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    Dead Actor Condolence Topic.

    In this topic I would like to name the great actors that seem to be dying rather fast lately. :'(

    Gary Coleman: 08/02/1968 - 28/05/2010
    Dennis Hopper: 17/05/1936 - 29/05/2010

    For the Emperor.

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    Re: Dead Actor Condolence Topic.

    Even though he isn't an "actor" per se, I still want to say Requiescat in pace, Billy Mays.
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    Re: Dead Actor Condolence Topic.

    Man this same thing happened last year.. there was just a string of celebrity deaths.

    Sucks. Farewell to all of them, especially King Koopa Dennis Hopper was the best at being bad.

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    Re: Dead Actor Condolence Topic.

    Always die in threes. Tomorrow will probably be the next.

    RIP King Koopa!

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    Re: Dead Actor Condolence Topic.

    Brad Pit is next

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