crazy, congrats to him

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    I'm sure there's plenty of girls he can talk to in game, it's not like they're rare in WoW these days.

    Grats to him. I'm still trying to hit 9000. I can point at the fact I'm a DK though, so I've had to do some things I'd already done. Stupid Wintersaber grind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highwind01 View Post
    perhaps talking to a girl... nobody knows

    doing mindless grind for defacto no reward is your hobbie?
    i pity you, really :/

    You obviously do not know what a reward truly means. It doesn't have to be something solid, but just getting the satisfaction of achieving something is good enough for some people. Not everyone believes you need to get something super, fucking awesome in return for hard work. People does it all the time, some people volunteer and get nothing in return but the satisfaction of helping someone. Am I saying it is the same thing? No, but the feeling that you get is what matters.

    If you are too self-centered and materialistic to understand that, then I pity you, because you are not going to enjoy much in life like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poxxy View Post
    I love this mentality.
    Player is better than you: "Waaaaaah, no life, waaaaah."
    Player is worse than you: "Lol GG L2Play noob."

    Congrats to the guy, I might think it's crazy, but at least he's doing what he obviously enjoys.

    The Interweb makes people go craaaaazyyyy!

    nah but srsly, i agree...the mentality is kinda pathetic..just grats him for a great achievement (hurr hurr, get it?)
    If he feels like putting that much effort into something he obviously enjoys, let him do so..

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    Let him be, There is nothing usefull to do in life anyway since it will be undone. You can beter do what you like then do something you don`t like with the mentality that its so called "usefull" since usefull doesn`t exist.

    "The world gets destroyed but atleast i worked my arse of and got rich" or would it be better to say "atleast i played WoW and enjoyed my time on Earth"

    You decide.

    EDIT: Congratulations to him
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcsaar View Post
    No one should put that much time into a game.
    life is a game if you havent realized that yet

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    He's missing one, I noticed..

    "Log out"

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    Sick. And awesome.
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    ... and not a single shit was given today.

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    Retarded and stupid but nonetheless a display of dedication. Grats I guess.
    Killing alliance APES all day on Gehennas

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveshack View Post
    ^^^^ this.
    He HAS to be asian, a white person dosnt have that kind of determination.
    Without my girlfriend's help I probably wouldn't even have any professions ._.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurtaj View Post
    Grats to this guy, I prefer him over the guy this thread is about.

    Hell he's probably not even world 3rd, some people probably had it beforehand and thought "Why be sad and post it onto a forum?"

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    There are several people with every achievement even on our crappy server. Not even close to world 100, I think.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ano View Post
    There are several people with every achievement even on our crappy server. Not even close to world 100, I think.

    You know that this thread is 5 months old?

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    Grats to having no life.
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    Yeah congrats.
    I'm currently working on my shifting sands chain.
    Pretty epic lore. I can't get enough, I don't want it to end D;

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    Make his alt the 3rd person to ever do that..... dang.... man, /played would probably /shock him

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    Haters gonna hate
    Congratz to him

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