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    Amon Amarth/Ulduar

    Only band i'll listen to whilst running Uld. So much win.
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    Re: Amon Amarth/Ulduar

    Amon amarth is AWESOME!!!! God bless them

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    Re: Amon Amarth/Ulduar

    I used to listen to them killing the Vrykul in Icecrown for daily's ;D

    Just seems so epic killing viking themed mobs while listeing to Amoth Amarth ;D;D

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    Re: Amon Amarth/Ulduar

    Amon Amarth all the way !!!!!
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    Re: Amon Amarth/Ulduar

    Saw them in Portland with Eluveitie, amazing show.

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    Re: Amon Amarth/Ulduar

    <33 viking

    got swedish ancestors, feels kinda good listenin' to amon amarth
    btw : Burzum's back!:P

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    Re: Amon Amarth/Ulduar

    so there are people into METAL! on MMO-C

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