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    Congratulations. What's next?
    What do you mean? Now he can finally play the game.
    /South Park joke

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    Grats to the guy. Haters gonna hate, so who cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starsoo View Post
    Congrats, well deserved for the apparent effort and time he put into this. Gonna suck when he realizes what he could have done during that time...
    It's gonne suck harder when you realise you spend the same amount of time in the game standing still in Dalaran.

    On the OP gratz..I hate achievements unless you go for 10k+, whats the point in gather achievs if you don't go it all the way. Personally I don't like it so I just slack.

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    have some much needed and deserved sleep, I would just sleep straight to Dec. 7th when the grind starts all over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henern View Post
    Haters gonna hate
    Congratz to him

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    Congrats man! You can finally get a life!

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    Ataxus on US-Illidan accomplished this feat as well with the Mask for All Occasions this Halloween.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill View Post
    ...or when he realises wow aint real life
    wow may not portray real life, but the existence of the game is certainly part of real life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunzie View Post
    Congrats man! You can finally get a life!
    I could say to all those people out there living on drugs and wasting away the exact same thing.

    But truthfully, he does have one, but this is what he chooses to do with it, just as they are free to choose to do so. That does constitute having a life - just not the one you'd consider worthwhile.

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    I don't get this hate really. Anyone posting on a message board about playing an online game, while they wait to play said online game is a nerd. It makes you feel better about yourselves that someone is a bigger nerd than you? Everyone here is a nerd. I don't understand why you pretend you're so cool or something, you play WoW lol.

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    grats, but he can't stop playing now or he will miss a FOS thats only available for a short time...and that would haunt him for the rest of his life i guess.
    btw Elaisa on Arygos-eu is only missing 3 achievements but has to wait for at least one year because of one fckn mask from the hallow's end events. and i think there are a lot more people who are missing only a few achievements for which you don't even need any skill, just luck...

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    Necro thread is necro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulf View Post
    You people treat it like the meaning of fucking life to be with someone, get over it seriously.
    Off Topic:

    It actually is:

    According to Professor Abraham Maslow: Companionship and belonging is actually a pre-requisite to the elusive search for self actualisation. And this hypothisis is further supported by companionship theory and additional research into Social cognitive theory and its implications in a intimate social unit.

    Social scientists and theorists alike place great emphasis on the importance of reciprocative interactions between complex social units, and it's correlation between cohesion and collaboration vs social degradation.

    In short... Your born, you live, you have sex/kids, you live some more, you exchange ideas and you die... So yeah companionship is bloody important.

    Why do you think animals and insects have evolved such complex and astounding mating rituals? Huh...?

    On Topic: Gratz to the guy. Stop hating people...
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    1st hunter
    2nd priest
    very interesting who's next

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    Warlock from our guild got all achievements in game now also, think that makes him 3th then?

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    Its just his hobby guys sheesh! XD

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    Yea, I was bored and started earning toward Loremaster, I have got close to 3000 quests done, and it actually starts to make the world feel boring and empty. No NPCs need my help doing anything anymore.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    There's nothing for casuals to do, beyond pretend they are raiders in LFR.

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    So what does he do now?

    What do you mean? Now he can finally play the game.

    Aww man! I should've read the other posts...Truck beat me to it :S
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    Gratz on finishing all of your achievements and I can't wait to see you finish all the new ones to come in Cataclysm!

    Edit: Took out all the ranting due to the fact that this thread is so old the person I was quoting probably doesn't even come here anymore.

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    Grats, not an easy accomplishment

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