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    Sims madness

    I restarted playing Sims 3 the other day and just couldn't stop. I went through 2 generations of people before i had to get off. I think next to WoW, this is the 2nd most addicting game out there
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    Re: Sims madness

    The Sims is a pretty fun game. For a while at least. Then you start to realize how dull and repetitive it is. It is one of those games my sister will play and play and play however.

    Also, once you get the cheat code for the damn thing, it really ruins the game for you, because if you ever get into a rough patch, you know you are going to enter it.

    But my main problem with it is how there are 50 Expansion Packs out there. Most are crap, and have a huge gimmick to them.

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